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Our largest, 100% welded-waterproof, rolltop backpack. Made to haul beer to the beach and protect your stuff in a downpour. Made in USA. Guaranteed for life.


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Product Details

The Ivan is our largest, 100% welded-waterproof rolltop backpack and part of our WWII inspired Militia line. We made our original Militia bags to haul wetsuits and beer to and from the beach. All Militia bags feature 100% welded-waterproof main compartment that can hold ice-cold beer and keep your stuff dry in a downpour. A zippered compartment keeps wet/dry separate. Outside pockets with stainless-steel hardware for storing small stuff.


• Ergonomic shoulder-strap design with EVA foam back panel for improved fit and breathability
• Sternum strap for load distribution
• Industrial-metal cam lock underarm compression buckles



21” wide, 23” high, 7” deep


47 L


4.4 lb


• Waterproof, rolltop closure accommodates a range of load sizes
• Dual-waterproof compartments separate wet/dry cargo
• External pockets with stainless-steel hardware for quick, secure access to u-lock and work tools
• Daisy-chain mounting loops for attaching carabineer clips or bike lights
• Industrial-strength Velcro, accessory-mounting shoulder straps
• Zippered pocket fits up to Macbook Pro 17" laptop (padded sleeve recommended)


• Weatherproof, 1000-denier CORDURA® Brand outer shell
• Welded-waterproof, 1200-denier, military-grade truck-tarpaulin liner
• Made in USA

Some of our favorite reviews

  • Great Huge Bag
    12/22/13 by Rich
    I love this back pack and use it all the time. It is all around great. That being said I would change a few things about and take these things into account. First, It rides low on your back. It is most noticeable when you dont have much in it. It would be nice to have some way to adjust where you want it on your back Second, if you dont keep the hooks on the back on hooked to the pockets water can get in. It also has very large pockets, so small stuff can get lost in there. But it is still one of the best backpacks i have ever had.

  • Great BAG
    4/26/13 by Poleen
    I use it every day when I go out around the city. It holds everything from my bike tools, labtop, cloths, spare shoes and some adult beverages. Whenever I bike for a couple of hours, I get sweaty and the back gets a little moist but the inside stays nice and dry. Very nice bag. Recommend it if you don't like one strap.
  • Best Bag!
    4/26/13 by Kelly Clarke
    This is my favorite biking bag for lugging around a ton of stuff. Aside from the bag being waterproof, the individual compartments are waterproof from each other. So I can put important papers in one, and keep a six-pack of beers frosty in another. It really does sort of act like a cooler. The front pockets are also the perfect size to hold a U-lock. This bag is only Medium, but I've been surprised at the amount of stuff I've been able to keep in it at once, like a 3QT cast iron dutch oven and cupcakes and a computer. I've had it for a year, and I think it's indestructible, but if my Ivan ever bites the dust, I'll certainly buy the same bag again.
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