Chrome One Modifications


#ChromeOne was intended to be a party machine. Sure, it can sleep 6-12, depending on how comfortable you want to be, but no one ever "remembered when" about a good night of sleep. Up until this point we just painted it to make it look Chrome Industries, but for it to REALLY be ours we needed to make it party ready. To do that, we called Van Specialties for some help. I knew these were the guys for us when I saw their logo.... it's a van doing a burnout and the smoke spelling "Van Specialties" in a sweet 70's font. These guys have been in the fab business for forty years and for a good reason... because they rule. Let me show you....

This is the deck I was telling you about earlier. Picture it (Sicily 1912)  roller sprints... DJs...... me being awesome, all up there. You can be up there too as we can squeeze at least 5 people up top. When I picked up Chrome One from Van Specialties... well, I was, how James Brown would say "high on life" except I was really talking about life and he was talking about PCP. Regardless, I was stoked. I pulled it in front of my house to pack my things to get ready to start the tour the next day. That night, I laid my head to rest... dreaming of throwing bike parties in cities other than my own only to wake up to this:


What a gift! Unfortunately, "Rowdy 2013" left before I was able to thank him for his generous contribution..... and by generous contribution I mean, total dick move. Instead of letting frustration get the best of me, I decided to over come adversity and remove it.

I found some biodegradable graffiti remover to take care of the spray paint on the black. Notice my "wax on, wax off" technique? I pretty much mastered it. For the griffin, well.... I had to repaint the whole thing. I found painting in the rain requires a tarp to keep the rain off of you and hair dryer to dry the paint. That's how we do it in Portland. We risk our life to paint.

No F's given about personal safety. All F's given about getting the job done... again.

After I said goodbye to "Rowdy 2013's" gift, I packed up Chrome One and got ready to rediscover America, but before I left I wanted to leave Rowdy with a gift of my own.

I was now ready to hit the road, but I guess my question is, "Are you?" Prepare your legs and liver because I am headed to a city near you and I am coming to party. Follow me on Instagram #chromeone #wrenchednationtour