For over a decade, the creative communities throughout every major city have used Chrome bags, footwear and outerwear to help them survive the demands of the city. Wrenched is a tribute to these people and the cities in which they live and create in. Through each of their own unique perspectives, we’re given an insight to the best of everything their neighborhoods have to offer. This isn’t a guide to the same old played out tourist traps that you’ve already heard about a million times over. This is a glimpse into each city that we feature as told by its locals. This is the real-real ... For tourists and lifers, alike.

Wrenched - San Francisco
  • Chrome x Red Bull Ride and Style 2013


    By now, you've most likely read all the great write ups about Red Bull Ride and Style 2013, seen the Wheel Talk recap video collab with #CFTY (Can't Fool The Youth) and Omar Sebai, and trolled the thousands of photos that have surfaced from friends, homies, and bike teams. Most of which, has been captured and displayed in the absolute best way it could. We've been replaying Wheel Talk's vid over and over. Continue reading

  • Tommy Guerrero


    What I have always loved about Tommy is not just that he is one of the most solid, honest, soulful people I have ever met . . . Sure, those are all accurate words that most people would rightfully use to describe TG. But after more than 25 years of calling him a friend those words would be too easy for me to use. Everyone would be like "duh." Tommy's solid . . . honest . . . soulful . . . No shit, stupid.

    I have always deeply respected Tommy because through out all these years he has always been consistent — always been TG. It's a rare quality these days.  TG doesn't put on a different face for a different crowd. You always know who you're with when you're with TG.  No matter the situation, TG is TG. It's just who he is. He almost defines himself . . . Like TG is . . . well . . . TG is TG.

    He's done so much great stuff through the years (not that he would ever rest or brag about any of it): An SF Street Skating Legend who pioneered what we consider skateboarding today. A fiercely-driven musician who creates soulful music his own way.  A father, a husband, an artist, a friend, a business owner. All of it is amazing. It's inspiring to see it go down, and truly motivating to see it consistently done, at the top of the game, as only TG can do it, all these years.

    Never half stepping. Always following his convictions. Wearing not only his heart but his fist on his sleeve. My friend TG remains 100% T-mother-fucking-G. Straight up Tommy Guerrero. THAT is why I fucking love him.

    - Jim Thiebaud


    Favorite Neighborhood: Mission.

    Best cheap eats: I'm supposed to divulge my spots? Damn..taco trucks for the meat eaters and Saigon Sandwich in the Tenderloin

    Favorite bar: Li Po Lounge

    Favorite coffee shop: Farleys

    Favorite place to buy threads: Depends on what your looking for but Schauplatz has quality vintage shit.

    Favorite tourist attraction: Specs Bar

    Favorite bike shop: Craigslist

    Best place with outside seating to get a drink: Speisekammer...but it's in Alameda. Revolution Cafe and Zeitgeist in SF.

    Best museum or gallery: Gallery 16

    Favorite place to ride your bike in the city: I don't. My knees hurt.

    Favorite food spot: hmmm...Depends on the mood..But Slanted Door is always a hit. Atlas Cafe for their soup

    Favorite hidden gem in SF: 101 music

    Favorite skate shop: Dude, your killin me. DLX and Mission Skateboards

    Favorite locally produced food or beverage: Anchor Brewing

    Favorite living SF legend: Carlos Guitarlos and James Kelch

    Favorite annual event: They are all pretty lame these days...Pride Parade. Good people watching.

    Guilty pleasure in SF: Lusty Lady

    Best live music venue: The Independent

    Favorite park: Golden Gate, fool! That was my home when I was a kid.

    Best Burrito: Cancun

    Best barber shop: Me and my wife...9th Ave in the sunset.

    Best tattoo shop: Wherever Jef Whitehead works

    Best shoe shop: Huf for tenni’s and Thriftown for old man shoes

    Best camera rental: Dunno. It was Gassers but i know they are $$..

    You’d only find this in San Francisco: Hills...more fixies than geared bikes.

    Giants or As? But i'm not a sports fan..SF fool!

    Noise Pop, Outside Lands or Treasure Island Music Festival? Treasure Island

  • Skull & Sword: Grime


    Skull & Sword is a place rarely found amongst the more recently oversaturated tattoo culture. It knows no other way but to maintain a workhorse and fine art attitude. The artists that have collectively put this tattoo studio on the map are the ones that have shaped and inspired many of the people who aspire to tattoo today. It’s leader Grime may not need an introduction, but even those unfamiliar will find tattoos full of power that use inspiration from Japanese and American traditional and biomechanical. The leadership he offers, style and ever pushing work ethic are also what have the other artists Yutaro, Henry Lewis and Lango excited to come to work everyday and push and evolve what they do best.

    Just as any family, each artist brings his own flavor to the dynamic of Skull & Sword. Yutaro is known best for his experimental content and strives to make perfect traditional Japanese tattoos. Henry Lewis brings to the table an illustrative, bold style of tattoo but still rooted in American Traditional. Lango, very much inspired by the works of Japanese masters, uses this inspiration to create a unique style full of detail and movement into his vast range of subjects. Although hidden away in a second story studio in the mission, it is no secret why some visitors have called Skull & Sword a Mecca.

    —Clay Gardner



    Favorite Neighborhood: The one I live in...The Mission

    Best cheap eats: I don't really think about what to eat until I am starving and crazy from hunger. So i eat wherever is most convenient or closest at that time.

    Favorite bar: House of Shields - for Moz Night and for it's interior architecture

    Favorite coffee shop: I'm high powered...I don't drink that shit

    Favorite place to buy threads: Ben Sherman / Diesel / Bloomingdales

    Favorite tourist attraction: Alcatraz...I tattooed myself there in '98

    Favorite bike shop: I bought my bike at Freewheel on Valencia. They were nice.

    Best place with outside seating to get a drink: My backyard

    Best museum or gallery: De Young

    Favorite place to ride your bike in the city: Hemlock Alley

    Favorite food spot: Patxi's Pizza. Gary Danko was the best meal I have had in the city.

    Favorite hidden gem in SF: 850 Bryant

    Favorite skate shop: DLX

    Favorite locally produced food or beverage: SF tap water

    Favorite living SF legend: Don Ed Hardy

    Favorite annual event: My favorite annual event: is Lazy, Talentless 30 Something Losers Becoming Tattooers Day

    Guilty pleasure in SF: Fuck guilt

    Best live music venue: Great American Music Hall

    Favorite park: Bernal Hill

    Best Burrito: Sometimes Cancun

    Best barber shop: I have cut my own hair my whole life except for once in the early 90s

    Best tattoo shop: Circa 1974: Realistic Tattoo.  Now: Us. Duh!

    Best shoe shop: My free Vans hookup

    Best camera rental: Calumet

    You’d only find this in San Francisco: A board of supervisors and a small number of constituents so politically correct and inept that reality is akin to bizaro world.

    Giants or As? Fuck Baseball!

    Noise Pop, Outside Lands or Treasure Island Music Festival? Noise Pop

  • Sarah Murder


    Can elegance wear a baseball cap? Can grace have sweat dripping from its brow? Can beauty drink you under the table? If your name is Sarah Murder, then the answer is undoubtedly yes. With a Cycle Messenger World Championship under her belt, her cell ringing with calls from her clients at Cupid Courier Collective, and now the keys to her own store called Pushbike in her pocket, Sarah has proven beyond a doubt that she is the epitome of messengerdom. That is, she gets stuff done. Period. There is no single person that is more representative of bike messenger culture in San Francisco than Ms. Sarah Murder. In her own quiet way she has transcended just being a messenger in San Francisco. Sarah is San Francisco, recognized worldwide, having raced in places far flung as Tokyo and Zurich, from Dublin to Seattle. Her abilities on the bike, and inimitable style have made her an icon, loved for who she is as much as all she represents. It is fitting that Sarah, who has had such an influence on the messenger style across the globe, would create a venue by which she can peddle her wares. She calls it Pushbike. Her store is a microcosm of all that is good about bicycle culture in San Francisco, catering to the clothing and accessory needs of the two wheeled warrior in you. — Mike Rabdau, Godspeed Courier


    Favorite Neighborhood: Mission

    Best cheap eats:  Ted's Deli

    Favorite bar:  Bender's

    Favorite coffee shop:  Trouble Coffee

    Favorite place to buy threads:  Levi's Union Square

    Favorite tourist attraction:  Musee Mecanique

    Favorite bike shop:  Box Dog Bikes

    Best place with outside seating to get a drink:   Mojo Bicycle Cafe

    Best museum or gallery:  Gallery Heist

    Favorite place to ride your bike in the city:  up and down hills! big loops around the city! and downtown

    Favorite food spot:  Sunflower Vietnamese

    Favorite hidden gem in SF:  Seward St. Slides

    Favorite skate shop:  Mission Skateboards

    Favorite locally produced food or beverage:   De La Paz Coffee

    Favorite living SF legend:  Frank Chu

    Favorite annual event:  Beer to Brakers

    Guilty pleasure in SF:  Humphrey Slocombe's Ice Cream

    Best live music venue: Hemlock

    Favorite park:  Sydney G. Walton Square

    Best Burrito:  Veggie at El Metate

    Best barber shop:  Original Palace

    Best tattoo shop:  Let it Bleed

    Best shoe shop:  Shoe Biz

    Best camera rental:  Calumet

    You’d only find this in San Francisco:  Buffalo in Golden Gate Park!?!

    Giants or As?  Giants

    Noise Pop, Outside Lands or Treasure Island Music Festival?  Noise Pop

  • REBEL8: Mike Giant & Joshy D.


    Joshy D. and Mike Giant met in the late 1990's in San Francisco's then bustling graffiti scene when Joshy D. was looking for a tattoo artist. The two built a natural friendship that eventually transpired into a partnership with Mike Giant voluntarily creating graphics for Joshy D. to print onto t-shirts. With small aspirations and no business plan, the two took $500 and created a company founded on the idea of designing shirts, printing as many as the budget would allow, selling those and then making more shirts. After seven years of calculated, controlled growth, Joshy D. an Mike Giant have transformed REBEL8 into a flourishing, internationally-recognized clothing company.


    A crucial driving force of the brand is the city JoshyD. and Mike Giant both call home --- San Francisco, California. A hidden artistic gem amonst giant metropolises like Los Angeles and New York, San Francisco's strength and perseverance has been mirrored in much of REBEL8's success. Like the city that has had to rebuild over and over again, the brand has had to prove itself over and over again to critics and mimics alike. Over time, REBEL8 has grown to become a staple of San Francisco and represents the city's 415 area code subtly in many of its t-shirt graphics.

    Today, Joshy D handles the business side of the brand while Mike Giant sees to the artistic direction and growth of REBEL8. The authenticity and uniqueness of each graphic, each design and each collaboration is a testament of the lifestyle the two artists continue to embody on a daily basis. Now nearly ten years deep into the clothing game, REBEL8 has scarcely transfigured from its origins as a humble, quality-conscious company. While the brand has begun dabbling in projects outside of fashion, the focus remains on aesthetically pleasing, high quality attire.

    The very weaknesses that previously limited REBEL8's capabilities have now become the strengths that define the brand's identity. What was once a lack of money now allows for a selectivity in collaborative projects and business decisions. Mike Giant's singular aesthetic has grown into a distinctive characteristic that seperates the brand from its counterparts. And REBEL8's former strengths of consistency and originality have only intensified with its growth over time.

    Over the next ten years, REBEL8 will undoubtedly maintain the same consistency its fan base has grown accustomed to. That's not to say that Joshy D. and Mike Giant won't be pushing the boundaries of what REBEL8 is. REBEL8 will remain REBEL8, only with with a larger product range that's more readily availible. In an era of mass production and compromise for revenue, REBEL 8 promises to stay true to its humble beginnings.

    — Emily Shen


    Joshy D

    Favorite Neighborhood: Mission.

    Best cheap eats: Tonayense taco truck.

    Favorite bar: I wish I only had one favorite. It's like best friends in grade school, you can't just say one.

    Favorite coffee shop: I don't drink coffee but from what I hear it's all about Four Barrel. I wonder if they make hot chocolate?

    Favorite place to buy threads: I actually don't shop for clothing. I wear mainly REBEL8 or friend's brands and they just send me what I want. But when Downtown I always seem to end up at Urban Outfitters.

    Favorite tourist attraction: 6th & Market.

    Favorite bike shop: Box Dog Bikes.

    Best place with outside seating to get a drink: It'd be too predictable to say Zeitgeist. I'm going with a Tecate tall boy in Dolores Park.

    Best museum or gallery: Academy of Sciences.

    Favorite place to ride your bike in the city: Panhandle.

    Favorite food spot: Del Fina.

    Favorite hidden gem in SF: My house.

    Favorite skate shop: FTC.

    Favorite locally produced food or beverage: Sourdough bread.

    Favorite living SF legend: Joe Montana

    Favorite annual event: Burning Man. It's great when the hippies leave for a few days.

    Guilty pleasure in SF: Holy shit. If only my dick was doing this interview.

    Best live music venue: Great American.

    Favorite park: Dolores.

    Best Burrito: La Taqueria.

    Best barber shop: Still looking. I fuck with Sanka at Great Clips on Fulton St.

    Best tattoo shop: Everlasting.

    Best shoe shop: Shoe Biz.

    Best camera rental: This ain't amateur hour homie.

    Giants or As? Gigantes all day. Oakland ain't Frisco.

    Noise Pop, Outside Lands or Treasure Island Music Festival? Fuck you.




    Mike Giant

    Favorite Neighborhood: The Tenderloin

    Best cheap eats: Tu Lan

    Favorite bar: Benders

    Favorite coffee shop: All Stars Donuts at Hyde and Golden Gate

    Favorite place to buy threads: HUF

    Favorite tourist attraction: The Victorians on Alamo Square

    Favorite bike shop: Freewheel on Hayes

    Best place with outside seating to get a drink: Zeitgeist

    Best museum or gallery: Guerrero Gallery

    Favorite place to ride your bike in the city: Golden Gate Park

    Favorite food spot: Giovanni’s handmade pizzas at Club Deluxe

    Favorite hidden gem in SF: Specs bar

    Favorite skate shop: FTC

    Favorite locally produced food or beverage: Anchor Steam beer

    Favorite living SF legend: Twist

    Favorite annual event: Folsom Street Fair

    Guilty pleasure in SF: Girl watching at Union Square

    Best live music venue: Great American

    Favorite park: Dolores

    Best Burrito: Pancho Villa

    Best barber shop: I haven’t cut my hair in years.

    Best tattoo shop: Blackheart

    Best shoe shop: Kaplan’s on Market

    Best camera rental: No idea.

    You’d only find this in San Francisco: The Lusty Lady

    Giants or As? Duh. What’s my name?

    Noise Pop, Outside Lands or Treasure Island Music Festival? No idea.