Rook Wallet

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Rook Wallet

Made from salvage material from our big bags. The Rook Wallet is resourceful and tough.
SKU #: AC-111-BKWT-000


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Product Details

Chrome accessories keep your essentials organized and within reach. Built with the same superior quality as the rest of our products, our accessories keep you and your daily essentials protected, organized, and within reach.





3.5” wide, 4.2” high, 0.4” deep




0.2 lb


• 6 credit-card slots
• Two slide pockets
• Two bill compartments


• Made of 18-oz., weatherproof, truck-tarp liner
• Built in: Guangzhou, China

Some of our favorite reviews

  • Chrome for you money
    12/4/13 by Eric
    Perfectly awesome wallet. Not flashy, a great place to store you cards and cash. Will last you till forever. Love this wallet.
  • Just what I needed...
    4/26/13 by D
    I bought this wallet after my old one kerploded. The Rook wallet IS a bit stiff, but I prefer that to the opposite end of the spectrum. And I'm sure it'll 'loosen-up' after a bit of use. The card slots are also stiff at first, but once stretched out with a few cards, they work flawlessly. The little coin slot works fine for a couple of coins, but I can't say I'd ever want my wallet to be filled with handfulls of change. That's what pockets are for. I'm stoked it's also big enough for Euro bills since I go back and forth fairly frequently between the States and Europe. Overall it's an awesome wallet that looks like it'll last for years with the standard Chrome quality I'm used to.
  • A review addendum
    4/26/13 by Darren K
    One of my points in the review below was that the wallet isn't as flexible as it could be. it's definitely become more so, as I've used it more. As with all wallets, keeping it from becoming a brick is all about not carrying around lots of plastic.

    But, the material is definitely flexible and it'd definitely become more comfortable to use as time has gone on.

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