In the Mission District on Valencia St. near Ritual Coffee and Mission Bicycles, our Mission HUB is our second shop in San Francisco and features our Chrome Customs sewing station where you can work with on-site bag makers to design your own bag, patch your bag or jacket, or get a quick repair. Like all Chrome HUBs, our Mission HUB is a place to hang out, watch bike and skate videos, catch an art show or product launch party, start (or end) an alley cat, or just stop by to find out where to get the best burrito in town.

  • MAKERS NIGHT: Knitting 101

    C_2_WHITELast Thursday night, we hosted our very first Makers Night at the Valencia HUB is SF. The focus was knitting, and we gotta say, it was went off without a stitch (sorry, we couldn't help ourselves).

    A1_WHITEFolks rolled in with their needles, slapped on their knitting name tags, and the maker mingling began. Within minutes, the HUB was buzzing. The first rule of knitting is: never knit on an empty stomach, so the crew snacked on veggies, hummus, crackers, cheese and meats, as well as beer and water. It should be noted that the crackers were homemade and vegan because Angie (one of the instructors) apparently never sleeps.

    G_6_WHITEMakers Night is all about sharing the benefits of making things with your hands,  Jessie and Angie make stuff all day at Chrome – not just bags. They are exceptionally experienced at building, sewing, fixing, and just straight making stuff, and told us a bit about all the rad stuff they've made using a few needles and a bunch of yarn.

    They even made the  hand drawn Makers Night ZINE with TONS of information about knitting, web resources, a knitting pattern for basic hand warmers, detailed instructions, diagrams of how to begin and end a project, and complete knitting stitches. It was adorably dense and very useful.

    D_4_WHITEJessie and Angie covered all the basic, but important points (get it?) of knitting, and stressed what folks need to know before getting started, like: needle sizes, gauges, yarn weights, notions, and pattern information.

    Then we got to the good part, casting on! Our friends at Skacel hooked us up with skeins of yarn for everyone, so we were able to save our crew the trouble. Man, were people pumped! We broke into groups and utilized our Sleeper Agents (the few Chromies who also had some knitting experience). Soon, folks were cruising and the gentle click-clack of needles could be heard on the street. Everyone learned casting-on, knit stitches, and eventually bind-off.

    SOCKSBy the end of our first Makers Night nearly everyone was knitting pretty confidently. Angie and Jessie passed out business cards to the few folks who were still having trouble and invited the novice knitters to hit 'em up later for more help.

    All-in-all a our inaugural Makers Night was a huge success. We can't wait to get everyone back together and meet more makers. Stay tuned for more Makers Nights.