John Cardiel


    T19 X CHROME

    Limited Edition collaboration with famed Japanese skate/fixed brand T19 and skate legend turned track bike savant John Cardiel.

    We partnered with Japanese skate/fixed crew T19 to create a limited edition ORP, our lightweight rolltop daypack designed with skate legend and track bike savant John Cardiel. T19 was one of the initial startup skate companies in Tokyo and has been shaping the skate culture in Japan for over thirty years. They've worked with Stussy, New Era, and Fragment. We're stoked to work with them.

    T19 was founded in 1984 by five street skaters in the Shibuya and Harajuku area. T19 also helped spark the original track bike movement in Tokyo. A decade after the formation of the team, the brand T19 Skateboards was born. During the track bike show hosted by Subcrew (HK) in Beijing in 2010, the T19 team got to know John Cardiel through NYC’s John Igei. A year later, T19 and John Cardiel came together again during the FTC/Chrome Japan Tour and the idea emerged to make a T19 x Cardiel bag.

    The T19 ORP features T19's signature blue and a custom T19 patch designed by pro skater and graffiti artist Hirotaka Sasao, 笹尾弘貴 a.k.a. “ CHAKA." The Operation Readiness Pack (ORP) is lightweight and water-resistant and can be used as a daypack or rolled up and stowed in another bag for travel ease.

    Limited quanitties for the T19 ORP now available.

    Shot/ Edited: TAKEIGOODMAN

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  • Cardiel's Story

    John Cardiel is a destroyer. Has been since he was a runny-nosed kid on a BMX bike in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas…was when he was awarded Thrasher Magazine’s Skater of the Year in 1992...and is still today on a track bike and all other mediums he chooses. A destroyer with an ear to ear grin. Never boastful or big-headed, Cardiel has allowed his actions to define who he is for over three decades. Hands down, John Cardiel is one of the biggest legends in the history of skateboarding. Continue reading

  • Familia Matters.

    Our man Card's flew out to NY last summer to "Link Up" (no pun intended) with the rest of the Familia. He wanted to get the entire fam together and, collaboratively the team came up with this short:

    Shot/ Edited: Rick Charnoski, Produced by: Six Stair

    It all started as an idea brewed up by Cardiel. Our Familia is pretty spread out across the U.S. so getting everyone in the same spot at the same time is awesome. The Familia members carry a great sense of camaraderie with each other so it's rad to see what they can collectively come up with.

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