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Our smallest, 100% welded-waterproof, rolltop backpack. Made to haul beer to the beach and protect your stuff in a downpour. Made in USA. Guaranteed for life.


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Product Details

The Orlov is our smallest, 100% welded-waterproof rolltop backpack and part of our WWII inspired Militia line. We made our original Militia bags to haul wetsuits and beer to and from the beach. All Militia bags feature 100% welded-waterproof main compartment that can hold ice-cold beer and keep your stuff dry in a downpour. A zippered compartment keeps wet/dry separate. Outside pockets with stainless-steel hardware for storing small stuff.


• Ergonomic shoulder-strap design with EVA foam back panel for improved fit and breathability
• Sternum strap for load distribution
• Industrial-metal cam lock underarm compression buckles



15.75” wide, 20.5” high, 5” deep


27 L


3.5 lb


• Waterproof, rolltop closure accommodates a range of load sizes
• Dual-waterproof compartments separate wet/dry cargo
• External pockets with stainless-steel hardware for quick, secure access to u-lock and work tools
• Daisy-chain mounting loops for attaching carabineer clips or bike lights
• Industrial-strength Velcro, accessory-mounting shoulder straps
• Zippered pocket fits up to Macbook Pro 15" laptop (padded sleeve recommended)


• Weatherproof, 1000-denier CORDURA® Brand outer shell
• Welded-Waterproof 1200D Military grade truck tarpaulin liner
• Made in USA

Some of our favorite reviews

  • I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER CHROME BACK PACK AGAIN.........I can tell this one will last forever!
    5/21/13 by CC
    Upgrading from a North Face bag that has failed me. The stitching is precise and strong, material is top notch and it feels great to buy american made. The Orlov is "the smallest" but will easily fit everything a North Face Jester will and probably more. The rolltop design gives me confidence that all my stuff will stay dry.
  • Orlov Review
    4/26/13 by Aaron
    The Orlov is a great day bag. I have used this for when my girlfriend and I go on day trips or bike rides to the beach. I’ve thrown a bottle of wine in there and I was totally confident that even if the bottle leaked or broke that liquid would stay in the waterproofed seamed sealed main compartment. Over the weekend I went to China Camp State Park for a 4 hour hike. The Orlov held my hoodie, a long-sleeve shirt, girlfriend’s change of clothes, water bottle, camera, sunscreen, sunglasses, knife, and a lighter. Totally stoked on this smaller version of our roll-tops.
  • First rolltop I've ever met with visibility!
    4/26/13 by Alex
    As a long time messenger bag-user I have been eye-ing the rolltop packs for ages. The problem always was that as a 5'7" girl, my shoulder and ribcage were always narrower than the bag was designed for. Early rolltop packs stuck up outboard of my shoulder, and changing lanes became a new kind of terrifying. (Burrito delivery is a great way to test bags btw.) Smaller, cuter backpacks were not up to the challenge of my daily haul. When the Orlov came out I was super excited. My Chrome Metropolis bag has been faithful for many years, but my left shoulder and my various vertebrae have been dying for a change. The new rolltop is everything I hoped it would be. I have always loved the Chrome quality of craftmanship, and here it is in a rolltop pack that I can fit all my daily stuff in AND see around in traffic! True, the new visbility line and bag shape took a few days of getting used to, but my shoulder and I are pleased as punch with the results. Thanks Chrome!
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