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Vanya Knicker

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Our water resistant, durable 4-way stretch riding knicker made for women. Works on and off the bike. All sale items are final.


Made for women with a slim fit, articulated knees, and high cut, our everyday riding knicker is made to survive the demanding conditions of the city. Water resistant, durable 4-way stretch fabric is comfortable on the bike and in the bar. Urban cycling features include secure phone pocket, deep front pockets and reflective logo.


• Water-resistant, durable 4-way stretch fabric for fit and movement
• Designed to ride, with articulated knees and a higher cut back waist panel for better coverage


• Zip secured side cargo pocket to keep your stuff in place
• Lightweight cycling chamois


• Built in: Guangzhou, China

Customer Reviews 34 item(s)

Pretty good with some alterations. If they fit you right out of the box, even better.
I am a short, fat/curvy lady (5'1" and 155lb) who bought these knickers in large. On me, they are overall slightly too big: the waist was way too big, but the thighs fit better, and the legs are too long. I made a couple darts in the waist to take it in and will hem the legs later; I will probably take in the waist a smidge more or add a couple of cinches on the sides because after two days/four commutes, the waist relaxed a bit too much and I would rather not wear a belt with them.

After riding my usual routes to work in these, I'm still pretty sweaty, but don't feel nearly as gross, which is so excellent. One qualm is that the side pocket is too small. It holds what I need readily available, but it's tough to stick my whole hand in to rummage around, even though there isn't much space in which to rummage.

If these come in Magnum or Le Tigre colors in the future, I'll probably get another pair. Kidding — I'll likely get another pair at sale price, since they're so quick to fix to fit to me.
Review by Kay / (Posted on 7/24/2013)
Love these pants!
I am really hard to fit, and really picky about what I wear. The small fits my 5'5" athletic-but-middle-aged body, and they take me easily from the mtn bike park to the parent-teacher-conference with confidence. $120 is a bargain, considering how much I wear them, and the fact that they are made in US. My kids told me I better get another pair, since I wear them all the time, both on and off the bike.
Review by ckrass / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
The Bees Knees!
Love love love these knickers. I am small, 5'4" and 112 lbs (I wear the XS, fits perfect!) and it's hard to find cycling clothes that fit me, especially knickers because I have very narrow ankles (looks like toothpicks sticking out). These are proportionate with narrower leg openings and fit extremely well. Super stylish too. I bought them for commuting originally, but wear them mountain biking now too because they perform so well. They are very comfortable, stretchy and contoured for on the bike. They are awesome in the rain..stay mostly dry in drizzle and in hard core rain they get a little wet but dry VERY fast. Loved them so much I bought a second pair. Thanks Chrome!
Oh, and the side leg pocket fits the iPhone perfectly!
Review by Kerry / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Excellent for smaller guys, too!
I'm a small guy (5'8", 135) and find the smallest men's knickers a little too baggy and a bit too loose in the waist, so I decided to try these. The medium fits great! They're more fitted and a little longer (and can also be rolled up to the knees if it gets really warm) and look and feel great. I haven't ridden them heavily yet but the materials seem top-notch. So: smaller guys, don't be afraid to try these! You'd probably do well to actually try them on in the store first, though.
Review by Nat / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Good for anything, really
i wanted a pair of chrome knickers ever since i saw my buddy phil in his telegraphs. i'm too small for guys' pants but i hate girly fits so i hemmed and hawed over the vanya. finally, i bought a pair earlier this year and have worn it hard over the past six months. it hasn't disappointed. it's comfy, breathable and fits perfectly. i use it for both biking every day and rock climbing and it hasn't shown signs of wear yet.
Review by DG / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Measurements not true to product.
I picked up a pair of these locally and was really excited. I got the Mediums, which are at least an inch larger than all my measurements, and couldn't even get them above my knees. I don't think my local seller has them in Large, but I hope so. I'm really disappointed that I took the time to measure and make sure I was getting the right size based on posted measurements, only to be disappointed.
Review by Amber / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Does not make my ass-ets look big!
At 5'5" and 124lbs, the size small charcoal Vanya fits my athletic build with a little room to spare in the waist area(stretchy fabric) but nothing a contour belt can't fix. I'm considering another small Vanya in the blue steel color. The new sizing is accurate. Thanks to Hank for running downstairs and getting back to me. His asistance with the Vanya measurements was most helpful. Chrome customer service rocks!
Review by Carole Anne / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
My Favorite Pedaling Pants!
I totally love these knicks! Beyond the fact their is fit amazing they are super comfy while pedaling or just hanging out. These are my go to whether I am out running errands or it's time to muscle up and put in some miles. Seattle weather can leave a little to be desired....or sometimes a lot,but these pants keep me looking good. Drizzle doesn't seep through and mud splatter pretty much brushes off so when you arrive people are shocked that you rode your bike because you still look fab versus the wet dog entrance. If you ride a bike rain or shine you should snag a pair of these!
Review by Molly / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
It's the little things
I wanted these knickers for a while and finally picked up a pair. The styling of these is genius - there is a solid panel from knee to knee which means no crotch seam. They look great, and are cut for a woman's curves. They are low rise with a curved waistband that sits low on the hips, but comfortably. Four way stretch fabric that never binds and holds its shape.
Review by Bridget / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Truly adore these pants
These are hands down the best cycling pants I have ever owned. The price is high, I know, but the quality is impeccable. And they’re made in the USA. The material is durable, comfortable, and still fashionable. The cut is also fantastic and you can easily wear these around and not just for biking. I can’t believe how much I love these pants. I just wish they came in chocolate, black, and some other colors.
Review by Jackie / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
If you aren't an hourglass, don't waste your time!
I am planning a 1000 mile bike tour for this summer and had my eye on Chrome after my BF's shorts survived the Pacific Coast Route last summer. I excitedly purchased the Vanya pants.

Once i put them on, however, I was very disappointed. I am 5'8", 150lbs and have narrow hips. These pants are ONLY built for VERY hourglass-shaped women. If you have straight hips DO NOT BUY these pants. I do not understand why Chrome would make pants that aren't shaped for athletes!

I wish that, instead of sewing in such hip space, Chrome would make the fabric stretchier to allow those with big and small hips to fit these pants. I was really, really disappointed with these pants.
Review by Julianne / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Nice knickers but beware of sizing!
You might as well completely ignore the Chrome size chart for these pants. The size chart shows that you should go by your natural waist size - for me 29. According to the chart the extra small is for a size 30 waist. I got them in small (for a size 32 waist!) and I could barely even close the fly. Way too small! If you're going to order these pants I would contact Chrome and ask them for the actual measurements for the pants and then compare that to your low waist - where they will actually sit.
Review by dreamlet / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Hourglass correction!
Earlier, I wrote a somewhat scathing review of the sizing of these pants and complained that the pants are exclusively built for hourglass shaped women. Originally, I purchased the pants in medium (I normally wear a 28 in jeans or a 6-10 in other pants). They fit on my waist, but were way too big on my hips. I ended up finding the pants in a local bike store and tried on a small. Much to my surprise, they fit infinitely better. The waistband was a bit tight at first, but it stretched to my size quite nicely.

So, if you aren't hourglass-shaped, think about sizing down further than you need to. The waistband went from icky muffin-top land to fitting nicely after about 120 miles/ 8-10 hours of wearing.

Now that the pants fit me, I love them! They have been perfect for both 100+ mile rides and riding around town. And they even look quite cute on.
Review by Julianne / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Great !
I ordered 3 pairs in size small 2 charcoal and 1 steel blue. They look great on, just like regular summer capris, and are great for long intense rides or just cruising around town!
Review by Jewell / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Awesome pants
I bought these in black for the purpose of riding to work and then not having to change my pants once I got there (much to my displeasure, I get super sweaty most times while riding). They've held up great so far. Super comfy to ride in and there's only been a couple times I've sweat through them (sorry, know that's gross), but even then, they dried very quickly. While they're not made for getting caught in a torrential downpour, they hold up nice in the rain and wick away water nicely (and again, dry very quickly).

My measurements are right in between small and extra small. and when trying them on it was a situation where xs was a liiitle too small and small was a liiitle too big. Ended up getting the XS and I'm super glad I did; after a few rides they started to break in nicely.

Overall these are really solid and comfy pants. Definitely recommend them.
Review by Rachel / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Great pants, tough to size
I just had my medium Vanyas arrive today, and unfortunately will be having to send them back in order to re-size. I am about 5'2", 132 lbs and about a size 7 with curvy hips, butt, and thighs. In just about every brand I need a medium for bottoms... except for Chrome apparently. The pants are all around too big, especially in the waist and butt. I definitely plan on reordering though. Even just wearing them for a few minutes (I really, really wanted to make the medium work so I could have them NOW), I could tell they are super comfortable, and move wonderfully... better than any other knickers I've owned. When reordering I plan on getting a pair in each color, instead of just the charcoal! If you're debating, I highly recommend them... Just err on the smaller side when sizing!!
Review by Cassandra / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Love em
I love these knickers! They fit well and are extremely comfortable. I have been wearing them constantly and am ready to get the gray ones as well. I am 5'2 115 lbs and the XS fit perfectly.
Review by Amy / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Saddle stain and minimal chamois
I took these on a two-day weekend ride, we did about 80 miles total. They look sporty, but the chamois is just a thin piece of fleece inside the pants and didn't help much for that length of ride. They don't breathe well in the heat... I was soaked after warming up and had to peel the wet pants off to use the restr0om -_-"

Also, huge disappointment was that my red saddle STAINED the pants! I have ridden thousands of miles with that saddle, including in white pants, and I've never had that issue before! When I got off the saddle after 1.5 hours of riding, I was surprised to find an embarrassing stain on my butt.

Hope that's covered by warranty?

The pro's? They look cool and are probably great for 60-70°F urban riding.
Review by B / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Seemed nice - sizing waaaaay too big.
I was stoked to get my hands on these pants, but when they arrived, and I put them on, they were way big. I ordered a size XS. At 5'6 and 110, I'm slim, but I'm really not freakishly tiny. I should not be swimming in an XS, particularly not in cycling wear, where there are plenty of women my size. I had almost 2 inches to spare in the waist (and I'm not tiny waisted), and could grab easily 3 inches of fabric around the thighs (not tiny thighed either - most pants fit tight around my thighs). Length was fine.

Too bad, since I liked the cut and features of the pants. I guess I'll be returning them and getting some shoes. :/
Review by Jordan / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Much More than I expected!
So I got these in Medium, I was worried about the inseam length because my height falls in Amazon range 6', but it rests quite comfortably. Fits amazingly well, looks better, pleased getting the other color soon!

The Good

Accurate measurements, no guess work it actually the dimensions they say it is!

Superb Fit, awesomely flattering.

Supremely happy with this selection!

The Meh

No complaints with this one
Review by Tegan / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Not for the peite
I ordered the xs. The fit was way off. i could take them off with out unbuttoning. the wait itself sat on my hips. so it wasn't that bad. i wasn't expecting them to be really baggy. i had inches of fabric to grab. It's really disappointing.
Review by Wanjiku N. / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Nice pants.
I wore these pants (over cycling shorts) nearly every day of a month-long bike tour, after having already worn them regularly through a Chicago spring/summer/fall. They survived a lot of rain, a handful of pretty bad falls, and one ill-advised but seemingly unavoidable traipse through a construction area/enormous mud pit of death in San Antonio. And, but for the fact that I just told the world, no one would ever know. They don't even have that saddle-shaped fade around the butt that every other pair of pants I own has, much less any rips or stains. They're also very comfortable and the S fits me (5'11", 135lbs) perfectly.
Review by Kathleen / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Overall a nice knicker
I love the way the knees are sewn for movement and the way in which it's cut to keep your panties covered in the back when riding, but unfortunately I find that there is too much fabric in the crotch area. It's similar to if you've ever tried on mens pants and there is just too much going on down there. I can grab a handful of extra fabric in the crotch and I bought a sz small. Not perfectly tailored for a womans body, but close. I'll probably keep them, because they are quite comfortable, but I wish they fit a little better.
Review by Chris / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Dig 'em but want man pockets
These are sweet but why are they skimping on the pockets? One of the reasons I wanted a pair was because my boyfriend wears the men's version exclusively and I really like the pockets on his. On the women's version the pockets (especially the side pocket on the thigh) are streamlined and "dainty". Who needs dainty pockets in a bike knicker? That said they are rugged, comfortable and my favorite.
Review by Eunice / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
i ordered these in december when they were on sale, and i just busted them out recently with the warmer weather. there was a little back and forth--i ordered a large at first and they were HUGE, i would say you are safe to order down a size if you are unsure. the waist is still pretty roomy, but i just wear a belt. the fabric is super! stretchy, but it springs back and the pants stay tight even after wearing them day after day. they're really flattering and functional, a perfect combination. i kind of already want another pair.
Review by Laura. / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Good show
True to size, great on and off the bike.
Review by Tegan / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Love These
I decided to order these after seeing several ladies I ride with wear them. I wish I would have gotten a pair sooner!
Review by Suzanne / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Nice pants!
So, I've been meaning to buy some Chrome cycling pants. I commute to work everyday and I have tried many different kinds; cut-off Dickies, C-pants from Nashbar, etc. For me 120 dollars for a pair of cycling pants is just too much, but hey, when those puppies go on sale for 50 percent off, guess what? I jump in it! (Insert mini giraffe here)
So, I bought the dark grey ones first (Medium). Liked 'em, so bought another pair of dark ones, and also a pair of the "blue steel" ones. Thought I'd like the dark ones better, but actually, I like the blue steel ones a lot, and for some reason the fit is a bit nicer on those as well for me. Not sure why.

These pants seem to make me generate a bit more sweatiness than my other types of pants, but they also dry fairly quickly. They fit very nicely, and are slightly stretchy, which I like. The darker ones somehow fit me a bit wider at the waist, and could use a belt. The lighter ones, fit me perfectly. The material seems durable and the pants seems like they will hold up well. I haven't had them long enough to see if they will develop the usual butt wear and tear/fading. I hope not, but we'll see. Also, I hope they will behave well in the laundry... The length is very good too. Not too short like some. I like for my pants to cover my knees when I ride.
The only thing I would probably change, is for them to be a bit higher in the back. I still feel like I have to constantly check that my butt isn't hanging out, and have to pull my shirt down, etc.

Other than that, you can tell these are quality pants. I wouldn't pay 120 for them, but 60 is just about doable for me :)
Review by JoJo / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
These could be great, if you'd revisit the sizing
These pants are really comfortable and have great features - handy pockets, right length and leg size. They're also pretty damn nice looking.

But the sizing is way off. I'm a pretty average sized woman (5'6" and 140) and I usually wear a medium. I purchased and tried these out in a small. The waist is really generous, even for someone who carries all of her extra weight in her waist. The back starts to slide down after a few minutes. I'm going to try them again in an extra-small. Hopefully those will fit.
Review by Natalie / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
I didn't realize how nice these were until I saw them in a local bike store and tried them on. Bought those, then came home to order another pair online. Pictures can't do them justice; the fabric and fit and stitching are all superb. Please keep making them and in more colors.
Review by Caroline / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Simply put, these knickers are great. Not so much summer wear because they ride very warm but in 40,50,60 degrees they kick butt. The fabric holds up well although the back pocket where i stash my bike lock is showing some piling. (i can deal with this) I got the xs, i'm 5'2 110, and they are a bit roomy but will work great with a pair of riding tights when the temp really drops. They hold their shape well too. Along with being a bike messenger, (love the fleece lining) i took these knicks to Nepal for a month wearing them almost every day in the mountains. They held up to the dirt and grime and when washed, dried over night. i wished there was a black pair left in my size cause i'd surely snatch up a second pair.
Review by heather / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
great pants
I love my Chrome pants! Great fit, sooo comfortable, stylish & functional too. Great @ $120, such a deal @ half price! Here in December it's time for long pants--but when I got the Chrome pants, I quit wearing my other capri's, and only wanted to wear the Chromes. Awesome pants.
Review by Victoria / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
I cannot express how much I love these knickers, honestly. They're so comfortable and fit just right. I commute about 3 miles to school everyday and these hold out the entire time. So far I've been through head, rain, hail, and snow in these--they've done great so far.

If you're concerned about fashion then these are perfect as well. I have been to many scenarios with these: school, lounging, scenic trips, concerts, etc. You name it, these hold out.

I'm very tempted to order another pair in the Blue Steel. The charcoal is a simple deep, deep grey color and match a lot of tops that I own.
Review by Clockwork / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Love these, but beware the sizing!
These knickers look great, are super comfy, and get the job done - they're water resistant and perfect for riding in cooler weather. They hold up well to typical riding abuse.

However, I felt the sizing was a bit off. I usually wear medium in the pants range, and have an athletic figure while still having hips. I also have cyclist thighs. That said, the medium fit my waist perfectly, but not my legs. The large fits my legs, but not my waist. So I settled for a large with a belt, which is working fine for me so far, and also allows me to wear an extra pair of cycling shorts under them when it's really cold. If you are going to get these, make sure to try them on!!
Review by Psy / (Posted on 4/26/2013)

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