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  • Chrome Aces

    Bicycle messengers brave the streets daily and have the scars to prove it.  Most messengers have little or no on-the-job health coverage or the financial means to make ends meet if they get injured.   Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund (BMEF) was created to assist these messengers.

    We wanted to help raise funds and awareness for the cause, so we created Chrome Aces. Chrome Aces is a deck of cards that recognizes 52 of the best messengers from 4 cities or suits. Squid in NYC, Billy in SF, Augie in Chicago, and Casy in Portland rallied the messengers and photographers who know them like Chris Diltz and Augie Montes. It was definitely a labor of love, but worth all the efforts.

    Chrome Aces Shoot

    Photo Shoot Aces

    Chrome Aces Cats

    Chrome Aces Deck

  • Wrenched online


    Click a cover, visit either Wrenched-NYC or Wrenched-SF online.

  • The 1 Moto Show 2013


    Chrome was stoked to be part of the The One Motorcycle Show in Portland, OR put on by Thor Drake and his crew at See See Motorcycles. This being the first time we partied together they didn't know how we let loose so we showed them... hard. Continue reading

  • Red Bull Mini Drome Bushwick 2013

    "Smaller, faster, harder". Never before seen in NYC, the latest Red Bull mini drome debuted this past weekend and was unlike any of the other mini dromes built by Red Bull in the past. Steeper and more compact, this mini drome challenged NYC racers and a few out-of-towners with power and handling skills. Built in a church on Bushwick avenue in Bushwick was the perfect place to host this the event.
    100 riders took to the drome for a total of 10 laps, the 32 riders with fastest times went on to the main event where 2 riders would compete in a cat and mouse race around the drop for another 10 laps. Our own crew tested their metal ...
    From the 32 riders 16 winners went on to compete against one another, then 8, then 4, and then finally 2. The 2 riders Addison Zambawa and Toms Alsbergs went head to head until Addison was able to catch up a few inches from Toms.
    The Event itself was awesome, it was great seeing all the same friends you see out riding in the streets having fun in this crazy race. After the event local group NinjaSonik performed as the night winded down and everyone rode home.


  • Cardiel's Story

    John Cardiel is a destroyer. Has been since he was a runny-nosed kid on a BMX bike in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas…was when he was awarded Thrasher Magazine’s Skater of the Year in 1992...and is still today on a track bike and all other mediums he chooses. A destroyer with an ear to ear grin. Never boastful or big-headed, Cardiel has allowed his actions to define who he is for over three decades. Hands down, John Cardiel is one of the biggest legends in the history of skateboarding. Continue reading

  • Q&A With Massan



    Our Crew in Japan was interested in learning more about Chrome Familia member Massan Fluker. So they asked him some questions: Continue reading

  • Predicting Thousands: The Wolfpack Hustle LA Marathon Crash Race

    Wolfpack Hustle LA Winner

    One of the most epic street races in the country, the Wolfpack Hustle LA Marathon Crash Race went off this weekend. The 4:00 am race follows the LA Marathon course and is part of the three race Unified Title Series presented by Chrome Industries and Redbull.Over 2500 riders from all over the country showed up and were not disappointed. Winners received the new 2013 Coveted Jersey and Wolfpack Hustle dog tags. The Chrome Crew made the trip down from SF with our Van and newly acquired 1976 GMC motorhome. All finished safely near the front of the pack. Continue reading

  • Monster Track 14 NYC

    Ask any professional messenger and they'll tell you that the Monstertrack Alleycat race is the grand daddy of all Alleycats. It was started by New York City bike messenger, "Snake", in 2000, and to this day it remains one of the few races that is held specifically for brakeless, fixed gear bicycles. It's currently organized by Carlos "Diablo" and Victor "Freeway" work as bike messengers, race organizers, and alleycat racers. The two made the alleycat scene in New York more popular by extensively using the internet to spread the word about bike racing in New York and now Monstertrack is billed as the second largest alleycat in the nation, attracting racers from all over the US, Europe and Japan.


    Monster Track 14 did not disappoint. This breakless fixed gear death dash through the city was held during some of the worst conditions ever with freezing rain and cold temperatures. The unforgiving weather took a toll on most riders who dropped out before the race was completed. Only 8 of the 190+ riders finished all 4 manifests, including the returning veterans. Austin Horse finished in first place followed by Alfred Bobe Jr. in second and Crihs Thorman in third. Big ups to Chas from SF killing it as well. This race is a true testament to real riders killing it in the streets.


    Check out the promotional video here, the race however was much more gnar. The weather came in harsh with rain, wind, and snow... That didn't slow them down!


    Monster Track NYC Promo 2013 from DiabloNYC on Vimeo.

  • Custom Bags


  • 415 Work Boot Debuts


    Built with the stability and protection of a work boot and the mobility and comfort of a sneaker, the 415 Urban Work Boot is perfect for work, bike, skate, and moto. Chrome's designers saw the need for a boot that was lightweight and brilliantly utilitarian (not heavy and clunky), and the 415 line delivers, whether you're on your feet all day or always on the run. The 415 (the area code of Chrome's San Francisco HQ) is designed for superior out-of-the box comfort and year-round survival in the city.

    Built to last and offered in both waterproof-breathable STORM fabric and 1,000-Denier Cordura, the 415 features 100% vulcanized construction with a skid-resistant sole, a tight heel cup, and a slightly wider toe box for a better fit—and pain-free pedaling when you're on the bike. Other design highlights include a padded ankle collar, a reflective heel pull-loop for night visibility, and a low-profile design for great looks and easy toe-cage compatibility.

    The STORM 415 combines Chrome's waterproof-breathable STORM technology with oiled full-grain leather, which weathers and distresses well over time while providing abrasion resistance and defense against the elements. Constructed with a breathable neoprene membrane that lets heat out while preventing water from getting in, the STORM 415 is a truly innovative work boot that outperforms any other in its class. With a comfortable, flexible, athletic fit, the STORM 415 is made to be worn all day, every day.

    Like all Chrome footwear and apparel, the 415 Work Boot comes with a 365-day warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

    RETAIL AVAILABILITY: 3/5/13 in Chrome HUBS in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and Portland—and online at

    Cordura 415 Urban Work Boot: $120
    STORM 415 Urban Work Boot: $150

    Chrome Industries makes bombproof bags, footwear, and apparel for people who live in and ride the city. Since 1995.

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