Welded Rucksack

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100% Welded waterproof Rucksack. Strap in front basket, wear over shoulder, or carry in your hand. Removable laptop sleeve. Guaranteed for life.

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Review by Los

This is one of the best bags I've purchased (owner of: citizen night & rustov); top quality materials and attention to detail. No unnecessary frills, but thought out practical features. Great size and volume for day to day commute; waterproof; secure straps; slim profile. So glad I popped in the the Seattle Hub and got their last one- thanks fellas for searching for me. You guys are gents.


Great laptop bag

Review by LT

I wasn't keen on the Welded Rucksack when I was first looking at Chrome bags, and I actually ordered an Orlov first. But the Orlov was too big for what I wanted, so I traded it in for the Rucksack. After having it for four months, and hauling it around the world, I'm really happy with my choice. I primarily use the Rucksack as a business-appropriate laptop bag, and the fact that the shoulder straps are not obviously-backpack-ish is a big plus to making the bag look formal enough. But I also do some bike commuting with the bag, and quite a lot of air travel, and the backpack is quite comfortable on the back. I put it to the test in Europe by taking the laptop padded part out and using it as a waterproof bag in some serious weather, and everything stayed bone dry. Its slim profile means it fits well under airplane seats, and with the D-ring straps, it's even possible to flip the straps around and wear it backwards (with the flap against your back) if you're traveling in dicier areas, and want to be secure about putting valuables in your backpack. Perhaps the only drawback is that it would have been nice to have an interior pocket, which Chrome packs don't seem to tend to have, and a brighter color. And if you need to carry bulky items, the bag is structurally slim, and not accommodating for large items. But all in all, a super product if you want a bag that holds a laptop and other flat or compressible items, is waterproof and rugged, and doesn't look aggressively like a backpack.


It's excellent..worth every penny!

Review by Tracy

I wanted to tell you that I love my Rucksack! It's the perfect size for my daily transit commutes and just walking around. Love the fit..fabric..the cool hardware..quality..everything! I'll order the cellphone attachment soon..


Great bag for smaller folks

Review by Kelly

I've had this backpack for a few years now and I love it. It fits pretty much everything I need for a family committee to campus (laptop, books, water bottle, phone, Ulock, glasses case, etc.). While the back isn't advertised as waterproof, it is essentially waterproof for daily activity, and the top flap keeps the rain out, even in a downpour. It is smaller bag, and fits my upper body well (I'm 5'3").

The only con is the straps. While the straps are padded well, they move around on the D ring connecting them to the bag, and have a narrow angle (imagine a V shape for the straps rather than straight up and down straps). This angle can dig into my shoulders when with a heavy load.


Love it

Review by Bree

Love love love it! Light weight but holds an insane amount of stuff! Fits perfect!



Review by awsome



Looks better than it performs, unfortunately

Review by iamlcc

I bought this from a shop in Singapore, and I must say initially the bag looked amazing. The finishing was impeccable. But after just a couple of weeks, the logo (yes that huge one in the middle) started peeling off, revealing the fact that only some shoddy glue was used to stick the logo on. The shop was kind enough to get me a replacement FOC, but I knew that would not help. Sure enough, the logo on the new bag also started coming out after a few weeks. Nowadays, I just use some industrial glue to stick it on, whenever it starts to peel off. The glue itself lasts only a few weeks also. Would have been really helpful if they had sewn the logo on, instead of glued it on. Also, the D-ring that is used to connect the tops of the bag straps is not the best idea too. After some months, it starts to roll around its housing, so you need to shift it back to its original position almost every time you wear it, or risk wearing the bag weirdly.


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