Cardiel: Pacifica Trails


When Familia member John Cardiel is not out traveling the world, or running around on tour, he likes to get down on all the terrain the Bay Area has to offer. We got to catch up with the man himself and spent the day in the hills of Pacifica with his long-time pal and photographer Luke Ogden.

Cardiel's bag of talent runs deep. Snowboarding Pro. Skate Legend. DJ. To name a few.


MTB is no new thing either for the man. Previously, he took us and Colby Elrick of SKYLMT to Tahoe for a "test" of his new line of Chrome Bags. But we didn't head out to Pacifica spend the day on the beach, instead we planned our mission to the epicly poison oak infested trails built by the homies over at SFDirtLab.

Card's let-it-all-hang-out style is the same thing when he's on a bike. Even with no brain bucket (not recommended) he charges all the hits, drop off's, and wall rides with no flicker of hesitation. To add to mix, he rocks track toe cages on his pedals to aid with assistance for keeping his boots planted during ride.


We packed in a fair amount of gear, snacks, and beer in our Sotnik to the spot. Cardiel carried it up and kept warm in our recently released De Haro windbreaker.


But a trail ride ins't proper if you don't take any spills.


Cardiel launched off the step down with too much speed, bottomed out compressing his Cannondale Lefty, and was ejected into a sorority of poison oak.


We've said it before and we're sure you have too, Cardiel is the fucking man. Seeing him push or pedal anything is a thrill in itself. Make sure to stay posted for his mayhem.

Cardiel stays killing it.