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  • Familia Defined

    This is the Chrome Familia. Individuals interpreting the bike and the skateboard in a way that's entirely their own. On the road for more months each year than they are at home, these are our authentic product testers who beat the shit out of our products on a daily basis to affirm that we're living up to our promise to them.

    Chrome was was built by the messengers, skateboarders, musicians, surfers, cyclists, graffiti artists and vagabonds who relied on the products Chrome was making to survive their everyday lives. Now, almost

    two decades later, some of the most talented individuals in the world from each of those areas are relying on the bags, shoes and threads we make to get them everywhere they need to be.
    Chrome doesn’t have a “professional team” with names and numbers on jerseys. We don’t pay people for the “use of their name” or ask for people to “endorse our products” because they’re a recognizable person. We have a Familia, a family. These people come from a number of different backgrounds and disciplines, but each rely on the tough, durable goods that Chrome makes to do what they do best. These individuals are a part of us. They help us design and develop new products and tell us how we can improve upon things we’ve already made. It’s a tight group of people. We didn’t systematically go after people who had received the most media coverage or won the most contests or awards. Instead we’ve chosen to work with individuals who are a natural extension of the Chrome brand. People who are constantly moving and rely on products that don’t fail. People who have something creative, innovative and honest to bring to their discipline, and ultimately, to the extended Chrome Familia.

  • Squid's Story

    Kevin “Squid” Bolger is the hardest working man alive. There is no one who has done more for the bike messenger than Squid. Born in Queens, NY in 1971 Squid started working as a bike messenger in 1992. A year later he was riding fixed and by 1995 he went to his first CMWC in Toronto. That Halloween he organized his first of many alleycats in NYC. In 1996 he hopped freights to CMWC SF in 96 and scored his first urban cycling sponsorship that year. He raced every CMWC from 1995 up until 2007 when his son was born. He’s been sponsored by Chrome since 2004.

    He’s raced on the velodrome and the street, bringing urban bike culture to the main stream around the world. He’s had numerous race victories including overall win in 2003 at Kyotoloco, Monster Track IV and two consecutive Cranksgiving wins.

    Squid has organized some of the biggest, baddest messenger events on the planet. This year Squid is producing the 7th Annual Velo City Tour in association with Grime Bikes: Really pumped to be taking this successful format and going global with it!

    In 2004 Squid founded the New York Bike Messenger Foundation, a 501c3 Nonprofit that benefits Messengers and their families when they are hurt or killed on the job In 2006, he formed Cyclehawk. From 2007-2011 he was a partner at Cyclehawk Messengers. Squid works part time in the summer with Transportation Alternatives, an advocacy group, and does safety outreach with delivery bikers, high schools, senior centers and nypd.

    Squid has worked as a technical consultant and had a speaking part in the feature film 'Premium Rush' ( a movie about NYC bike messengers slated for release late. He's working on a book about his 20 years on the street and behind the scenes involvement with the growth of global cycling culture and the explosion of urban cycling culture in the states. Squid is also working on bike messenger action figures and trading cards, a Velo City Tour cycling jersey, a limited edition custom bike with Brooklyn's own Squarebuilt and messenger artist Greg Ugalde.

    And last but not least the biggest media feedback I ever got (so far) was on the Ellen show:

  • Sifting through the Shit: Turds for Gold


    bulk turds

    Trade in a shitty pair of shoes for a brand new pair of Chrome Shoes?! Seems like an awesome deal huh? For everyone who participated it was... but, for the Chrome crew, well, let's just say we had a "good" time crawling through multiple freight containers for over a month to process the surplus.

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