In the Mission District on Valencia St. near Ritual Coffee and Mission Bicycles, our Mission HUB is our second shop in San Francisco and features our Chrome Customs sewing station where you can work with on-site bag makers to design your own bag, patch your bag or jacket, or get a quick repair. Like all Chrome HUBs, our Mission HUB is a place to hang out, watch bike and skate videos, catch an art show or product launch party, start (or end) an alley cat, or just stop by to find out where to get the best burrito in town.

  • Meet the Maker: Chrome Customs SF Bag Maker, Jessie


    Jessie Jane Inglis

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  • Recap: Rob Williamson's Motorcycle Photo Show at Chrome Mission

    Check out the video of Rob Williamson's Motorcycle Photo Show that went down at our Mission HUB in SF on 9/18/14. Thanks to everyone who came out and all those who tried to hangout but couldn't get in. Rad recap written by our very own Greg Weissel:


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  • San Francisco: Forged Rubber Mobile Factory Tour

    Photo Credit to TR Proz & Jason Rosete. Photo Credit to TR Proz & Jason Rosete.

    We kicked off the launch of our new Forged Rubber Sneakers with the Forged Rubber Mobile Factory Tour at our SF Valencia HUB June 20 and 21. We had a great turnout and got tons of people stoked out on some rad new shoes. Be sure to follow the Mobile Factory Tour as it tours the country - next stop, NYC on 7/1 and 7/2. Stay tuned for more details.

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  • Red Bull Ride N Style 2014


    Ride N Style Photographed by Bobby Sanchez

    Anytime we get to be a part of people getting rad on their bikes it's a win in our book. So, when our pals at Red Bull asked us if we would, once again, join them for their annual Fixed Gear Free Style event, we answered  "Hell yes we will!" Hell yes we'll host registration at our new Mission Hub>>. Hell yes we'll park Vanna Black (the Chrome Van) at Red Bull Ride n Style and party down. Hell yes we'll eat those burritos. Where's the hot sauce? We were so there.

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  • Chrome Mission HUB Grand Opening Party


    Party photographs by Rasta Dave

    Five is the number that symbolizes harmony and balance. It's the number of seconds that can pass after you've dropped food on the floor and still eat it. It's the number of digits we throw in the air and slap as a celebratory hand gesture. To Coco Chanel it signified the pure embodiment of a thing, its spirit, and its mystic meaning. To Chrome the number 5 represents a key milestone, and we can't help reflect on where we started and where we're going. If the grand opening party of our Mission HUB on Valencia, our 5th Chrome HUB, was any indication of what's to come, we'd better break out some sunglasses because the future looks bright.

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