CHROME HUBS are more than places to get the newest Chrome products. You can build a custom bag at our Chrome Custom Sewing Station, discover new music after hours at our Third Thursdays, watch bike and skate videos, check out our exclusive screenings, start (or end) an alley cat or just stop in to find out where to get the best burrito in town. CHROME HUBS reflect our commitment to living in the city. Come in, hang out, talk shop with the crew and buy something if you feel like it.

  • MAKERS NIGHT: Knitting 101

    C_2_WHITELast Thursday night, we hosted our very first Makers Night at the Valencia HUB is SF. The focus was knitting, and we gotta say, it was went off without a stitch (sorry, we couldn't help ourselves).

    A1_WHITEFolks rolled in with their needles, slapped on their knitting name tags, and the maker mingling began. Within minutes, the HUB was buzzing. The first rule of knitting is: never knit on an empty stomach, so the crew snacked on veggies, hummus, crackers, cheese and meats, as well as beer and water. It should be noted that the crackers were homemade and vegan because Angie (one of the instructors) apparently never sleeps.

    G_6_WHITEMakers Night is all about sharing the benefits of making things with your hands,  Jessie and Angie make stuff all day at Chrome – not just bags. They are exceptionally experienced at building, sewing, fixing, and just straight making stuff, and told us a bit about all the rad stuff they've made using a few needles and a bunch of yarn.

    They even made the  hand drawn Makers Night ZINE with TONS of information about knitting, web resources, a knitting pattern for basic hand warmers, detailed instructions, diagrams of how to begin and end a project, and complete knitting stitches. It was adorably dense and very useful.

    D_4_WHITEJessie and Angie covered all the basic, but important points (get it?) of knitting, and stressed what folks need to know before getting started, like: needle sizes, gauges, yarn weights, notions, and pattern information.

    Then we got to the good part, casting on! Our friends at Skacel hooked us up with skeins of yarn for everyone, so we were able to save our crew the trouble. Man, were people pumped! We broke into groups and utilized our Sleeper Agents (the few Chromies who also had some knitting experience). Soon, folks were cruising and the gentle click-clack of needles could be heard on the street. Everyone learned casting-on, knit stitches, and eventually bind-off.

    SOCKSBy the end of our first Makers Night nearly everyone was knitting pretty confidently. Angie and Jessie passed out business cards to the few folks who were still having trouble and invited the novice knitters to hit 'em up later for more help.

    All-in-all a our inaugural Makers Night was a huge success. We can't wait to get everyone back together and meet more makers. Stay tuned for more Makers Nights.


  • Chrome Seattle HUB Grand Opening Party

    Chrome Seattle HUB

     Photography by David Frost

    Here at Chrome we're making moves. Bob Seger wrote a song about it, it's called "NightMoves" – it's probably best to listen to this song as you read this. >> Except instead of a song about teenagers discovering their sexuality in the woods, Chrome is discovering a new home in America. Enter, our sixth HUB: Chrome Seattle. On a summer night, on a sweet summer night we welcomed friends both old and new, to break in Chrome Seattle like we have all HUBs before it. We threw a party. A pinball party.

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  • Chrome Pop-Up | Chrome 20 LA

    What better time to go to Southern California for a month than late November? It's right around the time that other parts of the country start getting frigid, but in So Cal the sun is still out and you can ride your bike around in a T-shirt... just a T-shirt. I believe the term is "Porky Piggin' it". It sounded great to us, so when we got a chance to team up with Orange 20 to build a Chrome Pop-Up Hub in their gallery space we jumped on it. We assembled a small crew, loaded up our good ol' Chrome van, faced the ocean, turned left, and hit the road headed for Los Angeles, doing burn outs along the way.  Continue reading

  • Chicago Black Ops Citizen


    The Chrome Black Ops Citizen is inspired by the same all-black Chicago flag patch worn by tactical units throughout the city. Like the patch, the Black Ops Citizen uses all black for the entire bag, with the exception of the grey stars and d-panel. Made in USA. Guaranteed for life.

    The Chicago Black Ops Citizen is only available at our Chrome HUB on Milwaukee Avenue in Wicker Park, and select Chicago area Chrome Dealers.

    Participating Chicago Chrome Dealers:

    Belmont Army
    The Bike Lane
    Blue City Cycles
    Comrade Cycles
    Cycle Smithy
    Kozy's Cyclery
    On The Route
    That's Our Bag

    Buy at the Chicago Chrome HUB >>

  • Chrome_20 Goes Live

    Streets of Chrome by Van Styles

    It’s going to be a good month. We’ve teamed up with the iconic bike shop Orange 20 to bring you a one-of-a-kind Chrome HUB in LA. We call it Chrome_20 and starting November 22nd it’s going to be a month-long party.

    Orange 20 is great, the staff kicks ass, and they have been influential in shaping the Los Angeles cycling culture. We’re more than stoked that they invited us into their space; we’re pumped to share some beers (many beers) with the Orange 20 crew over the next 4 weeks.

    Chrome_20 is more than just a spot to pick up some bombproof Chrome gear…

    First off, we’re hosting a month-long Streets of Chrome photography show. We’ve reached out to our friend Van Styles to curate an exhibition of Los Angeles street photography. Along with his own photoset, Van selected the work of Sagan Lockhart and Jefroe in the show. Van kills it behind the lens and has more Instagram followers than you; Sagan Lockhart is one of the creative geniuses affiliated with Odd Future; Jefroe is the creative director of At Large Media in LA. This show is uniquely Los Angeles and we’re humbled to be showing this work.

    Chrome_20 is also home to #Wrenched_LA our interactive Instagram wall featuring favorite local spots. The first interactive edition of our Wrenched city guide, #Wrenched_LA is powered by the people. Chrome_20 features a wall-sized map of LA. Whenever a photo is posted to Instagram with the hashtag #Wrenched_LA, we’re going to print the photo and post it on the map. Next time you’re at a rad spot in LA take a photo and tag it #Wrenched_LA. Favorite dive bar: #Wrenched_LA, killer burrito: #Wrenched_LA, amazing coffee: #Wrenched_LA, best place to watch the sunset: #Wrenched_LA. You get it. We’re asking you to show us your city. At the end of this thing we’ll have a wall documenting the best places in LA. It’s going to be awesome.

    Each week you’ll have a chance to win a 2013 Chrome Coveted Jersey. Starting with an alleycat on 11/22 at 7pm, a fixed gear cross race on 11/29 at 7pm, and an uphill sprint race on 12/7 at 1pm. This will be your last chance to get a 2013 Chrome Coveted Jersey - don’t miss out. We’ll get you more information about the ongoing events but for now: the party starts November 22nd at 7pm – 10pm. We’ll have a DJ and beer from New Belgium Brewing (thanks!), you can check out the photographs, and its your first chance to score a Coveted Jersey.

    The address is:
    4357 Melrose St.
    Los Angles, CA 90029

    We’ll be there:
    Mon.-Sat. 11am - 7pm
    Sunday 11am - 5:30pm