The Man Behind the Madness: Ed “Wonka” LaForte


There is only so much we can say about Ed “Wonka” LaForte that hasn’t already has proven. This kid is a beast, but not just a beast in regards to his recent and current history plus expansion of Fixed Freestyle but as a beast in the game of life.

cards and ed

Currently posted in Brooklyn, Wonka lives with a desire to do only what feels fitting to him--- a desire admired by others but few who actually strive to achieve a life in that state of mind. What Wonka radiates with is passion, pure fucking passion.

hanger ed

When we first developed our Chrome Familia, John Cardiel had his eyes on Wonka. He mimicked a similar attitude of “think as you go,” and simply not giving a fuck. His innovation to the sport of Fixed Freestyle was un-prevalent at the time and it is truly unique. Without hesitation, we knew Wonka represented the D.I.Y. attitude Chrome owns.

bloddy ed

We can go into depth of his career accomplishments and victories but that would consume this entire blog. You can go Google his name and watch the slew of videos he has out in the viral world. But one thing you may not know is that Wonka is a very complex man. His brain doesn’t function on only one plane. He goes hard on multiple levels.

ed arms

You may agree or disagree on the aspect of Urban Art, but the bullshit aside, this guy is rooted in his upbringing, whose scars are slapped, sprayed, and carved into the world. Wonka’s artistry is just like his vision of a riding a fixed gear, very different from the masses. The creatures that come alive through the lens he views the world in stands-alone on it’s own plateau.

In the past decade, Wonka has fought back from a near fatal accident of being hit by a car. Which propelled him to travel the world, and find a lifestyle through bikes. The tats that sprawl across his body are done by his closest friends and even by the man himself.


To think that Ed Wonka is only 23 years old is astonishing. Hate him or love him he fucking goes for it--- in every and all ways he loves to live. His passion is truly his own and at any level it’s something to respect. From his entrepreneurship of his co-owned NY based company The Grime, to his innovations of a still young sport, Fixed Freestyle, Wonka keeps his head up and is always doing work. Redefining what the definition of a career is, Wonka is much more than just a shooting star. Don’t ever sleep on this kid, he’s been here and will continue to stay a big part of the game.

Wonka bars