Standard Issue Army Belt

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Standard Issue Army Belt


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Chrome Standard Issue Army Belts take the standard belt and elevate it to a funtional piece of kit with durability to match.


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Product Details

Standard issue, highly functional and ready for whatever. We made our Standard Issue Army belt to serve and protect. Make an impromptu tourniquet, whip your friends, or just keep your pants from falling down and embarrassing you. The natural cotton webbing on our Standard Issue Army Belt provides a natural fit and high-test functionality.


• Adjustable-length belt can be cut to any size



50” wide, 1.5” high


0.5 lb


• Custom buckle with embossed Chrome logo
• Standard cotton webbing for lasting durability
• Cut for customizable belt length


• Built in: Guangzhou, China

Some of our favorite reviews

  • It holds up your pants!
    4/26/13 by Jason
    Great belt, I mean there isn't a whole lot a belt can do, it looks awesome, feels bulletproof, and will give me seasons of pants-keeping-up.
  • I don't know, Jason...
    4/26/13 by Leandra
    I put on this belt and my pants dropped to the floor. I couldn't figure out what was wrong. Then I realized I forgot to buckle the belt. Maybe there should be a flashing light that doesn't stop until it's buckled properly, you know, just to make it idiot proof.

    In all honesty, it holds up pants well, and has put up with me abusing it (think having 10 lbs of stuff hanging off of it constantly) for the past 5-6 months. I like it.
  • Belt
    4/26/13 by Sarkhan
    Best belt I ever had, I had to cut it down a bit to fit me, I took Off the metal end and cut to fit then put the metal piece back on and it fits great. Glad I bought it, I wanted it when it first came out but didn't want to spend the money but I am very glad I did. Fits Great and holds my pants up well. Hold my Chrome key chain as well. I recommend this belt to males and females. Looks vintage.
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