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Our original, professional messenger bag. Street-tested over 12 years in 20 countries and 50 courier companies. Made in Chico, CA. Guaranteed for life.
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We've been making bags for professional messengers for over 12 years. The Berlin was designed in collaboration with our friends from Godspeed and Cyclehawk, and the result of years of street-testing and prototyping to get it right. It can fit two cases of beer side-by-side, and the external compression straps can extend to secure oversized packages. It features a unique X-strap design to distribute heavy loads.


• Ergonomic shoulder-strap design with EVA foam back panel for improved fit and breathability
• Secondary shoulder strap converts to X-Strap design for comfort when hauling large loads



25” wide, 15” high, 10” deep


52 L


4.5 lb


• Iconic quick-release seatbelt buckle with integrated bottle opener
• External compression straps for securing oversized packages
• Daisy-chain mounting loop for attaching carabineer or bike light
• Industrial-strength Velcro, accessory-mounting shoulder strap
• Reflective straps for night visibility


• Weatherproof, 1050-denier CORDURA® Brand outer shell
• Weatherproof, independently suspended, military-grade, 18-oz. truck-tarpaulin liner
• Nylon 69 thread and YKK zippers
• Made in USA

Some of our favorite reviews

  • This is the Most Useful Bag I've Ever Purchased, Hands Down
    10/31/13 by Matt
    A little background might be necessary so that I can contextualize the reasons why the Berlin bag has been an excellent purchase for me.

    I live in Washington, DC, and primarily get across the city with my bike. The bag takes care of all of my standard bag needs (carrying books, my workout clothes, work clothes, lunch, etc.) and occasionally gives me options above and beyond, outlined below.

    Now, before diving into the extraordinary things this bag can do, I should mention this: I was skeptical about buying a tremendously sized bag. Sure, it would be a help when I had a massive amount of things to carry, but how often would that really be? To that, it bears mentioning, that the bag collapses and, other than how wide it is (perhaps an aesthetic consideration), seamlessly functions as a day-to-day bag. Heavy objects might shift or need some strategic placing, but, for the most part, the bag is accommodating. The space between the main compartment and the front two pockets does a great job of holding heavy books flat, and, even if nothing is in the main part of the bag, the bag keeps a convenient shape.

    Now to my extra-ordinary/novel circumstances:
    1) Airport Luggage: I have used the bag as a carry on several times, with several airlines, without any trouble. For insurance, I pack a tiny bag inside of my Berlin, in case I need to squeeze/split my carry on Berlin with a "personal item", but I haven't had to do that yet. A super neat advantage here: for a trip, I flew in, cabbed to a bike shop, rented a bike, and I was on my way: no need to stop to drop off my luggage immediately (4-5 day trip).

    2) Crazy Space-Adding Straps: I had a heater mailed to my work, and, strangely, the box just barely fit into the top part of my bag. I stuffed the bag with all of my stuff (mostly clothes, a laptop, a camera, books, etc) and topped it with my new heater. The straps at the bottom of the bag extend so that they can secure a big item (like this box), even if the flap doesn't cover it/meet the Velcro. Now, this wasn't particularly heavy, but I figured, I was in for a wobbly, nerve-crushing ride. Instead, I rode home like I did every other night: super easy. My neighbors were blown away I carried that much in terms of volume with my bag.

    3) Groceries/Dry Cleaning: 1-2 a week, I have to pick up one-to-both of these things and move them. Cashiers comment nearly every time: yes, all of those groceries will fit in my bag. Yes, I plan on biking home with a gallon of milk, eighteen eggs, a ton of vegetables and fruits, that industrial sized jar of peanut butter and whatever else I bought. Now, walking with a bag that heavy stinks; I get the posture of a t-rex and I'm afraid I'm putting undue stress on my back. However, once I'm on the bike, I don't feel too much of the weight. Then again, I'm only biking for a half hour, so I might not have an all-encompassing perspective here.

    4) The Bag Within the Bag: DC, and some of my traveling, means that I'm backpacking across familiar places. I put a smaller bag within my Berlin bag pretty often. I'll keep the scenarios here short and sweet because there are a few:
    a) I keep my gym bag in my Berlin bag. After work, I go to the gym, don't want to take my whole bag and plan on coming back to the office. I take my gym bag out of my Berlin bag (which, added benefit, isolates my smelly gym clothes from the other things in my larger Berlin bag) and head out.
    b) On a short trip, my laptop/work bag goes into my Berlin. If I drop off my stuff and have a minute to get some work done, all I have to do is pull out my work bag, and leave the rest.
    c) My bike tool bag is in my Berlin bag. Yes, I could use one of the pouches (I barely use them), but I think it's easier with the tiny bag.

    A quick note on the cross strap: within no time, I feel like I got the hang of balancing the weight evenly on both shoulders.
  • Near perfect, recommendations and modification suggestions from a messenger.
    10/25/13 by Skylar
    I think most people covered the pros of this bag:
    -Massive storage
    -Dual straps to save the back with that weight
    -The third stabilizing strap really works well here.
    -Just as durable as all other chrome products.
    -Compacts well with the side compression straps.
    -One thing that wasn't mentioned is that unlike the Warsaw, Citizen and other messengers, the Berlin's main cargo pocket is sewn down to the bottom, it's not just a bag floating inside a bucket. So when you open that secondary compartment to throw stuff in, it doesn't slide underneath or to the other side of the main compartment, out of sight and hard to find. I think this is a much better design and makes that space a more functional secondary pocket.

    It's a great bag, but there a few things I'd like to see added to it to make it perfect.
    -The secondary shoulder strap could use a bit more padding. With 40lb+ loads, it feels somewhat imbalanced with the padded main strap and unpadded secondary strap.
    -The secondary shoulder strap could be a bit longer (maybe 1-2"). Again, when heavily loaded, the secondary strap sometimes isn't long enough and I've got more of the buckle and buckle strap on my shoulder than I do the strap itself. Sometimes with heavy loads I feel like the bag is pulling up to high, closer to my neck instead of my sternum. Not ideal with a lot of weight pulling down on that shoulder.
    -I'd like to see a third strap going around the right side of the bag (the side that hangs lower while wearing). The Warsaw is great because of the 4-point coverage when putting a parcel underneath the flap and using the side straps. to keep it in place. Because the Berlin is a messenger and worn at an angle, packages tend to slide down a bit when only strapped around two sides. If you're carrying a box with smooth sides that weighs a bit, sometimes the compression from just the two main buckles isn't enough and the package starts to slip down a bit, forcing me to readjust. I think this could be solved easily with a third, maybe "hidden", plastic buckle underneath the flap of the bag that could strap around the right side (or lower hanging side) of the bag. to keep packages in place.
    -A couple more pen slots would be nice (there's pretty much just one).
    -Maybe two separate flaps for the two outer pockets would make organizing and access easier, but this doesn't really bother me.

    Anyways, just my thoughts after 'field testing' this bag. Still my go to bag for over-sized transport!
  • Blew my mind.
    4/26/13 by Jeff Lesser
    When I first saw this bag with the dual straps and messenger style it blew my mind. I had a Kremlin and this has a smaller back profile but more storage, it's like a miracle happened. The cordura lasts forever, even after a few falls. The waterproof liner is awesome, and the buckle makes it easy to remove the bag when it is packed to the brim.

    Like with all Chrome bags the padded shoulder is a huge benefit over the competition, nothing is as comfortable with heavy load.

    All in all, 5 stars out of 5 for this bag. Brilliant design, classic Chrome.
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