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Victor Urban Utility Belt


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Compact utility belt with iconic seatbelt buckle and bottle opener. Keeps windbreaker-, phone-, and wallet-safe and accessible. Fits an iPad Mini. Made in USA. Guaranteed for life.


The Victor Utility Belt keeps essentials safe and organized. It can be worn across the chest or around the waist. We made it for a day of bombing the city or a night of bar crawling. It keeps phone, wallet, and windbreaker secure and accessible. A separate phone pocket provides quick access and the reflective daisy chain helps with night visibility.


Padded CORDURA® Brand fabric back panel with 5-bar webbing cross-chest strap


• Iconic quick-release seatbelt buckle with integrated bottle opener
• Weatherproof main storage compartments for windbreaker and wallet
• Weatherproof phone compartment with Velcro and SR buckle
• Daisy-chain mounting loops for attaching carabineer or bike lights
• Reflective straps for night visibility


• Weatherproof, 1000-denier CORDURA® Brand outer shell
• Weatherproof, independently suspended, military-grade, 18-oz. truck-tarpaulin liner
• Commercial-grade, five-bar seatbelt webbing and nylon 69 thread
• Made in USA

Customer Reviews 25 item(s)

The Quality of Chrome Products are Beyond Perfect! Every Product is made to the Highest Quality! No Wonder They Back it UP with LIFE-TIME WARRANTY! Speaks for itself!
This Specific bag is simply UNBELIEVABLE! the Quality and workmanship is simply unbelievable, Max the guy that works at a Manhattan NY location meaning Chrome store on Mulberry Street he is good, and their lifetime warranty is 100% means what it says! now when it comes to the quality of this bag its insanely COMFY, very easily flip-able to the front to get the things out no need to unbuckle, also this is a 2 bags in one, why i say that? well you can wear it over the shoulder or on the waist what Chrome calls i believe a Fanny Pack i dont like that name. rather call it waist bag, but either way listen stop b a store or order it online worst case if yu dont like it return it plain and simple but believe me you WILL LOVE IT especially that Seatbelt Type Buckle i LOVE IT LOVEEEEE IT! anyways there is no other bags that come closer to this in any WAY shape form feel or even smell hehe j/k, first the warranty there is NO! one! no one! that will gve you 100% LIFETIME warranty unless its your fault, other than the bags, stop by the store and they will fix it if not they will RELACE IT WITH A BRAND NEW ONE either the same if they have it or a newer model! BAAAAM! BOOM KABOOM! what you have to say? ha? ha? HAAA? i thought so no GO GET IT! HURRY!
Review by Edgar / (Posted on 11/13/2013)
I love this bag!
I love this bag! I take it everywhere I even use it to sneak candies in the movies...My only regret the camouflage one came out right after I got mine..Oh well......
Review by Joel / (Posted on 10/10/2013)
Victor Review
I've used the Citizen as my daily rider for years, but for most rides I don't need all the space. Thus comes the beauty of the Victor. This has been deemed by my roommates as the Chewbacca Bandolier, from it's profile and fit. Everything you need for the everyday and nothing you don't. I'm able to take my phone, windbreaker, emergency bike tools, even a sandwich and still ride in comfort. The front reflective strap can be easily modified(removal of a stitch) to hold a U-Lock but be warned that it adds weight to the bag and you must wear it tightly to stay put. Take the Victor through Kashyyyk, this is the bag you're looking for.
Review by Jason / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
i love this bag! i dont need to bring my big chrome bag with me. i love it. dont think about it just go buy it. go to youtube. am going to have a review of the bag soon. warwolf production is my name. i am going to get more chrome bags soon. to review for
Can be a little bigger
Review by David / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
bag is awesome!
This is perfect for trips around town. I have a spare innertube, co2 cartridge, wrench, mosquito spray and two cellphones in bag wherever I go. No longer need to carry my Citizen bag just for these items. I havent taken bag off since I received it.
Review by Darkness / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Simply perfect
My everyday bag fell apart and I needed a replacement. Wanted something that was small and not bulky.
This bag fit everything I wanted/needed perfectly... From my bulky wallet, keys, cell phone, ect... And there's still room.
Love the feel to, the way it clings to your body (I like it like that) makes everything so easily accessible without fear of pick-pocketing in NYC haha.
Don't know how I ever managed without this one
Review by April / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Awesome Utility bag, just needs to be a little bigger.
I order this (and returned it) as it was a bit too small. I couldn't fit a kryptonite mini lock in it, which is unfortunate as this bag was such amazing quality with a keen sense of design. If you don't need to carry a lock in a bag this will due fine for some small tools a wallet and keys.
Review by John V / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
love the look
while I love the look of this bag there are things I feel they could have done to make this bag great.

pros: bag looks amazing, its very comfortable to ride with, the signature buckle works fantastic. plus they have lifetime guarantee. great for light cargo rides

cons: maybe this is just me but I feel the pocket is really small. the bottom of pocket doesn't expand at all. the top flap is to short if I fill the bag to the brim the flap may not reach also tools may get loose and spill out. they use strong velcro which may wear out over time(guarantee should cover) .

overall... I love the bag but feel there are things that can or could be done to make this even better(as with all things). just wish the pocket was slightly bigger or longer. if you are traveling with just the essentials this is the bag you want.

thanks again chrome another great product.

Review by marc / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Great Bag for EDC.
Love the design,clean and simple, needs to be larger in all dimensions. Would be a perfect EDC bag then. I personally dont like to add supplemental bags,pouches to the exterior, would like larger internal to store multi tool,knife,flashlight,small FA kit, et all.
Review by Leonard Heramchuk / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Velcro all wrong!
Long time Chromeo fan-multiple hrome bag owner- even got honored with the VIP treatment. I was so excited to get this bag, and I keep trying through the sell outs until I got one. But there is one thing that really blows it for me. The Velcro on the outside is the hook part, the flap, even when empty, does not cover all the outside Velcro. This means when ever I slide my bag over my shoulder it catches on my mesh jacket, or sweater, and when I have it in the back, my hair gets caught in the Velco. Simply putting the hook part of the Velcro on the flap and the loop part down the front would change everything. I also think a small zipper compartment in the back would add a security stash feature and not add too much bulk.
Review by Pollyanne / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Great For What It Is...
...and what it is is a bag not meant to hold much in the way of anything. I can fit a hard shell (PacLite), keys, memory stick and a few other little bits and bobs...and that's it. This is a beautifully made bag with a great look, but don't buy it thinking you'll be packing terribly much in it. 4 stars for the quality...1 off wishing it was just a little bigger.
Review by Constantine / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Great Bag
I love this thing. It's perfect for nights when I don't need the capacity of my Chrome Citizen. Just enough room for my smart phone, e-reader and u-lock, heading out to the coffee shop.

If it were any bigger, it would be too cumbersome. It's perfect just the way it is. If you need more room, pick up a Mini-Metro.
Review by Matthew Carter / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Great utility bag. Functional! Smart bag for just the essentials. Made In USA, quality & craftsmanship...quite evident. (my 3rd Chrome bag)
Review by G. / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Victor Bag .... high speed low drag !
Holds all my first line gear: new tube, pump, patch kit, small tool kit, weed, pipe, smart phone flashlight & side arm. perfect for rambling evening excursions where I can hold everything securely and feel like I'm not wearing any pack at all. Highly recommended piece of kit!
Review by Comrade Commander Salamander / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
This is my no compromise bag. I loves it.
I've always needed a saddlebag for carrying my spare tubes,tire patch kit, utility knife, pump, tire boots, wrenches, wallet, phone ect.. The 3M strip is not only great for night riding, but it makes a great place to attach an additional rear light.

The problem with saddle bags is when you leave the bike parked a bar or on campus things have a tendency to walk (or ride) away. Enter the Victor. Problem solved.

Riding through down-town Austin and around campus makes carrying a lot of this necessary without needing the additional overhead of my messenger bag.

I was hesitant about it until I got it loaded up and took it out. Stranded no more.
Review by Max / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Great bag
Build quality is top notch.
I am a little surprised with some of the comments saying it is too small; I actually think it's a little too big to be a minimalist bag, but still pretty sweet.
If Chrome makes a smaller one I'll buy it too!
Review by Dave / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Great diaper bag!
I originally got this for short jaunts where i just needed to carry a u-lock and some minor necessities. It has become my go to diaper bag though. It carries 3 diapers, a snack, wipes, a changing mat, hand disinfectant, and a water bottle on a s-clip. Most diaper bags are huge, bulky, and don't look like they are made for guys. This one is perfect though.
Review by [email protected] / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Awesome little bag!
I cycle daily and wanted something that would allow me to carry my LTE equipped iPad mini, a cell phone, and my wallet. After trying many different messenger bags, none fit the bill or even came close.. Until I tried the Victor bag that is!

This bag is high quality and is very well made! The iPad mini fits in the main compartment just fine and fits snugly and securely. I put my cell phone and a small wallet in the smaller pouch.

The daisy chain loops and the reflective strips are a great addition for cyclists!

If you are searching for a well made, high quality bag that is made for cycling then look no further, this IS the bag you want!
Review by Raqball / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Where do you put your lock??
can Chrome do a release of this bag with the ulock slot from the cardiel shank??? that would perfect the bag and I would most certainly buy one for my summer bag of perfection. as it stands I wonder just what I'm supposed to do with my lock when riding a gazillion miles an hour through the park, racing with all of the other young turks. just a thought, and I'll honestly probably buy one anyway, I love my Chrome Citizen Night and I'm sure I'll feel similarly about the Victor.
Review by E-Roc Anonymous / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Thumbs up from the "other" gender
I've tried a lot of messenger bags--all of them very briefly because I have breasts. Frankly, most messenger bags suck for women. This one is great.

I'm not saying this bag "for gals" because the guys seem to love it too, but here is what I particularly like. The strap sits very comfortably across one shoulder and through the other armpit, on the clavicle, well above the places on me that straps and bags should not sit, strap, tie, clip or anything else . The strap is attached at an angle that makes the bag itself stay stably in the middle of your back. It really does not move about, but you can also easily rotate it around front to get at whatever you need.

The size is small but intelligent. I keep a day planner, check book size wallet, small flashlight and change purse in the main compartment. A smart phone will fit in the second pouch, but not a smart phone with much of a cover. I keep pens and glasses there. The reflective straps are okay for fixing a U lock--a little tight for my Abus, but that is thinner than some. It works.

I'd like to see more bags on this vein, (colors?) maybe one an inch or two bigger in all dimensions, but still designed to sit without extra straps that just do not work for us in the 51%

Thanks Chrome!
Review by Forbzilla / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
perfect for city riders.
I have a single axiom pannier that I use when I'm.going grocery shopping or the beach or.what have you. I still use a purse to.carry my personal effects tho..and was tired of always adjusting it further onto My back when it slipped.
This solves everything!!!!! Fits my plethora or keys, moustache wallet,lights, gloves, and ulock easy. The reflective straps are a must for nite and if u have a kryp mini it slides ignore them.perfectly.

Love this.bag.as my first chrome bag...and being that.it shares a name with my dad is a bigggggg plus :)
Review by kristina "the chubby cruiser" / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Too small and not good quality
I ordered this bag and waited patiently for it and was very disappointed. I also got the free trucker hat and it was shipped in a bag so it was crushed and bent up. The bag was way too small to be used. I also tried the ynot bandicoot and found that to be a bit small. This bag at least laid properly against my back but the quality of it was too cheap for chrome bags so I returned it and lost $ for return shipping. Guess ill keep looking.
Review by Lauren / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
[email protected]
This is a great bag. I have used it every day since I got it. It's perfect to hold wallet, keys, and small sundries for my commute to work and everyday adventures. It's also well made and I expect it will last many years of use. I also plan on using it for my motorcycle trips. Great product!!!!
Review by Reese Fay / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Great alternative to the messenger and hipsack
The Victor is a great alternative to the citizen bags when you only need the essentials for a light fast ride. I keep my CO2 cartridges, pump, tools, levers, tube, and patch kit in it. It's also a great alternative to the hipsacks as well, for those of you who don't fancy them. The best part about the Victor is that it can be used off the bike as well. I like to wear it when I'm on activities that'll take all day.

I initially thought about adding a stability strap, but then I realized that it would impede the way the bag was originally intended to function. It's nice to be able to slide the bag around over your shoulder or under your arm to get what you need on the fly.

My only gripe against the Victor, although it's not really a valid one, is that it didn't come with a black buckle like you see on the Night version of the messenger bags. If I could change that, I'd be 110% happy with this bag.
Review by Ernie.L / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Great bag, after...
I love this bag. The look, the function, the way it makes my friends envious, but I have to agree that it was too small for my basic needs. So I had it altered!

A friend of mine who is a magician with a sewing machine added a gusset to both pockets, and I added the accessory pocket that Chrome makes to complete what I need. Now I can easily carry my travel mug and a novel - my standard kit when I'm out on my motorcycle and don't need "luggage".

I like some of the suggestions left here; more buckles - less velcro, zippered security pocket, expandable bottom. (I tried to contact Chrome to see about purchasing a piece of fabric for the alteration, but to no avail). I know the "fix" I did probably voids any type of warranty, but if you've used Chrome bags at all you know they're pretty bullet proof anyway. Consider doing this if size is your only/main issue with this item.

If a second generation of this bag is ever released I'm all over it, but for now it's still a great part of my line-up.
Review by Seven Rogers / (Posted on 4/26/2013)