Located in downtown Seattle between Pioneer Square and Pike Place Market, our Seattle HUB sits amongst a mix of local tech start-ups, museum goers, and city visitors. We were attracted to the area because of the city's revitalization efforts and the pioneering businesses located downtown. Our Seattle HUB is where you can make a custom bag with our in-house custom bag maker, grab a cup of Blue Bottle Coffee at the Chrome Coffee Bar, try out our new gear, watch bike and skate videos, catch an art show or product launch party, start (or end) an alley cat, or just stop by to find out where to get the best burrito in town.

  • Chrome Seattle HUB Grand Opening Party


     Photography by David Frost

    Here at Chrome we're making moves. Bob Seger wrote a song about it, it's called "NightMoves" – it's probably best to listen to this song as you read this. >> Except instead of a song about teenagers discovering their sexuality in the woods, Chrome is discovering a new home in America. Enter, our sixth HUB: Chrome Seattle. On a summer night, on a sweet summer night we welcomed friends both old and new, to break in Chrome Seattle like we have all HUBs before it. We threw a party. A pinball party.

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  • Wrenched Nation Tour | First Stop: Seattle

    The first stop on the Wrenched Nation Tour was Seattle, Portland's friendly neighbor to the north. For this part of the trip I was joined by my dear friend, Billy "Souphorse" Sinkford ...... king among men and singer of "The Neverending Story"

    .photo (15)

    Look at him. Just look at him!  Can you see why I wanted him to come with on Chrome One's maiden voyage? I always party better with him around, so it was a MUST that he come. I thought he was going to sit up front with me, but Palmer insisted that she was in charge of navigation, being a Basset Hound she said her keen sense of smell will lead the way.
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