Monthly Archives: December 2012

  • Ingress is no longer a game


    For as yet unknown reasons Niantic Labs is providing identifying patches for both the Resistance and Enlightened factions to Chrome HUBs in San Francisco, New York City, Chicago and Portland. These New faction symbols raise the conflict of ideals between the competing movements to another level. The scale is global, and Ingress is clearly no longer a game... and what’s Niantic Lab’s role in all this... just whose side are they on anyway? If you know, please tell us.

    Drop by one of our stores to buy your patch and we'll sew it on your bag for free.

  • Berlin Pop Up Goes OFF

    From December 10th 2012 to January 10th 2012, we opened up a pop up shop in Berlin, Germany.  The shop showcased Project Messenger, a portrait gallery using photography by Daniel Sharp at the 2012 CMWC Presented by Chrome, custom artist tees, as well as a collection of our bombproof footwear, bags and apparel.

    Berlin inspires us. This city understands urban bike as utility. We’ve been distributing our gear in Berlin for over 15 years and it's perspective continues to shape our philosophy. This pop up was as much a retail space as an opportunity to learn and engage with the local community.

    Project Messenger features portraits shot by Daniel Sharp CWMC12 in Chrome’s Chicago HUB. CMWC and Berlin have a special bond. The very first CMWC was held in Berlin 20 years ago finishing a few short kilometers from the Pop Up shop on the Iconic Brandenburg Gate.

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