For over a decade, the creative communities throughout every major city have used Chrome bags, footwear and outerwear to help them survive the demands of the city. Wrenched is a tribute to these people and the cities in which they live and create in. Through each of their own unique perspectives, we’re given an insight to the best of everything their neighborhoods have to offer. This isn’t a guide to the same old played out tourist traps that you’ve already heard about a million times over. This is a glimpse into each city that we feature as told by its locals. This is the real-real ... For tourists and lifers, alike.

Wrenched - New York City
  • Camera Rentals


    Haute Capture
    Lomography Workshop
    K & M

  • Shoe Shops


    Opening Ceremony

    Dave’s Wear House
    Christian Lou Boutin
    Tent & Trails
    Flight Club

  • Tattoo Shops


    NY Adorned
    Three Kings
    Thicker Than Water
    Fly Rite

    Photo Credit: Charlie Shay

  • Barber Shops


    Astor Hair
    Frank’s Chop Shop
    Tommy Gun

  • Best Pizza

    san marco pizzeria_600

    Lil Frankie’s
    Joe’s Pizza

  • Live Music


    Webster Hall
    Williamsburg Hall of Music
    Mercury Lounge
    Knitting Factory

  • Locally Produced Food & Beverage


    The Meat Ball Shop
    Juice Press
    Stumptown Coffee
    Manhattan Special
    Life Thyme
    Brooklyn Brewery
    Pickle Guys

  • Skate Shops



  • Favorite Eats


    Lil Frankie’s
    Mama’s Food Shop
    An Choi
    Nha Toi Vietnamese
    Great Jones
    Tomoe Sushi
    Meatball Shop
    Cafe Habana

  • Galleries & Museums


    Natural History Museum
    Neue Galerie
    The Met
    Museum of the City of New York

    Photo credit: Tony Fischer Photography

  • Drinks with Outside Seating


    Frying Pan
    La Esquina
    The Standard Hotel
    The Riviera
    Bohemian Hall

  • Bike Shops


    Seth Rosko
    Time’s Up!
    Dah Shop
    King Kog
    Chari & Co
    Horse Cycles

    City Bicycles
    Bicycle Habitat
    Indian Larry
    Bike Works

  • Threads


    Opening Ceremony
    Beacon’s Closet
    Smith & Butler
    Salvation Army
    Self Edge
    Century 21

  • Record Shops

    Sound Fix

    Sound Fix
    Other Music
    Turntable LAB
    Deadly Dragon
    Fat Beats
    Generation Records
    Norman’s Sound
    Downtown Music Gallery

  • Coffee Shops


    Cafe Pedlar
    Blue Bird
    Joe on Waverly Place
    Roasting Plant
    Veselka Coffee
    De Robertis

  • Watering Holes

    east river bar

    Motor City
    The Ear Inn
    Bushwick Country Club
    Anyway Café
    Max Fish
    Happy Endings
    Sunny’s bar
    The Richardson
    East River Bar
    6th Ward

  • Cheap Eats

    Congee Village_600

    Congee Village:
    Pho Grand:
    La Superior:
    Shake Shack:
    Mamoun’s Falafel:
    Rockaway Tacos:

  • Uli Rimkus

    Max Fish ( grew from the fertile mind of Uli Rimkus in 1989 as a place where her artist friends could show art and drink. Ms. Rimkus moved to New York City from Germany in 1977 and fell in love with the Lower East Side. Rimkus found an empty apartment building on Ludlow Street and convinced the owner to let her move in and renovate it, exchanging her work for low rent. She still lives there to this day.

    During those early years, Rimkus found a bar job on 49th Street at a place called Tin Pan Alley. The customers were a cross-section of characters from Hell’s Kitchen: sex workers, artists, punk rockers, pimps and gangsters. By 1988, Tin Pan Alley was forced to close up shop, a victim of the Times Square clean-up by the City.

    Over the last 21 years, Max Fish has been considered a local institution. It helped establish Ludlow Street as a hip place to party. The landlords have taken notice of this as rents – both commercial and residential – have risen. Because of this, Ms. Rimkus will have to move Max Fish to a new location. She hopes to find a place somewhere in the Lower East Side and vows to keep the same vibe. -Allan W.

    Favorite Neighborhood: L.E.S
    Best cheap eats: Castillo de Jagua
    Favorite bar: Max Fish
    Favorite coffee shop: De Robertis
    Best record shop: Downtown Music Gallery
    Favorite place to buy threads: Century 21
    Favorite tourist attraction: Empire State Building
    Favorite bike shop: East 6th st. between Ave A. and 1st.Ave
    Best place with outside seating to get a drink: 1 on 1st.

    museum or gallery: Metropolitan
    Favorite place to ride your bike in the city or skate spot: Battery Park
    Favorite food spot: Café Habana
    Favorite hidden gem in NYC: The Boathouse
    Favorite skate shop: Autumn
    Favorite locally produced food or beverage: Smoked White Fish
    Favorite living NY legend: Taylor Mead
    Favorite annual event in the City: Halloween Parade
    Guilty pleasure in NYC: Shopping
    Best live music venue: Bowery Ballroom
    Favorite park: Central Park
    Best pizza: Lombardis
    Best barber shop: Tommy Gun
    Best tattoo shop: Daredevil
    Best shoe shop: DV
    Best camera rental: B & H
    You’d only find this in New York City: Good Bagels
    Yankees or Mets? Mets

  • Tyler Clemens & Abe Burmeister


    Best cheap eats: Ali’s Roti Shop
    Best record shop: Keeling Records and Video and Norman’s Sound and Vision
    Favorite place to buy threads: Sil Thread
    Favorite bike shop: Chari and Company
    Best museum or gallery: MET and Eyelevel Gallery
    Favorite place to ride your bike in the city or skate spot: All over
    Favorite food spot: Beco
    Favorite locally produced food or beverage: Seltzer
    Guilty pleasure in NYC: Mid-town
    Best pizza: Motorino
    Best camera rental: K&M

    Favorite Neighborhood: Uptown Brooklyn
    Best cheap eats: Best Pizza
    Favorite bar: Commodore
    Favorite coffee shop: Gimme
    Favorite place to buy threads: Besides the Outlier shop? CHCM, IF & Nepenthes
    Favorite tourist attraction: Museum of Natural History
    Favorite bike shop: Bike Works
    Best place with outside seating to get a drink: Stoop of a Brownstone
    Best museum or gallery: The Meeting Room at PS1
    Favorite place to ride your bike in the city or skate spot: Ft. Tilden
    Favorite food spot: Saltie
    Favorite hidden gem in NYC: The Garment District and Queens (all of it!)
    Favorite locally produced food or beverage: The Pickle Guys
    Favorite living NY legend: Way too many, this is the home of hip hop! Flash, Bambaataa, Herc, KRS, Rakim, Red Alert, Nas, Ghostface, Jay-Z, 50, etc, etc..
    Outside of hip hop I'm pretty partial to Woody Allen, but fuck that's leaving out a massive amount of amazing people.
    Favorite annual event in the City: Dancing of the Giglio
    Guilty pleasure in NYC: A rent stabilized apartment
    Favorite park: Central Park most of the year, but when it gets too crowded Inwood Hill is the move, or over to Jersey for the Palisades.
    Best pizza: Best Pizza but only cause I'm allergic to tomatoes and they kill the white slice. Back when I could get sauce I'd say DiFara's for slices and Totonno's for pies
    Best barber shop: Takamichi or some Wahl clippers
    Best shoe shop: the Internet
    You’d only find this in New York City: A block with 3 stores that sell nothing but spandex fabric.
    Yankees or Mets? Mets all the way back to the Dave Kingman days.

  • Troy Denning


    Mr. Troy Denning ( has been ruling the streets of the Lower East side making artwork all over body parts, Originally from California he came to N.Y. in 96 and made a huge stamp in NY. He has an amazing personality, And is an extremely talented human being not only in his art but his knowledge of the world.

    His Tattoo Studio INVISIBLE NYC is a fusion gallery and studio supporting the contemporary art and tattoo communities. The Team he has put together are witty and fun, they make you feel blissful while getting tattooed.

    Troy is one of my great friends that I highly respect. He will always make you feel safe when you’re around him, either at the shop or having a good ol’ time wondering the streets of NY.

    You have to make sure you get an early appointment at Invisible because the boys are busy making insane artwork on people 24/7. Once you do get a tattoo from Troy and the boys you will be proud to have that piece of artwork for life, they’re not afraid to shoot you down if your going to get something that you will regret. Invisible is a true Tattoo studio and a New York staple. - Alex Corporan

    Favorite Neighborhood:LOWER EAST SIDE for day to day living, the weekend nights are ugly but i am usually indoors watching bad tv then.
    Best cheap eats: el castillo on rivington, best oxtail stew in nyc.
    Favorite bar:6th ward, same thing goes about weekends though
    Favorite coffee shop: roasting plant on orchard.
    Best record shop: punkblogs, if you still have vinyl collection you havent had enough crazy girlfriends
    Favorite place to buy threads: Self Edge
    Favorite tourist attraction:top of the rock during really crappy, gotham style weather.
    Favorite bike shop: indian larry
    Best place with outside seating to get a drink: my deck
    Best museum or gallery: Arms and Armour exhibit at the met, weapons collection at the natural history
    Favorite place to ride your bike in the city or skate spot: racing puerto ricans with my tl1000 on the west side highway.
    Favorite food spot: village yokocho
    Favorite hidden gem in NYC: cafe portal
    Favorite skate shop: shut nyc
    Favorite locally produced food or beverage: cucumber margaritas from cafe portal
    Favorite living NY legend: john bush
    Guilty pleasure in NYC: street meat
    Favorite park: washington sq, i try to peek into the brownstones on the north side of the street, someone owns what looks like an authentic KLIMT...baller!
    Best pizza: rosarios
    Best tattoo shop: duh!
    Best shoe shop: i wear boots year round
    Best camera rental: my homies
    Yankees or Mets? hate baseball, yankees logo is cleaner i guess

  • Takuya Sakamoto

    Also known simply as Tak, Takuya Sakamoto ( is a Japanese born New York transplant who’s been living in the City since the late 90s. Initially traveling to NYC for messenger races and alleycats, it was an easy decision for him to make a more permanent move. He is now one of the more seasoned veterans in all of the NY bike messenger community.

    Tak, also a photography enthusiast, was one of the early bike messenger documenters not only in Gotham city but all over the nation. He honed his skills by being at every cycling event imaginable; Be it an alleycat like Monster Track, various gold sprints and major bike messenger races like the Cycle Messenger World Championship. He has stylistically captured the true essence of the cycling community. His photography tells more stories than the written word ever will and his mastery of the camera has led to, among others, well received and critically acclaimed photo exhibitions. He currently freelances for a couple of Japanese magazines, travels and photographs cycling personalities and is one of the most respected people in the cycling community. -Victor Ouma

    Favorite Neighborhood: East Williamsburg / Bushwick
    Best cheap eats: Chinese bakery, Essex & delancy $3 roast pork on rice, $1.50 congee
    Favorite bar: East River Bar
    Favorite coffee shop: Boneshaker
    Best record shop: RIP DANCETRACKS NYC
    Favorite place to buy threads: Lafayette st
    Favorite tourist attraction: Brooklyn Bridge
    Favorite bike shop: Bicycle Habitat
    Best place with outside seating to get a drink: on middle of Williamsburg Bridge
    Best museum or gallery: any Thursday opening night for free drinks
    Favorite place to ride your bike in the city or skate spot: by Hudson River Chamber Through Harlem
    Favorite food spot: NOODLE TOWN on Bowery
    Favorite hidden gem in NYC: RIP 538
    Favorite skate shop: DQM / SHUT
    Favorite locally produced food or beverage: miss my Japanese food
    Favorite living NY legend: Ricky Powell
    Favorite annual event in the City: Bike Fetish Brock Party on Havemeyer
    Guilty pleasure in NYC: CHIKENHUT
    Best live music venue: SANTOS
    Favorite park: Astoria Park
    Best pizza: Sandro’s on Ditmars
    Best barber shop: never cut my hair in US
    Best tattoo shop: Thicker Than Water on aveB
    Best shoe shop: DQM
    Best camera rental: Adorama Rental
    You’d only find this in New York City: B&H Megastore
    Yankees or Mets: Yankees

  • Steve Rodriguez

    What does Steve Rodriguez ( & New York City have in common? They both never sleep! From his normal "9 to 5" to running 5boro in the evening and working with the NYC parks department as a consultant/volunteer to finding time to take care of his newborn child and still manage to skate on the regs. Its definitely something to admire. That work ethic also transitions into his devotion to friends, skating and keeping the NYC skate scene alive and on the map. From saving the Brooklyn Banks to working with the city to build skate parks to getting West Coast companies involved in the NYC scene and events. I'm proud and happy to know someone so devoted to this culture that we have all loved for decades deep. If you ever plan on skating around the city with Steve be prepared to "actually skate around the city". Trust me, he's faster on his board than you would be on the train! -Jay Maldonado

    Favorite Neighborhood: The Village
    Best cheap eats: Mamoun’s
    Favorite bar: The only bar I have ever really been to more than a couple times is Enid’s
    Favorite coffee shop: Roccos on Bleecker
    Best record shop: Generation records
    Favorite place to buy threads: Uniqlo, Rogan, 44 RPM
    Favorite tourist attraction: Taking a boat trip around manhattan
    Favorite bike shop: Mahattan- Da’ shop, Metro bikes on Varick, Brooklyn- post
    Best place with outside seating to get a drink: Any curb in Manhattan
    Best museum or gallery: Alleged
    Favorite place to ride your bike in the city or skate spot: The Brooklyn Banks of course but not that they are closed for a while anywhere downtown where there is a good session going on. Astoria Park is great too.
    Favorite food spot: Café Orlin
    Favorite hidden gem in NYC: Brooklyn Banks
    Favorite skate shop: Manahttan- Autumn, Brooklyn- KCDC
    Favorite living NY legend: Harry Jumongi
    Favorite annual event in the City: Long Holiday weekends when everyone leaves the city
    Guilty pleasure in NYC: Good cheap backrubs at anyone of the million Chinese massage spots
    Best live music venue: Le Poisson Rouge or anywhere where I can sit and watch
    Favorite park: Father Demo square
    Best pizza: Joe’s Pizza
    Best barber shop: Frank’s Chop Shop
    Best tattoo shop: True Blue Tattoo in Queens
    Best shoe shop: Flight club
    You’d only find this in New York City: Metal curbs for blocks and blocks…
    Yankees or Mets? The New York Cosmos

  • Squid

    Kevin “Squid” Bolger ( is a bike messenger in New York City. He is a 19 year veteran not only of the job but also, more importantly, of the bike community and brotherhood that stems naturally from the job. Not everyone can be bothered, there are plenty of twenty or even thirty year vets who want no part. That's fine, everybody rides alone in the end. But not Squid (as Kevin is known) Squid is a legend for organizing the community, throwing benefits, parties and races. Always pushing the limits and making the impossible happen. Think I am exaggerating? Let's see you get a major company to throw a balls out alleycat in Union Square with cops all around. Squid is the progeny of all who've come before, who as a rookie shook the hand of past legends who in their turn were rookies whose names are lost to time, who dwell now in the collective unconscious, who weigh heavy on us, whose honor we endeavor to keep (by being cool!) we always have to keep messengering cool. Squid is the beneficiary, and through him, us of seeds planted long ago by our messenger ancestors. I am fortunate to know him as Kevin, and if you are out on these streets working, you don't have to find him, he will find you — You'll see. - Gregory Ugalde

    Favorite Neighborhood: Bed-Stuy
    Best cheap eats: Two Brothers Pizza
    Favorite bar: Rocky's
    Favorite coffee shop: Veniero's
    Best record shop: Generation Records
    Favorite place to buy threads: Salvation Army
    Favorite tourist attraction: Times Square
    Favorite bike shop: City Bicycles
    Best place with outside seating to get a drink: Bohemian Hall
    Best museum or gallery: Museum of the City of New York
    Favorite place to ride your bike in the city or skate spot: Manhattan
    Favorite food spot: BBQ's
    Favorite hidden gem in NYC: Abandoned City Hall Subway Stop
    Favorite locally produced food or beverage: Brooklyn Brewery
    Favorite living NY legend: John Josephs
    Favorite annual event in the City: Halloween Parade
    Guilty pleasure in NYC: La Salle Ice Cream
    Best live music venue: Bowery Ballroom
    Favorite park: Tompkins Square
    Best pizza: Anna Maria Pizzeria
    Best barber shop: Astor Place
    Best tattoo shop: Fly Rite
    Best shoe shop: Drago Shoe Repair
    Best camera rental: Fotocare
    You’d only find this in New York City: All Nations living together
    Yankees or Mets? Mets

  • Rodney Smith

    If you're reading this, you're probably familiar with New York City and Skateboarding. And the fact is, there is no single person who has done more for NYC Skateboarding, for longer, and with more heart, and more love than Rodney Smith ( He's been skating longer than you have been alive and was doing it at a time when NYC Skating was near nonexistent. Sure, others skated before him, but it was always done in the context of this strange, very Non-New York, fringe activity. "Man. Wouldn't it be great to go to California one day and skate there?" That was what all of us New York City skaters used to state nearly every day. The California Skate Mafia had sold us an idea. Skating = California.

    The genius of what Rodney did was this. He didn't buy into the system that was in place. He didn't believe the con-job that California skate magazines and companies were selling us. And that was not only groundbreaking, it was visionary. I remember in 1985 Rodney Smith and Bruno Musso approached me to do a logo for their new skateboard company. "You guys are moving to California?" I asked. No. They were going to make a company in New York City that was about New York City.

    I remember drawing the original Shut Crest in my room and thinking "This is never going to work. Skateboarding is a California thing." That's the truth. And I'm one of the guys that helped create Zoo York! It might be hard to imagine now but that's just how powerful the California grip was. Even I thought Rodney was nuts. But he was passionate. He believed in our little skate world in NYC more that any of us.

    The world is one way. And then through sheer belief, passion, will power, sacrifice, and hard work, you change it. Forever. That is the embodiment of Rodney Smith. That is his genius. - Eli Morgan Gesner

    Favorite Hood- LES in the 80's and Williamsburg (for the skater population to civilian ratio)
    Cheap Eat's - Congee Village (on ALLEN street)
    Favorite Bar - Max Fish (known as one of the longtime running LES bars as well as the end of an era) Epstein's (for it's X-Game /FUEL approach to a "Shot")
    Coffee shop -Great Jones diner (which I think is no longer in the Bizz)
    Record shop -Vintage Vinyl in N.J. And Bleeker Bob's
    Buy Threads - Levi's store (for pants) Domsey's (in the 80's)
    Tourist Attraction -Harlem
    Bike shop -Chari
    Outdoor drinking -Epstein's
    Gallery/Museum - Natural History
    Ride bike -Central Park off road.
    Food spot -Meat Ball shop
    Hidden Gem -Crepe shop (on Ludlow and rivington)
    Skate Shop -Shut Shop
    Living Legend - Jaime "Puppet head" Affomuado
    Annual event - Roof Top Jam
    Guilty pleasure -Cup Cake shop
    Live music - The Knitting Factory (The original on Houston)
    Favorite park -Thompkins square (in the early 90's)
    Best Pizza -Artichoke's (Marinara square slice)
    Barber - Me (have done my own for a long time), Chop Shop and or The Hair
    cutting school (on third ave on like 9th st.)
    Tattoo artist - Martin and Koji (from Japan)
    Shoe shop - 99X
    Camera rental -Rent A Center
    You'd only find in NYC -People from all walks co existing
    Yankees or Mets: METS (with respects to my Grandfather and Fathers all time baseball team.

  • Ricky Powell

    I know this little piece is for the special New York edition, selling that same old story about the Rotten Apple: the most cutting edge of cities, the most menacing of municipalities, how all the greatest creative elixir is brewed in a mix of its grit and ambition. Well let me pull your coat on a little secret. All of that shit is a lie. I’ve lived here half my life and I’m calling bullshit. Sure, maybe back before you were born, when you could still rent a closet in the L.E.S. for 20 bucks a month so you didn’t have to have any bread or “career ambition” in order to survive, maybe then “artists” had the room to think and create, and maybe then it was at the forefront of some sort of radical cultural output.

    What I’m saying is, New York nowadays? Please. Fucking boring. The people. The shit they make. The things they do. Yawn inducing. Trust me. Am I saying it’s better to live in Phoenix or Philly, or Antwerp or Adelaide? Oh Hell no. Sucks there too. Probably worse. Just pointing out that New York has the rat race disease same as any other place, where people are more concerned with status and creature comforts than with creating something that challenges and changes our current cultural landscape. Add to it that NYC is one of the most expensive cities to survive in, which eliminates most people’s free time, and you know it’s a losing battle. All of which leads me to believe you’d be just as likely to find some Gnomes or Yetis or Gurney's slug-eating Pitta, as you’d be in spotting some truly creative, original, real, really real, non-jerkoff, non-newjackcornball New YorkerBut then again, perhaps because it is such a big city, a worldly city, a genuine cosmopolis, perhaps there’s still enough people, and enough variety, with enough secret treasure troves and hide out spots, that if you’re lucky, if you search hard and long enough, and perhaps most importantly, if you remain patient enough, that then you’ll come across a true original, that rare breed, that strange species that only the day before you worried yourself into thinking might be extinct. And that my friends is precisely what people feel when they meet The Rickster, aka Rickford J. Powell (, the Bummy Sophisticate, Hip Hop’s answer to WeeGee, the Funky Uncle, the Cool Substitute Teacher, the Lazy Hustler who made homeboys far and wide throw in the towel, the Horny Dog Walker, the Illy Funkster, the honorable and esteemed Professor Pumpernickel. When they get graced with the presence of Sir Ricky Powell? They get nervous, ‘specially people from Idaho or Canada, like he’s gonna start snappin on ‘em (which he will, lovingly, but still) because they know, intuitively, intrinsically, they’ve stumbled across something that they’ve only heard about in books, something scarcely if ever to have been seen in the flesh. And they know they’re going to treasure the memory. That it will be a moment they’ll never forget. Because they know characters like this don’t come a dime a dozen. A character like Ricky? One in a million. A standout. Something remarkable. Something like gold dust. - Ryan Monihan

    Favorite Neighborhood: West Village
    Best cheap eats: Mamouns Falafel
    Favorite bar: Don’t go to Bars but IL Bagato for the Red Wine
    Favorite coffee shop: Joe on Waverly Place
    Best record shop: A! on 6th st.
    Favorite place to buy threads: I don’t shop, I rely on free gear
    Favorite tourist attraction: the Promenade along the Hudson River
    Favorite bike shop: don’t have a bike anymore
    Best place with outside seating to get a drink: The Riviera
    Best museum or gallery: MoMa
    Favorite place to ride your bike in the city or skate spot: Central Park
    Favorite food spot: Westville
    Favorite hidden gem in NYC: La Taza de Horo
    Favorite skate shop: Don’t Skate
    Favorite locally produced food or beverage: Lifetyme
    Favorite living NY legend: Walter Frazier, Joe Namath and Dr. Lonnie Smith
    Favorite annual event in the City: NoNE
    Guilty pleasure in NYC: Ladies of the evening
    Best live music venue: Central Park Summer Stage
    Favorite park: None
    Best pizza: Arturo’s
    Best barber shop: None
    Best camera rental: K & M Cameras
    You’d only find this in New York City: The City for Street Photography
    Yankees or Mets? Mets

  • RB Umali

    I met RB years ago when I got on Zoo. He moved from Texas to go to film school to learn about film. From there, he created some of the dopest east coast skate videos out. Mixtape, Peep This, Est and NY Revisited to
    name a few. I've always been psyched on filming with him because he used to be a
    pro skater so he knows what he is doing. When you think of a work hard,
    play hard type person, RB is that dude. He always owns the pool table at Max
    Fish and is always down for a good time. Yet, he will still wake up early the
    next day and get shit done. He's a hustler. Not only does he film
    skateboarding but he also has a lot of side projects that he is always
    working on. RB is also a sick DJ. When ever I have a question about a new
    gadget, he is the guy I always call first. He is always up to date on the
    newest tech stuff. RB Umali is an all around good dude and one of my
    greatest friends. - Zarred Basset

    Favorite Neighborhood: Lower East Side/East Village
    Best cheap eats: Shake Shack, Vanessa’s Dumplings
    Favorite bar: Max Fish
    Favorite coffee shop: El Castillo De Jagua
    Best record shop: Turntable Lab, Rock & Soul, or the weekend flea market on 12th & A
    Favorite place to buy threads: Zoo York Promo Closet & Supreme
    Favorite tourist attraction: Max Fish
    Favorite bike shop: Frank’s on Grand Street
    Best place with outside seating to get a drink: Epstein’s
    Best museum or gallery: 178 Ludlow Street
    Favorite place to ride your bike in the city or skate spot: The little banks circa ’96-99
    Favorite food spot: Lil Frankie’s, Ihawan or Barrio Chino
    Favorite hidden gem in NYC: Dave’s WEAR House
    Favorite skate shop: Supreme, KCDC, Autumn
    Favorite locally produced food or beverage: Marc Razo’s Five Alive
    Favorite living NY legend: Jefferson Pang
    Favorite annual event in the City: Red Bull’s Manny Mania
    Guilty pleasure in NYC: Drink all Night Skate all Day Drink all Day Skate all Night
    Best live music venue: Highline Ballroom
    Favorite park: Tompkins
    Best pizza: South Brooklyn for a slice or Gruppo for delivery
    Best barber shop: Royal Unisex Hairstyle on St. Marks
    Best tattoo shop: Invisible in Manhattan or Saved Tattoo in Brooklyn
    Best shoe shop: Flight Club
    Best camera rental: CSI Rentals or Hello World Communications
    You’d only find this in New York City: Round Metal Slappy Curbs
    Yankees or Mets? Yanks

  • Michael Chenrow

    Michael Chernow ( began his professional restaurant career in 1996 behind the bar of the popular nightclub, Life, on Bleecker Street in New York City. Learning from the ground up, Michael quickly worked his way through the ranks becoming the youngest bartender on staff. After 2 years working at both Life in New York and its East Hampton sister club, The Tavern, Michael signed on to open Woo Lae Oak on Mercer Street in New York City. In 2001 Michael made the move to Los Angeles where he worked at Woo Lae Oak’s original location on La Cienega Blvd. Returning to New York, he opened Punch and Judy, a wine bar on Clinton Street. In 2002 Frank Prizanzano offered Michael a position behind the bar of his eponymous flagship restaurant Frank on Second Avenue.

    For 7 years Michael managed the bar at Frank where he had a large, loyal following. In 2007 Michael enrolled in the French Culinary Institute (FCI), graduated with honors, and was awarded an Associate’s degree in both culinary arts and restaurant management in 2008. Michael opened The Meatball Shop with Daniel Holzman in February of 2010 and the restaurant has been a hit since opening its doors. Michael is in charge of running the front-of-house while also overseeing the build out of two new Meatball Shop restaurants, one in Williamsburg slated to open this spring and one in the West Village slated to open this summer. - Camilla Ferenczi

    Favorite Neighborhood: Lower East Side
    Best cheap eats:La Superior (willy beeee)
    Favorite bar: Epsteins
    Favorite coffee shop: Abrasso (east 7th street)
    Best record shop: Phat beats
    Favorite place to buy threads: Jcrew liquor store
    Favorite tourist attraction: The Meatball Shop
    Favorite bike shop: Chari & co.
    Best place with outside seating to get a drink: La esquina
    Best museum or gallery: Moma
    Favorite place to ride your bike in the city or skate spot: Lower East
    Favorite food spot: Tomoe sushi
    Favorite hidden gem in NYC: itzocan café
    Favorite skate shop: Shut
    Favorite locally produced food or beverage: fresh mozz from Di Palo (grand street)
    Favorite living NY legend: Crazy Dave
    Favorite annual event in the City: Harold Hunter Day
    Guilty pleasure in NYC: Burger at spotted pig
    Best live music venue: Irving Plaza
    Favorite park: Central
    Best pizza: Motorino
    Best barber shop: Freemans
    Best tattoo shop: Invisible (Regino is the man)
    Best shoe shop: Too many
    You’d only find this in New York City: Mole people
    Yankees or Mets? Yankees……….does a bear shit in the woods?

  • Kyle Demmers

    Kyle's the one that gets the homies off their ass and out on the road: upstate New York, London to Paris, bar to bar. His whole theory is to ride hard so that you can earn the beers at the end of the line. It’s about bringing friends together above all.
    At the end of the day, yes, he can hold a sick wheelie, yes he can put some serious miles on the road bike, and yes, he can still pull a sick 360 flip out of his ass when he needs to. What more do you want? - Ryan Giese

    Favorite Neighborhood: Downtown
    Best cheap eats: Downtown Mexican Bakery
    Favorite bar: Jones
    Favorite coffee shop: Blue Bird
    Best record shop: Other Music
    Favorite place to buy threads: The white tee guy on Orchard street
    Favorite tourist attraction: New York City
    Favorite bike shop: Trackstar RIP
    Best place with outside seating to get a drink: The Basket
    Favorite place to ride your bike in the city or skate spot: All 5 Boros
    Favorite food spot: Jones
    Favorite hidden gem in NYC: So many
    Favorite skate shop: Supreme
    Favorite living NY legend: Pookie
    Favorite annual event in the City: Spring
    Favorite park: Central
    Best pizza: Lil Frankie’s
    Best barber shop: My bathroom
    Best tattoo shop: Todd Jordan stick and poke
    Yankees or Mets? Knicks

  • Jou-Yie Chou

    I met Jou-Yie ( through a close friend and compatriot Jay Carroll, of, a few years back. From the moment we met, we discovered a shared mutual excitement for all things vintage, design, craft beers, and surrounding ourselves with inspirational people.

    Jou-Yie, a cultural engineer for Ace Hotel, has been a key component in the quick rise and compelling marketing of the hospitality brand. In visiting each one, I have found that they each embody the local area but speak to a heritage and welcome people with a unique sense of community among travelers and locals alike. These are qualities of Jou-Yie also- his kind words, devout friendship, and joyous sense of adventure are gravitational to those around him.
    His creative prowess is unending with each project he takes on. Our brand, Apolis, has been honored to work alongside Jou-Yie a few times and he encourages us to strive for the best in quality and impact. Above all else, I am glad to call him a friend and look forward to the chance to connect every few months in person. - Raan Parton

    Favorite Neighborhood: Red Hook
    Best cheap eats: Latin American Restaurant on 26th. Shredded Beef with Moro

    bar: Sunny’s
    Favorite coffee shop: Café Pedlar
    Best record shop: Other Music
    Favorite place to buy threads: Smith & Butler
    Favorite tourist attraction: The Brooklyn Promenade
    Favorite bike shop: Horse Cycles
    Best place with outside seating to get a drink: valentino pier
    Best museum or gallery: Neue Galerie
    Favorite place to ride your bike in the city or skate spot: dumbo to red hook along the
    Columbia waterfront
    Favorite food spot: Frankies 457
    Favorite hidden gem in NYC: Montero’s Bar & Grill
    Favorite skate shop: Shut or Homage
    Favorite locally produced food or beverage: Stumptown
    Favorite living NY legend: David Byrne
    Favorite annual event in the City: Go Skate Day June 21st
    Guilty pleasure in NYC: HOT 97.1
    Best live music venue: Wetlands (RIP)
    Favorite park: Cobble Hill Park
    Best pizza: Lucali
    Best barber shop: Astor Hair
    Best tattoo shop: BK Adorned
    Best shoe shop: Daves Quality Meat
    Best camera rental: Milk
    You’d only find this in New York City: bathtubs in the kitchen
    Yankees or Mets?: Mets

  • John Igei

    In an era that is soaked with "skaters", "track bike riders", "bloggers", "clothing store owners" and all other socially-distorted images , you'd be hard-pressed to find individuals who are generally on their own shit and don't swim with the ocean currents. John Igei is one of those individuals. He is an OG in his own rite and as one of the few East-coasters who was promoted to the rank of pro-skater. He possesses technical ability and power that in my opinion is as fluid as it gets.
    Igei is still active as a pro in a time of weird action-sports-athlete uncertainty. It truly is a testament to his ability. He is a good friend and someone I respect wholeheartedly on all levels. On another note John is a avid bike rider, but not limited to just a track bike as some may think. He was fortunate enough to be chosen as one of the subjects in a dope cinematic project known as MASH. Along with Jovante Turner, John has, without question, the smoothest wheelie you will ever witness on a track bike.......for blocks! I haven't really seen anybody do it like John Igei.

    All this from a guy that usually doesn't have much to say and maintains a low-profile. That speaks a lot of volume. John has made his way from DC to SF to NY where he now resides with his lady and their two kitties Sushie and Squirt. - Mike Hernandez

    Favorite Neighborhood: Flatbush
    Best cheap eats: Dollar dumps
    Favorite bar: Max Fish, Happy Endings
    Favorite coffee shop: Snack Man
    Best record shop: Deadly Dragon
    Favorite place to buy threads: Polo
    Favorite tourist attraction: Brooklyn Banks
    Favorite bike shop: Chari, Brake Free
    Best place with outside seating to get a drink: The Basket
    Best museum or gallery: Natural History
    Favorite place to ride your bike in the city or skate spot: Fort Tilden.
    Favorite food spot: Mango Seed
    Favorite hidden gem in NYC: Punch Line
    Favorite skate shop: FTC
    Favorite locally produced food or beverage: Gelato
    Favorite living NY legend: HUF
    Favorite annual event in the City: 4th of July
    Best live music venue: Bandshell
    Favorite park: Prospect
    Best pizza: Gino's
    Best barber shop: Nelson's
    Best tattoo shop: Jonah Levin
    Best shoe shop: DQM
    You’d only find this in New York City: Beer sold 24 hours a day.

  • Joe Avedisian

    Favorite Neighborhood: Williamsburg.
    Best cheap eats: Veselka’s on 9th
    Favorite bar: Max Fish & The Richardson
    Favorite coffee shop: Aroma Bakery
    Best record shop: what’s a record…. Oh yea I used to buy hundreds of those heavy unused round things. I have moved them more times than I have used used them in the past 20 years. I haven’t bought a piece of vinyl in 20 years. I used to buy a ton of records at Down Town Records and at Rock and Soul, mostly all Hip Hop and such. Both long gone I think. I have more songs on my phone than in my 20 crates of records. Anyone want to buy sick collection of Hip Hop?
    Favorite place to buy threads: Dave’s on 6th avenue
    Favorite tourist attraction: Staten Island Ferry
    Favorite bike shop: That’s a funny one…
    Best place with outside seating to get a drink: Crowd aside the roof of the Standard hotel is good place to have a libation.
    Best museum or gallery: I have to give it up to the Metropolitan it covers it all and then some.
    Favorite place to ride your bike in the city or skate spot: as a born and raised New Yorker I have ridden all over the 5 boroughs, but the place that has it all is Central Park. At night Central is like a private oasis for putting down the miles.
    Favorite food spot: Bereket Turkish Kebab on Houston always comes through.
    Favorite hidden gem in NYC: The light house under the Gorge Washington Bridge. And it is nice destination for a ride.
    Favorite skate shop: I go way back on that one with a shout out to SoHo Skates. An NYC skate shop icon of its time.
    Favorite locally produced food or beverage: Manhattan Special coffee soda, they make and bottle it on my corner ware I live.
    Favorite living NY legend: The Salvador Dali of graffiti, Lee Quinones
    Favorite annual event in the City: As a teenager I always looked forward to the San Gennaro in September was always fun for people watching and eating.
    Guilty pleasure in NYC: A walk slow sipping an iced coffee on that first real spring day in SoHo.
    Best live music venue: I have seen some pretty good concerts at MSG but George Clinton and P-Funk were real good at Tramps.
    Favorite park: Central Park, NYC would be unbearable and the murder rate would be triple without it.
    Best pizza: Pizza that’s a big one, I think hands down the best plain slice is at San Marco 577 Lorimer street BK. For a Neapolitan style Motorino on Graham and Devo. For good topping slice Carmines 2 @ 436 Union ave.
    Best barber shop: I’m not qualified to answer, it’s mostly gone….
    Best tattoo shop: I’m a virgin…
    Best shoe shop: I get a lot of kicks on flow but I buy my boots at Tent and Trails on Park Place.
    You’d only find this in New York City: a two hour line for hamburgers…… at Shake Shack.
    Yankees or Mets? Yankees or who…. I feel bad for Queens but dam the Mets suck like Hoover.

  • Gina Marie Scardino

    Gina Marie ( is one of those rare people who makes you happy to be alive. Watching this woman grow from an enthusiastic but scatterbrained shopkeeper to the underground mainstay she is now has been inspiring. Her passion for cycling, fashion, and music shines through in every aspect of what she does.
    Gina and I first worked together on a New Jack City themed alleycat in 2006. It was an amazing thing to do, forcing unwitting messengers and fixie fanatics to schlep around Bushwick and Bed Stuy carrying jars of fake crack. One run-in with John Q Law, and that piece of fresh meat was headed for the downtown suites just like it was the real stuff. It was a hell of a time.
    Since then, I've seen her shop grow physically as well as in reputation. I've seen her drive to make people dance wildly transform from some beers and a jam box in the backyard to the amazing catchy hooks and melodies of her band, Guts for Garters. Every step of the way I've gotten more proud of her, and now that she is a successful businesswoman with a family and a future, I have a hard time imagining how I could be any more proud. -Bill Dozer

    Favorite Neighborhood: Greenpoint
    Best cheap eats: Punjabi
    Favorite bars: For cheap beer and to run into the crew- Second Chance and Bushwick Country Club. For a fancy drink Anyway Cafe, best infused vodka Martinis!
    Favorite coffee shop: Second Stop
    Best record shop: I just discovered this nameless spot in a basement on Fulton Street near Franklin in Bed Stuy. There is a suit of armor outside. The best 90's hip hop ever!
    Favorite place to buy threads: Beacon's Closet
    Favorite tourist attraction: Staten Island Ferry
    Favorite bike shop: Mine of course!
    Best place with outside seating to get a drink: I prefer to brown bag it on a rooftop or at the waterfront in Greenpoint when I'm looking to be outside.
    Best museum or gallery: Museum of Natural History. Taxidermy animals everywhere and you can pay what you want.
    Favorite place to ride your bike in the city or skate spot: Riding to Coney Island in the summer! Jumping in the water and riding the Cyclone rules!
    Favorite food spot: Nha Toi Vietnamese
    Favorite skate shop: Roller skate shop- Five Stride Skates!
    Favorite living NY legend: Cyndi Lauper
    Favorite annual event in the City: Bicycle Film Festival
    Guilty pleasure in NYC: Cocaine!
    Best live music venue: Dead Herring
    Favorite park: McGolrick Park for a lazy day with a beer and people watching. I'm over McCarren park the hipster nerds can have it!
    Best pizza: Grimaldi's.Touristy maybe, but fucking awesome pies!
    Best barber shop: High Horse Salon
    Best tattoo shop: Depending on what I want- Three Kings Tattoo, Saved, Thicker than Water, NY Adorned.
    You’d only find this in New York City: Cops targeting cyclists. Giving tickets for wrong ways, no lights, no bells, sidewalk riding, running red lights. ANYTHING! Fuck the Police!
    Yankees or Mets? Neither!

  • David “Shadi” Perez

    Trying to walk down the street with David “Shadi” Perez is like being in NYC traffic. You can't go 2 blocks before the cries of “hey Shadi” start coming from stoops, passing cars, fire escapes, shops, bikes, and even rooftops. As I found out, if you’ve been in NYC long enough you’ve probably crossed paths with Shadi, and if you haven't, you should.

    Bronx born and a New Yorker till death, Shadi rose up as a photographer in the 80’s messenger scene and went headlong into the hip-hop scene shooting iconic photos and music videos for some of the XXX there is. Looking through his photo library is like looking at the history of NYC culture, and it’s hard to tell what’s more of an icon, the work or the man himself. His style is honest and reveals the humanity in people, and if you’ve ever been around him, you’ll know why; you can relax with Shadi, just chill, just be yourself, and his camera captures all that.

    You can still catch him weaving a fixed through NYC traffic, an old Leica around his shoulder, pockets full of film as he barrels headlong towards the next great image, seeking the untold stories of the inhabitants who make up this crazy island. To me he is New York in the flesh, and I owe my social life, a lot of my career, and my love for the city to him. -Idaho Bob

    Favorite Neighborhood: ChinaTown
    Best cheap eats: Pho Grand
    Favorite bar: The Ear Inn
    Favorite coffee shop: Falai
    Best record shop: Turntable LAB
    Favorite place to buy threads: Odej
    Favorite tourist attraction: Coney Island
    Favorite bike shop: Dah Shop
    Best place with outside seating to get a drink: Epsteins in the Summer on a sunday
    Best museum or gallery: Moma
    Favorite place to ride your bike in the city or skate spot: Bike is Prospect Park Skate is Court Houses
    Favorite food spot: An Choi
    Favorite hidden gem in NYC: Café Katja
    Favorite skate shop: KCDC
    Favorite locally produced food or beverage: HNH Barbecue
    Favorite living NY legend: Futura
    Favorite annual event in the City: Pickle Day
    Guilty pleasure in NYC: Getting Drunk and DJING all night
    Best live music venue: Mercury Lounge
    Favorite park: DeSalvo Park Little Italy
    Best pizza: Lasso
    Best barber shop: Blind Barber
    Best tattoo shop: Invisible( if I wanted a tattoo)
    Best shoe shop: Christian Lou Boutin
    Best camera rental: K and M
    You’d only find this in New York City: Rats the size of Dogs
    Yankees or Mets? METS one day they will win

  • Dave Ortiz

    Crazy Dave? More like mad jokes, mad game, mad work and a mad sense of style. Painter, 80's bmx-er, designer (although he refuses this title and loves to counter this description with Alexander McQueen's quote, “everyone and their dog is a designer these days.” Literally! His dog Squishy has her own casual wear line), photographer, and jokester of the NYC sneaker scene, Dave is one of the nicest, most unpretentious and funniest people you will ever meet south of 23rd street. A Nyorican from East New York, original founder of Dave’s Quality Meat, Dave knows what's up in the city and will surprise us once more with a new idea to retail; 'Dave's Wearhouse' and viral TV show hosted in store called 'Daytimes with Crazee Dave' that will open this spring in Chinatown -Ulli Barta

    Favorite Neighborhood: Lower East Side in moneymaking manhattan
    Best cheap eats: Rockaway tacos in rockaway beach New York only
    Favorite bar: Epstein’s
    Favorite coffee shop: Veselka
    Best record shop: Bleeker bobs
    Favorite place to buy threads: Best Men’s pants Epaulet on Orchard St.
    Favorite tourist attraction: Ride the Cyclone
    Favorite bike shop: Da shop in china town
    Best place with outside seating to get a drink: Epstein’s
    Best museum or gallery: MOMA
    Favorite place to ride your bike in the city or skate spot: Up the west side highway to the GWB then on the Palisades going upstate.
    Favorite food spot: Little Frankie
    Favorite hidden gem in NYC: East river park
    Favorite skate shop: don’t really have one everywhere in NYC.
    Favorite locally produced food or beverage: The Meatball shop.
    Favorite living NY legend: Ricky Powel
    Favorite annual event in the City: Redbull manny mania
    Guilty pleasure in NYC: Pedicures
    Best live music venue: Irvin plaza
    Favorite park: 17th street and 2nd ave.
    Best pizza: Artichoke margarita slice
    Best barber shop: 3 ave barber school on 9th street.
    Best tattoo shop: Invisible ink
    Best shoe shop: My shop Dave's Wear House.
    Best camera rental: Lomo workshop they teach you and loan you a camera. Fucking priceless.
    You’d only find this in New York City: New York City tap water. The best in the world.
    Yankees or Mets? Mets. I went to the World Series in 1986 been a fan ever since.

  • Austin Horse

    He is more machine than man. Neither his legs, his will nor his wit ever tire. He has the honor of a Samurai and the strength of a Red Bull. Add savage good looks into the mix and you get: Austin Horse.

    Austin began riding a bike at three months old and never stopped. For more than six years he's been a messenger and raced on crappy NYC streets - and won more than a few titles along the way: most notable being 2x NACCC champion in '06 & '08.
    He also advocates for bicycle rights on the same crappy NYC streets with Times-Up! Environmental Group. Austin Horse leads free mechanic workshops, teaching the hopeless week after week how to true a wheel and fix flats. In his spare time he performs movie stunts and delivers your food. - Kym Perfetto

    Favorite Neighborhood: I like then all
    Best cheap eats: BAD Burger prix fixe
    Favorite bar: Second Chance Saloon
    Favorite coffee shop: Stump town
    Best record shop: Other Music
    Favorite place to buy threads: I have actually bought clothes lately at Beacon's Closet, EMS, and Mishka.
    Favorite tourist attraction: Governor's Island
    Favorite bike shop: Times Up!
    Best place with outside seating to get a drink: Frying Pan
    Best museum or gallery: the Whitney
    Favorite place to ride your bike in the city or skate spot: Towards home
    Favorite food spot: Mama’s Food Shop in LES
    Favorite hidden gem in NYC: Eagle St rooftop farm
    Favorite skate shop: Autumn or Shut
    Favorite locally produced food or beverage: NYC tap water
    Favorite living NY legend: Sarge
    Favorite annual event in the City: Times Up! New Year's Eve party ride
    Guilty pleasure in NYC: cab to the airport
    Best live music venue: Webster Hall in Manhattan, Acheron in BK
    Favorite park: Fort Greene
    Park Best pizza: Lombardi’s
    Best barber shop: Eddy's, 872 6th ave between 30th &31st
    Best shoe shop: DQM when my friends are there
    You’d only find this in New York City: a little bit of everything
    Yankees or Mets? Mets with apologies to Joe

  • Amy Gunther

    Amy Gunther ( is a New Yorker. She walks fast, she knows everyone who can get anything done worth doing and she owns one of the greatest skate shops in the world. She likes doing yoga, drinking coffee, hanging out during warm weather, laughing, finishing up college, and having a good time. Amy does well and people like her because they think Amy Gunther is awesome. It’s true.  - Bradley Carbone

    Favorite Neighborhood: Lower East Side
    Best cheap eats: Dojo on West Fourth Street
    Favorite bar: Motor City
    Favorite coffee shop: Oslo
    Best record shop: Sound Fix
    Favorite place to buy threads: Opening Ceremony
    Favorite tourist attraction: the Empire State Building
    Favorite bike shop: Seth Rosko
    Best place with outside seating to get a drink: the Woods
    Best museum or gallery: I love the Natural History Museum
    Favorite place to ride your bike in the city or skate spot: bike path around Lower Manhattan/ Williamsburg Bridge
    Favorite food spot: Lil Frankie's
    Favorite hidden gem in NYC: Decibel
    Favorite skate shop:KCDC!
    Favorite locally produced food or beverage: the Juice Press juices
    Favorite living NY legend: Steve Lewis
    Favorite annual event in the City: Christmas eve dinner at Reda's parents
    Guilty pleasure in NYC: Orchard Street massages
    Best live music venue: Williamsburg Hall of Music
    Favorite park: McCarren Park
    Best pizza: Vinnie's
    Best barber shop: n/a
    Best tattoo shop: NY Adorned
    Best shoe shop: Opening Ceremony
    Best camera rental: Haute Capture
    You’d only find this in New York City: Essex Street Market
    Yankees or Mets? Whichever I can watch from chicken finger land