Wrenched Nation Tour | Twelfth Stop: San Francisco

"What a long strange trip it's been" -Grateful Dead

hqzIs that cliche? Starting off my San Francisco write up with a Grateful Dead quote? Listen, I'm not a hippie or anything, but my trip has been long and it has been strange at times so I think it applies here. I was chomping at the bit to get to HQ and sit at a desk to work. I know, it sounds strange, but after being a nomad for months on the road, I was looking forward hanging with my Chromies and have creative people to distract while they are trying to work. Yes, I was sent to sit in the hallway a lot when I was in school for disrupting the class. I can't keep all these hilarious thoughts to myself... it's just not fair to the rest of the world. When Palmer and I rolled up we found the office waiting with hi5s ready, locked and loaded. Seriously, everyone was just standing there with their hands in the air. I wonder how long they were like that... While I was getting situated at my temp desk, Palmer was busy making everyone in the office fall in love with her. It's those eyes..... and the ears. I admire how she just makes herself at home where ever she is, whether it be in an office or at a place where I am getting an oil change and she lays down in a pile of greasy dirt, she is stone cold chillin'. I later found out that the following day HQ was closing the shop early and everyone was throwing me a welcome home party in a park. Which one, I'm not sure, but it was a park alright. I gotta admit it made me feel pretty special seeing as how that's something we do very rarely.


Everyone was riding out to, where it was I don't know. Truth be told, I am terrible with directions and places..... and knowing where the hell I am. I've learned to just go with it, so don't expect to many specifics on the location. All I can tell you is the road up to our spot was the most narrow and winding road I've been on with good ol' Chrome One. I was half expecting to either fall off a cliff or get in a head on collision with the on coming traffic, but like so many times in my life, I cheated death and made it to the party. I set up the tunes and the deck so we could party properly and party we did. Our fearless leader, Steve, wanted to see the world through my eyes so he put on my specs and instantly felt drunk because I am pretty blind. See him up there? I'm pretty sure I look better in them, but he gives me a run for my money. The whole gang was getting down to the sweet funk jams and soon enough Ben was getting sweet air, Jason was digging in the mud, Kenny was pouting, Darius was making sure none of us starve and a random shirtless dude stopped by to show us how much he's been working on his fitness this summer. Lookin' good, dude. Yup, it was a great way to be welcomed back to the west coast.


The following day Kenny Arimoto (you know who he is) and I hustled down Market St pushing a skateboard loaded with 5 cases of beer and 4 bags of ice on our way to Huckleberry Bicycles. The folks there were kind enough to let us get old messengers drunk and tell their tales for the Urban Cycling Hall of Fame Collection Session. Those boys at Huckleberry sure know how to have a good time. They have mini basket ball hoop and a turntable where they jam out some classic vinyl. Two things that will win me over any day. Once the baby started pounding PBRs, I knew I was among friends. I kid.... he didn't pound them.... he drank them at a very moderate rate.

My trip to San Francisco was short and sweet, mainly because I was coming right back. Next, I was headed to LA for the final Wolfpack race in the Unified Title Series. Hot damn!