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Dolores Black

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Our take on an American Classic for women. Features 1000-denier nylon upper that's 25 times stronger than canvas, and a comfortable PU insole. All sale items are final.


The Dolores combines classic looks with durable uppers and a women's-specific fit. 1000-denier nylon uppers are 25 times stronger that canvas. The Dolores features a low profile for better fit in toe cages. The contoured PU footbed and board-lasted sole provide all-day comfort.

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• Polyurethane, contoured crash-pad insole


• Low-profile design to better fit into a toe cage
• Durable rubber heel cup


• 100% vulcanized construction
• Skid-resistant contact rubber on the sole
• Made of our 1,000-denier CORDURA® Brand fabric with back-padding
• Built in: Guangzhou, China
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Size Chart

Customer Reviews 6 item(s)

Great for cycling, but not very tolerable for walking
I've had these for a few months.
The fit is weird. When cycling, it feels fine. But then when walking it feels small (or large from inside slippage?) because my toes hit the "low profile" hard front part of the shoe.

I've bike toured in these, too. and they're fine. Good grip even on pedals without toe straps/cages.

But walking a block.. or up more than a flight of stairs... omg so uncomfortable.

These are urban cycling-specific shoes.. but you might as well get fancy spd shoes and normal shoes if these are so uncomfortable to walk in that you feel like you need to pack normal shoes at the end of your bike trips.
Review by Dana / (Posted on 10/22/2013)
Dolores Review
When Chrome first began making shoes, I bought a pair of the Tobruk slip ons. I wanted something that would last and not wear out the way other shoes do with daily riding. Although I liked the Tobruks, they were men’s shoes. I found myself wishing they were more narrow and that they weren't as bulky on my little feet. I wanted a good looking shoe, made with a lady in mind and finally, the shoes gods heard my cry.

The Dolores is my go-to shoe. They're simple, cute and most of all, comfortable. I wear mine on both my bicycle and motorcycle, and these solid shoes have stood up to the tough tests (i.e. city bike riding, muddy park adventures, late night concerts and misty motorcycle rides, etc…) I seem to endlessly put them through. The reinforced/skid resistant sole gives great support and better grounding, which is super helpful, especially on a motorcycle. They're my travel companions because I can walk all day in them without giving my feet blisters or cramping. They’re pretty much the perfect every day shoe!

A note to the ladies: these shoes run a little large, I normally wear a size 7.5 and the size 7 fit me perfectly. I would order a half size down from your regular shoe size.
Review by Katie / (Posted on 4/26/2013)

Dolores Shoes, they are A-Durable. The pairing of cordura fabric and the
shoes' feminine silhouette adds a lighter touch to the Chrome aesthetic,
all the while remaining, for lack of a quainter phrase, bad azzed.

I know that if I spill my beverage of choice on them, I can just damp
cloth the liquor, err, liquid off. Waxed over laces assure me that they
will not fray quickly. Or heck, I can live dangerously with out laces, and
there's elastic to keep the shoes on my feet. The sole is sturdy, you can
make quick stop/basket ball player noises on linoleum, without scuffing up
the floor.

I've worn these shoes to their name sake park, Dolores, when the grass was
still dew covered without slipping when walking uphill. "Why would someone
even bother to write this" you may ask yourself. And the reason is plain
and simple. I have slipped walking uphill on the grass at Dolores Park.
And now my jeans have a grass stain on the knee.

These shoes and I, we are in it for the long haul. And with any lasting
relationship, there's a getting to know you phase. You giggle, you blush,
you even have your first disagreement-in the form of a heel blister.Here's
your solution. Band aids. Wear band aids on your heels for no more than 2
days. Once that awkward phase of self discovery was over, my Dolores shoes
and I skip, dance, ride bikes, run for the bus, tell bad jokes, make
kitchen floor quick stops, and generally have an all around good time.

This may be a wild claim, and is not supported with any scientific
research, but I'm a better break-dancer with them on. No joke. They are the
pop to my lock. The heavy to my metal. The pony to my keg. The Bruce
Springsteen to my E Street Band. The Bud to my Weiser. The show Cribs to
my requisite Scar Face poster. The Toga to my Frat party. The... you get
the point.
Review by Pamela / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
sort of narrow
The moment I saw this shoe, I couldn't wait to try it on. Finally, a ladies shoe from Chrome! I've been looking for an excuse to throw more money at Chrome, but the smallest Kursk (a Men's 4.5) was too big for my Ladies 6 foot. I hurried into the SF store to see the shoe in the flesh. It is a good-looking shoe - clean, low-profile, with a sturdy-yet-not-clownish sole. I really liked the shoes so you can imagine how disappointed I was to find it very narrow in the toe. I left the store empty-handed. If you can wear Keds, you can probably rock the Dolores. Otherwise, be advised that Chrome has definitely achieved the narrower toe box as advertised!
Review by Phoebe / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
You CAN tour in these...
I recently rode 500-plus miles in Dolores kicks, not wanting to spend the money or learning time on clipless. I ordered them in size 8 even though I'm normally an 8.5, per another reviewer's advice. The size down feels like a perfect fit when you're just hanging out, but if you plan to put in a lot of miles, I suspect you're better off with your regular size. Your feet kinda hulk out the more you ride, and after a while your toes will just push against the shoes for hours. I'm cringing just thinking about it. The soles are a decent thickness, but the bottoms of my feet did start to hurt after about 50 miles or so. I'm sure these things are primarily intended for around-town riding, and for that they're awesome. And even though they're probably not ideal for touring, I definitely intend to use them for that purpose again — maybe strapped in next time.
Review by Laura / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Great shoes :D
I got these shoes last summer and I love them so very much. It did take me a couple times to get them broken in - had to take a break in between wearing them to let the blisters heal... but after a couple times the fit perfectly! Great for commuting to class, work, and fun. Casual and cute I can wear them with just about anything. Once you get past the breaking them in stage, you'll make them your go to shoe!
Review by Sierra C / (Posted on 4/26/2013)