Wrenched Nation Tour | Third Stop: Madison

stop 3

Get ready to listen to me tell you how much I love Wisconsin. Are you ready for it? Here we go.... I love Wisconsin. We left Minneapolis and headed to Revolution Cycles in Madison, where a group of fellow cyclists were patiently waiting for our arrival. Some with their tops off.

The plan was to crack a few cold ones at Revolution and then head out with with the group to ride around Madison. As you can guess, Chrome One gets pretty freaking hot seeing as how it's a giant black RV and that day it was cooking outside. I wanted to go ride with all of them, but I didn't want to leave Palmer in the RV where she'd probably stroke out. Not a pretty sight as you can tell by the pictures on strokingoutinhotblackrvs.com..... I made that up, but I am 100% certain that it's not awesome. That I know for sure. A guy by the name of Steve had a Big Dummy with an Xtracycle kit and side car so we threw Palmer's bed on the side car, me on the back, and headed down a dirt path to Lake Mendota.

These guys have the right idea, for sure. Palmer LOVED blazing down the trail. We were going fast enough that her ears were floating in the air. Tail wagging the whole time. After the sunset and some laughs we headed back into town to hit up a bar called One Barrel. The owner, Peter, is really into cycling so if you ride in your first drink is a dollar.

They served beer and wine, but the bartender pulled out his own personal stash of Bullit Rye and poured us shots which led to some good ol' fashioned arm wrestling.

I was feeling friendly so I shared my arm wrestling secret with them. With this move you can beat someone stronger than you. Maybe if we, you the reader and me.... well...uh... me, meet, I will show it to you, but you gotta work up to that. I don't just give that away or else I'd never win.  Jeff, the owner of Revolution, was also feeling friendly and gave me a print from a poster show he and Earl host at the shop. Now, I just gotta keep it in one piece until I get home. I love giving myself very obtainable goals.

After we left the bar we headed to Jeff's for some sweet patio burrito action. He lives right above his shop and was kind enough to let us park Chrome One in the parking lot in back so it wasn't a long journey to sleep.

Since we ripped out the bathroom for keg and bike storage, it was crucial to make sure to be parked next to a bathroom. Jeff, being the awesome guy he is, gave us a key to the shop so we could use his. What a guy! Meanwhile, every time I went in to use the bathroom I felt like the weirdo that was camping in a parking lot, because I was essentially just that.

We walked around for a bit and took pictures of Palmer in various places because I'm that kind of dog owner and we found a place called the Weary Traveler. It was wicked hot outside and I have no clue why the hell I ordered chili, but there I was making food decisions that didn't work with the weather. It was delicious none the less. We headed back to the RV to say our goodbyes to the folks at Revolution, but before we took off I had to buy a shirt at the Ohio Tavern. They share the parking lot with the bike shop and I was watching their clientele hang out in the back and smoke butts the couple of days we were there and I had to take something back to remember them by. The shirt sums it up....

When you read it you may notice it's the wrong your. As the shirts reads it says, "Drink like you are daddy taught you. Shake what you are momma gave you" and that's what makes it great. Thank you Madison. I had a blast!