Cardiel's Story

John Cardiel is a destroyer. Has been since he was a runny-nosed kid on a BMX bike in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas…was when he was awarded Thrasher Magazine’s Skater of the Year in 1992...and is still today on a track bike and all other mediums he chooses. A destroyer with an ear to ear grin. Never boastful or big-headed, Cardiel has allowed his actions to define who he is for over three decades. Hands down, John Cardiel is one of the biggest legends in the history of skateboarding.

A freak accident while in Australia in 2003 rendered John in the hospital with doctors telling him he’d never walk again. Not accepting that prognosis, he was determined to get back on his feet. Five exhaustive months of physical therapy later, he did just that. Due to nerve and spinal chord damage, John’s not able to skate like he used to, so he returned to his first love…bikes. BMX, fixed gear, mountain bike…all of the above.


Fixed gear bikes are very similar to skateboards in that they aren’t easy to ride and they’re simplistic by design. So now John takes to destroying the streets with two wheels in the same way he did with four.

John’s fearlessness, determination and never ending optimism are inspiring beyond words. We’re honored to have him as a member of the Chrome Familia and are continually humbled by all that he does.


Love By Nature…Live By Luck…Ride With Passion. All hail Cardiel!