CHROME HUBS are more than places to get the newest Chrome products. You can build a custom bag at our Chrome Custom Sewing Station, discover new music after hours at our Third Thursdays, watch bike and skate videos, check out our exclusive screenings, start (or end) an alley cat or just stop in to find out where to get the best burrito in town. CHROME HUBS reflect our commitment to living in the city. Come in, hang out, talk shop with the crew and buy something if you feel like it.

  • Chrome Seattle HUB: Sprint Wrestle

    DSC_8513Photography by Benjamin Wong

    There is something to be said about the kind of person who competes merely for glory, and that something is "bad ass". There were no points or promise of a hefty purse, just mad street cred for the victor. Our friends at MotoFish opened a coffee bar in our Chrome Seattle HUB and we welcomed them into our hearts with a night of friendly competition; a night of Sprint Wrestle.

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  • Get BLCKCHRM™ Niko LTD Camera Bags in Our HUBs

    BLCKCHRM Niko Camera Bags

    Our BLCKCHRM Niko LTD Camera Bags sold out quickly online, but they can still be found in our HUBs, so stop by our stores in SF MISSION, PDX, SF SOMA, SEA, CHI, MPLS, or NYC or give 'em a call. We still have our classic Niko Camera Bags online, check 'em out >>

  • MPLS Shop Local Event! One Night Only!

    Our Minneapolis Chrome HUB is teaming up with other North Loop businesses this Thursday to encourage folks to get into the holiday spirit and shop locally. We're extending our hours to 9pm for the night and are stocking up on adult beverages – it's cold out there. Stop by!

    MPLS North Loop  Shop Local







  • Chrome MPLS HUB Grand Opening Party

    20141115-HLB_7460Photography by Heather Byington

    After we spent a week and a half of getting settled into our new Chrome MPLS HUB, we sent out word to the locals that it was time to christen our new spot with a party ... a party that would leave eyes crossed and ears ringing. We knew we had to come proper. The people in the Minnesota rage, so we got enough beer to put down an elephant and enough tacos to feed a small village or enough tacos to feed an elephant and enough beer for a small village. Either one works. Continue reading

  • Meet the Maker: Chrome Customs MPLS Bag Maker, Rachel

    NAME: Rachel Dye

    INSTAGRAM: @threadsntreadsmpls

    Rachel_Chrome(photo credit to Lucas Winzenburg @bunyanvelo)

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