• Chrome Customs: A Visit to Our Chico Factory.

    We took a trip to visit the Chrome Crew at our Chico California factory.
    Every Chrome Customs Barrage, Citizen, and Mini Metro are made one-at-a-time, by hand in this factory by people who take a lot of pride in what they do and the products we make. We're stoked they do it so well. Build you own Chrome Customs Bag online or stop by one a Chrome Customs Station at any of our seven HUBs and say hello to your local Chrome Bag Maker.

  • The Palmer3000 Come Up

    10072713205_ab8a279a3d_bPhotograph by Jason Hansen

    What can be said about Palmer3000 that hasn't been said before? Sure, when you look into her eyes she can see straight into your soul, to your heart, and will proceed melt it like it's never been melted before. We all know that; it's common knowledge. There is something else that this 10 year old Basset possesses. A joie de vivre mixed with a healthy dose of apathy isn't something you see done with as much style and grace as Palmer manages to pull off, but there she is laying in an oil spot at a garage and genuinely happy to be there.

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  • Chrome Motor™ Bags with HD Ballistic™ Nylon

    Chrome Motor™

    Chrome Motor Bags are made with our proprietary HD Ballistic™ Nylon for improved heat and abrasion resistance. This stuff is tough as shit and stronger than typical ballistic nylons. We're pretty stoked on it, but let us explain why.

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  • Meet the Artist: NOA-

    The NOA- Yalta is the newest addition to our Artist Series, and features the original artwork of Japanese, live-paint artist, NOA-. NOA- is as humble as he is talented. Typically using acrylic paint on canvas or wood, he's known for painting with a style that emulates Japanese line-making.

    We joined NOA- in an Oakland warehouse where he painted a piece specifically for Chrome. The piece was inspired by the phrase "Kuro Mu" which sounds like Chrome and means Black Fog. We used the print to create our New Limited Edition NOA- Yalta.

    Artist Series: NOA- Yalta from Chrome Industries on Vimeo.

  • Salvage Military Gift Bag. Re-usable. Resourceful.


    Better than red wrapping paper and a giant bow, our Salvaged GI laundry bags make great holidays gift bags. We found them in a warehouse, cleaned them (twice), and overprinted them with our Winged-Lion. Simple, versatile, and re-usable, each bag is unique. Once they held laundry, their new use is delivering holiday cheer. Our Salvage Gift Bags let you give an awesome gift from Chrome inside an equally awesome holiday gift bag.

    Salvage cotton, general-issue laundry bag
    Drawstring top closure
    Screen-printed Winged-Lion

    Dimensions: 23” wide, 29” high