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Jun 11, 2018

Dustin Klein: It’s The Getting There

Dustin Klein: It’s The Getting There

Everything’s Been Done” – To some, that could be a depressing thought. To Dustin Klein, it’s liberating. So much so that he named a YouTube series after it and had it sewn on to the vest he was wearing when we showed up to his home in North Portland.

Over the course of a few hours, Dustin elaborated on the energy that forged the unique perspective he applies to everything from product design to the tattoos he gives under the moniker Permanent Markings.

And why does “Everything’s Been Done” drive Dustin’s creativity?

“How do you do anything that other people have done so many times before? You just do it, and don’t worry about the end result looking like something else or not. A hundred people could draw a house and you’re gonna have a hundred different houses. That’s installed with all of us. We all have so many different paths, inspirations, traumas, experiences. We can’t help but have our own voice.”

“It’s not about an end result, it’s basically about the process, and it’s skewing whatever it is, it’s not just doing it the way it’s meant to be done.”

COMMOTION“Often times I’ll think of it as kind of like a remnant of energy, or a representation of flow, or it’s like a visual footprint of focused energy.”

Check out more of Dustin’s work: Everything’s Been Done

Riding Photos courtesy of: Wheel Talk