Cardiel Fortnight

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Cardiel Fortnight

Water-resistant travel backpack with zip-around opening and compression flap. Good for a week on the road with or without the bike. Made in USA. Guaranteed for life.


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Product Details

The Fortnight is a versatile travel pack with enough capacity to go for a week (two if you're John Cardiel). It provides the volume and internal organization of a wheelie and the mobility of a backpack. The Fortnight is low profile for enhanced visibility when riding. It has external pockets for travel documents and a compression flap for hauling a sleeping roll or jacket. It's part of the Cardiel Travel Series, a three-bag travel system designed in collaboration with skateboard legend and track bike savant, John Cardiel. Made for John’s simple, resourceful, creative, and self-sufficient travel style, the three-bag system can be used in tandem or on its own — answering to every need from a two-hour ride to a two-week trip.


• Ergonomic shoulder-strap design with EVA foam back panel for improved fit and breathability
• Sternum strap for load distribution
• Industrial-metal cam lock, underarm-compression buckles



13” wide, 20.5” high, 7” deep


40 L


3.8 lb


• Low-profile design improves visibility for increased rideability
• Large zip-around opening for easy access to cargo
• Compression flap with commercial-grade straps accommodates a range of loads
• Zippered external flap pocket for travel documents
• Large external pocket fits the Cardiel Shank (sold separately)
• Reinforced, internal mesh-pockets with Velcro closures and integrated key loop
• Industrial-strength Velcro, accessory shoulder-mounting straps
• Exclusive Cardiel Patch


• Weatherproof, 1050-denier CORDURA® Brand outer shell
• 1680 Ballistics bottom panels for enhanced durability
• Weatherproof, military-grade, 18-oz. truck-tarpaulin liner
• Nylon 69 thread and waterproof, urethane YKK zippers
• Made in USA

Some of our favorite reviews

  • Best Quality Backpack I Have Ever Purchased
    11/19/13 by Randolf
    It is always a good thing when your customers do the marketing for your company. The reason I say this is that I have become an advocate for any chrome bags too anyone in need of a bag after my first Chrome bag. I have been thoroughly pleased with the quality of bags/backpacks that I have purchased through Chrome Industries for 3 years now and the Cardiel Fortnight is perfect for my needs in every aspect. When I spent time in the military for 8 years I had used many different types of bags and or rucksacks over the course of those years including one war. I previously believed that the military bags supplied to me were far superior to any bag that was on the market until I met the Cardiel Fortnight. The Fortnight feels like it is made of the same materials that my military bags were made of although the workmanship, seams, sewing and straps seem to be far better quality. I also own the Yalta which I had purchased first and still have. The Yalta survived an accidental fire in the back of my pickup truck without having a hole burned through it, only melting. It is a great bag as well but it is too large for what I typically would use it for on a daily basis but I am sold on how durable and rugged both of these bags are now.. The Cardiel is the perfect size and weight for my needs. I have used this bag extensively over the period of a year (daily). I open the zippers multiple times daily and typically carry around a laptop a few large text books and an iPad in the front compartment. I recently had to return the bag because the zipper would get stuck and eventually separated slightly from the material but I was mailed a new bag immediately by Chrome and the people working for Chrome were extremely easy to work with. The zipper held up far longer than any bag that I have purchased before. The lifetime warranty is what sold me on their bags in the first place, and I now know that Chrome fully stands by their product and i could not be more pleased with their service. The zipper issue was minimal and the rest of the bag has held up extremely well, having no rips, tears or fraying after heavy use. I would not be able to say the same thing about the numerous other backpacks I have purchased over the years such as the Nike Sb's, JanSports, or North Face Bags. So all in all this is the best bag workmanship that I have ever seen including those made by the US Military. Furthermore, I really like the liner inside that keeps items cool such as what lines the Yalta, the other bag that I own. I will put my cooled energy drink in the liner and it will stay cool for half the day sometimes.
  • Solid Travel Bag with Tons of Room
    10/21/13 by Sam A
    I was doubtful to go back to Chrome after using lots of M.Workshop for the last few years. After lots of research I picked this bag for a 2 different 4 day trips and was able to carry tons of clothes shoes laptop wires food booze jacket all I needed and it performed like a champ. Rugged and comfy and looks great. This is now my go to travel bag for all my trips where I need to walk everywhere with stuff on my back. 5 Stars!
  • Close to perfect - rounding up the stars
    8/27/13 by Danny
    Retired my five-year-old Pawn after this beauty came in the mail. How very nice to be able to look over my shoulder and not have the roll in my face! How awesome to be able to open the bag and intelligently pack all of my gear, instead of using my old bag-boy skills to attempt to pack the Pawn (which barely held an overnight's load of stuff, let alone two weeks) True, I can't use the Fortnight as a beer cooler, and I'd probably not feel hugely comfortable throwing it over the side of a boat and swimming with it to shore. But come on. I'm old. I can count the number of times I've had to do either those two things on one hand. I don't need a bag to do some model-shoot type nonsense - I just need a solid bag to cart my crap around.
    And this is solid. A superior design - truck liner, waterproof zippers - compare this to a similarly sized Goruck. Besides being twice as expensive, the Goruck only has Cordura to protect your goodies. Cordura is a fine fabric, but it is not weatherproof. I'd barely call it weather resistant. I've been caught in two heavy downpours with the Cardiel, and both times everything inside was as dry as if it had been in the main compartment of my Pawn - that is to say, dry.
    This bag sits better on my back than any backpack I've used before. I guess YMWV, depending on your body type. I'm a short dude with wide shoulders, if that helps you in making up your mind.

    The one (maybe two) downside - the zippers. Chrome, what were you folks thinking with using those dinky little cords with the zipper? They're about half the width of gutted paracord, and both pulled out of the zipper the first time I used them (don't care about the stiffness of the zipper - that lets me know everything inside is safe and cozy). I snipped all of stock pulls off and replaced with some blood-red, non-gutted paracord. Now we're snazzy, and those pulls aren't coming out of the zippers. Also, a strip of cordura on the outer flap for a blinkie would've been appreciated, but I can see reasons why you'd want to keep the outside nice and simple. In any case, any tailor would be able to add a strip for you for a couple bucks.

    The Cardiel is the reason why I've stuck with Chrome over the years - you folks finally gave me my perfect bag. Even with the additional cost of maybe $0.14 to replace those ridiculous pulls, this bag is a real value. Better made than 95% of the junk out there, and at a better price to boot. I'd say buy this, but in a neighborhood filled with Citizens, Pawns, Ivans, etc. I'd rather be the only one with a Cardiel.
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