Chrome Industries

  • Meet the Maker: Chrome NYC's Bag Maker, Thomas Ando-Hart


    Name: Thomas Ando-Hart
    Birthplace: NYC
    Bikes: 1972 Peugeot PX-10
    '70s Peugeot UO-8
    'The kinda broken bike assembled out of broken bikes' bike.

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  • Forged Rubber: The Mobile Factory Tour

    forgedsf Photographed by Jason Rosette

    We're about to tell you a story about a machine. His name is DESMA and he makes Chrome's Forged Rubber Sneakers. DESMA is an old pro at making shoes. Seventy years ago, he was cranking out army boots during WWII but after the war, he just sat with 85 of his fellow machines rusting away in a basement in Slovakia. One day, he got the call that Chrome Industries wanted him and his pals to build Forged Rubber Sneakers by forging rubber soles directly onto durable canvas uppers, one at a time, by hand, the same way they made army boots 70 years ago. While his pals went to work in Thailand, DESMA oiled his pivots, slapped on some paint, and hopped the first flight to San Francisco, where he and our Chrome Crew geared up to take this one-machine Forged Rubber Factory on tour.

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  • Oregon Manifest Bike Design Project


    This year, instead of the Oregon Manifest just being in sunny Portland OR, it spread it's proverbial wings and created The Bike Design Project. 5 cities. 5 teams. 5 bikes. 1 universal party to reveal each team's bike of tomorrow TODAY. Those 5 cities were San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, Portland, and Seattle... and we just happen to have hubs in all those cities. Boom. Party time.

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  • Chrome Seattle HUB Grand Opening Party


     Photography by David Frost

    Here at Chrome we're making moves. Bob Seger wrote a song about it, it's called "NightMoves" – it's probably best to listen to this song as you read this. >> Except instead of a song about teenagers discovering their sexuality in the woods, Chrome is discovering a new home in America. Enter, our sixth HUB: Chrome Seattle. On a summer night, on a sweet summer night we welcomed friends both old and new, to break in Chrome Seattle like we have all HUBs before it. We threw a party. A pinball party.

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  • Meet the Artist: NOA-

    The NOA- Yalta is the newest addition to our Artist Series, and features the original artwork of Japanese, live-paint artist, NOA-. NOA- is as humble as he is talented. Typically using acrylic paint on canvas or wood, he's known for painting with a style that emulates Japanese line-making.

    We joined NOA- in an Oakland warehouse where he painted a piece specifically for Chrome. The piece was inspired by the phrase "Kuro Mu" which sounds like Chrome and means Black Fog. We used the print to create our New Limited Edition NOA- Yalta.

    Artist Series: NOA- Yalta from Chrome Industries on Vimeo.

  • Guest Post: Squid Talks CMWC, Mexico City

    I was lucky enough to take part in the 22nd Annual Cycle Messenger World Championships this past weekend in Mexico City, Mexico!

    Main Race Final Main Race Final
    Hundreds of cycle couriers from around the world gathered for this most epic event. I want to say a Big Thank You to the CMWC Mexico team and all the wonderful people who volunteered and worked so hard to pull it off!I got in on the same flight with four other NY’ers on Thursday afternoon. Proud to say our city rolled deep with 15 total!

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  • Red Bull Ride N Style 2014


    Ride N Style Photographed by Bobby Sanchez

    Anytime we get to be a part of people getting rad on their bikes it's a win in our book. So, when our pals at Red Bull asked us if we would, once again, join them for their annual Fixed Gear Free Style event, we answered  "Hell yes we will!" Hell yes we'll host registration at our new Mission Hub>>. Hell yes we'll park Vanna Black (the Chrome Van) at Red Bull Ride n Style and party down. Hell yes we'll eat those burritos. Where's the hot sauce? We were so there.

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  • Chrome Mission HUB Grand Opening Party


    Party photographs by Rasta Dave

    Five is the number that symbolizes harmony and balance. It's the number of seconds that can pass after you've dropped food on the floor and still eat it. It's the number of digits we throw in the air and slap as a celebratory hand gesture. To Coco Chanel it signified the pure embodiment of a thing, its spirit, and its mystic meaning. To Chrome the number 5 represents a key milestone, and we can't help reflect on where we started and where we're going. If the grand opening party of our Mission HUB on Valencia, our 5th Chrome HUB, was any indication of what's to come, we'd better break out some sunglasses because the future looks bright.

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  • Fix It Yourself: Spring Cleaning Edition

    Bike Maintenance

    A bicycle is more than a tool for transportation, it's an escape from the drudgery of the day-to-day. It's a reflection of one's self and often time feels like an old friend (cue Golden Girls theme song), so it only seems right that we take care of our bikes the way they take care of us. Once you've nursed your Spring Break hangover, grab a rag and some lube and get ready to go to work… on your bike. There are simple things you can do for your bike that will keep it rolling through the nice weather ahead.

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  • Chrome X Blue Lug

    Two iconic brands. Three unique bags.

    Blue_Lug_Blog_Header_Optimized東京を代表するサイクルショップBlue Lugのオーナー足利敏浩
    と東京のバイクカルチャーやBlue Lug×Chromeのコラボバック、そしてなぜ自転車とビールと女の子が大切なのか訊いた。


    CHROME: Blue Lugの運営方針を教えて

    TOSHI: 東京の自転車コミュニティーをサポートすることですね。やっぱり、みんなにより良い自転車生活を送って欲しいので

    CHROME: Blue Lugのユニークな点ってどこだろう?

    TOSHI: ちょっと大げさな言い方かもしれないですけど、Blue Lugのスタッフは大きなファミリーみたいな感じですね。今働いているスタッフのほとんどは、ローカルのメッセンジャーだったりチャリ好きの兄ちゃんたちだったりもともとお客さんだったんです。彼らはシーンに全てを捧げてるし、自転車が好きでたまらない連中ですね。

    CHROME: 東京のバイクカルチャーってどう?

    TOSHI: 東京で生活する上で自転車は長い間重要なものとされてきたと思います。でもここ最近、人々が乗る自転車のチョイスが変わって来ましたね。数年前までは、他の都市と同じでトラックバイクがすごく人気があった。爆発的なピストブームがBlue Lugみたいにユニークな自転車を揃える店に需要をもたらしたんです。東京ではトラックバイクの人気は衰えなていないし、特殊な自転車が流入することで世界的な自転車カルチャーに対するローカルのシーンに認知度が増えたのかなと。今だと東京の人々はファットバイクやシクロクロス、マウンテンンバイクまで乗るようになりました。常に新しくてユニークなことに対して東京の人はオープンだと思いますね。

    CHROME: 東京で好きなライディングスポットは?

    TOSHI: 自分にとってのお気に入りは夜明け前の新宿を走ることですね。日中はとても人が多くで走れないけど、夜明け前だと一人で走ることができるんです。静かだし、夜風も気持ちいい。人を気にしないでスピードを出せるし、なんとも言えない感覚に浸れるんですよね。その感覚に勝るものはないなあって思います。東京に来たら是非試してほしいですね。

    CHROME: Chromeとのコラボはどうやって実現したの?

    TOSHI: Chromeのプロダクトは好きだったし、ずっと店に置いていたんです。自分たちでもバックを作り始めて、Chromeの作りやデザイン良さに改めて気づいたんです。Chromeのバックはスタイリッシュだけど、機能性もバッチリだし、バックを作ってるメーカーとして見習うべきものだと。そういうのもあってChromeにオファーをしたら、OKの返事をもらえました。

    CHROME: 今回のコラボアイテムの主なアイデアやインスピレーションを教えて。

    TOSHI: デザインに関してはザックりしたテーマがいくつかありました。まずBlue Lugのテーマーカラーでもあるブルーのスティッチを入れること。そして他のテーマは前者ほど明確ではないですが、いつもショップで人生において大切なものは「女、自転車、ビールだ」みたいな話をしてたんです。そう考えてるのは僕たちだけじゃなくて、心の底ではみんなもそう思ってるだろうって。ちょっと恥ずかしかいのもあったんので、底についた文字は全部鏡文字にして女、自転車、ビールに対する愛を表現してみました。

    Blue Lugとのコラボコレクションはすべてアメリカ製で、Sentinel、Sotnik,、Victorという三型をラインナップ。今回のアイテムはBlue Lug限定だか、米国では小さなバッチを用意したのでChromeのHUBで購入が可能だ。


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