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Jun 20, 2014

Chrome Seattle HUB Grand Opening Party


 Photography by David Frost

Here at Chrome we’re making moves. Bob Seger wrote a song about it, it’s called “NightMoves” – it’s probably best to listen to this song as you read this. >> Except instead of a song about teenagers discovering their sexuality in the woods, Chrome is discovering a new home in America. Enter, our sixth HUB: Chrome Seattle. On a summer night, on a sweet summer night we welcomed friends both old and new, to break in Chrome Seattle like we have all HUBs before it. We threw a party. A pinball party.


Chrome’s steady girlfriend, Amanda and some of her fellow Chromies piled into the Chrome Van and made the three hour drive from Portland. Much like a mullet, the van was all business up front and party in the rear.


Palmer3000 got wind of the party, you know…because she’s a Basset Hound, and insisted on coming with us. She promised to help out and pull her weight. Instead she slept in front of the door so everyone had to step over her when they came in the HUB. Good thing she’s adorable and covered with fur and the good people of Seattle are so accommodating.


We cleared the floor and to make way for the pinball machines. We had all the classics: NBA Fastbreak, Terminator 3, F-14 Tomcat, Twilight Zone, Doctor Who, and last but night least, Dirty Harry. All the machines were waxed and ready to go. Folks showed up and were greeted with free tacos from Contigo>>, free beer, and all the free pinball you can shake a stick at – like a tiny stick you can shake a lot.

We had a lot of beer to drink, but our guests seemed up to the task of leaving no keg left unfinished.AShMCwNjrQ0byJtO5CiPcBRr5h7qYmKMyoOSjhVP9NQ

The more we drank, the closer we got. DdqhoQM1jhyM5lEtDHnXu2HVr22P7BiSvT9aOrVq_JIl2oUaLyXHbALDjZy4pR-lZL110PBGqN9K5TLJ2LizAoAlDfuiGl5_iPuq3XQTmvysOFffaCJmneQQzG2FbhA2E

It was about that time, much to upstairs neighbor’s dismay, that the band Hellbat started. Imagine Bikini Kill made sweet, sweet love to The Stranglers, Hellbat sounds like they’re the product of said sexy encounter. L6xnWyPofQeRCIIdHpqdj1eZt_el2rO8N6jSrkV6CUggGlkh6QgHZmJZwxnT9J1dGlrn2-LvP6JX1R7fBYDtFk

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 7.07.01 PM
 Hellbat rocked our faces off in Chrome Seattle’s secret back room. When walking from the front of the store to the back room, folks were smacked in the face by a wall of sound. With that kind of sound, and that amount of booze, you know it’s a party.

OfYJwiZt8YRFJCL1EJ0EHVnWemjYTUPFrEVuPqRYVDkScreen Shot 2014-06-17 at 7.22.24 PMIF6E0KHhBDPezPrXkAgGC_bghCcuewm7xGJRyzMke08
The kegs were drained at the same time we got our third threat that someone was going to call the cops, so we felt it was a good time to call it a night. We unplugged the pinball machines and started mopping the sweat and beer from the floor.  Seattle, you welcomed us with open arms and in turn we hugged you back. Let’s never let go>>.