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Barrage Cargo

Our compact 100% Welded-Waterproof Rolltop with versatile cargo net compression system and iconic seatbelt buckle. Made in USA. Guaranteed for Life.


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Product Details

There is only one way to make a bag truly waterproof – by welding its seams. For the Barrage Rolltop we combined a Welded-Waterproof floating bucket with an abrasion resistant CORDURA® Brand grade outer shell to make the toughest waterproof rolltop possible. It features a low-profile design and side compression straps for load stabilization and increased visibility, an external cargo net to haul gear on the outside, and a Welded-Waterproof bucket liner that can keep personal items bone dry in any weather. The Barrage adapts to accommodate a range of cargo. The main compartment expands from 22L to 34L and features an expandable cargo net with compression straps for securing various cargo shapes and sizes.

 Each Barrage is made with military grade materials and specifications. The 100% Welded-Waterproof bucket liner is made with 600 denier truck tarpaulin. The abrasion resistant outer shell is made with 1000 denier CORDURA® Brand grade Nylon. Like all our bags, the Barrage is Guaranteed for Life.


• Ergonomic shoulder strap design with EVA foam back panel for improved fit and breathability
• Sternum strap with iconic mini seatbelt buckle for load distribution
• Industrial metal cam lock under arm compression buckle



11.5” wide, 20” high, 5.5” deep


22-34 L


3.3 lb


• Adjustable external 5-point cargo net system for storing / transporting helmet, wet race gear, or shoes
• Waterproof rolltop closure accommodates a range of load sizes
• Dual compartments separate wet/dry cargo
• Industrial strength Velcro accessory shoulder mounting straps
• Easy access side U-Lock/Waterbottle pockets
• Interior sleeve pocket fits 15” Macbook Pro (laptop sleeve recommended)


• Abrasion resistant Weatherproof 1000 denier CORDURA® Brand grade nylon outer shell
• Welded-Waterproof 600 denier military grade truck tarpaulin liner

Some of our favorite reviews

  • Take it to the bank
    2/24/14 by Longpatterned
    Long time Chrome posse member, first time reviewer.. The Barrage is my second favorite backpack from Chrome. Technically, the Soma (my #1) isn't a true backpack, but the Barrage is perfect for those in between errands I often find left to me -- going to the bank for change and deposit, picking up the share of produce, and doing site surveys for bike rack installation. Having a place for the helmet when it's not on the head, or that big dirty bunch of greens and roots while carrying a laptop or iPad, a yellow legal pad, camera, tripod, mini U-lock, plus I strap my folding solar panels to the webbing mesh to charge the cellular that's in the phone pouch. I'm a grocery getting, picture taking, energy plant, and taking it too the bank. Nice design, wish it were about 2 inches wider as I'm larger than skinny jeans. That would have bought the Barrage that fifth star. The new reflective camo version is on the way to me now.. come to papa..
    p.s. one day there will be a secret gun pocket in this bag too..
  • Just what I needed....
    9/9/13 by Derick
    I purchased this bag to replace my Soma bag that I use for work that lacked the space and comfort I needed. The cargo net was the reason that I purchased this bag to fit two 40oz water/coffee insulated bottles. I am also able to carry heavier items due to the double strap vs. the single shoulder strap on the Soma bag.
    Pics ->
    If Chrome came out with a bigger version of this bag with thicker straps and full size buckle (vs. the key chain size), I would definitely purchase another.

  • A versatile backpack with most of what makes a messenger bag great
    8/20/13 by emory
    My full review and first impressions are on my blarg (along with a shout-out to Hank the awesome Customer Service rep I chatted with last week):

    tl;dr version:

    # DO LIKE

    * Cargo net section is dope. Perfect for a windbreaker, tripod, helmet, and anything irregular that you can keep somewhat exposed.
    * Nice zipper pull on the roll-top.
    * I love roll-tops like this because they’re less fussy than zippers and snaps and are better at keeping water out.
    * I like the molded back padding on this bag, but it doesn’t seem to keep my back much dryer than an air-mesh back would. It certainly looks a lot better though and is more comfortable.
    * Sternum strap with the iconic buckle is adorable.
    * Shoulder strap adjustment clips are great. Good hardware, nice design. Much better than plastic.

    # DON’T LIKE

    * I don’t like that the side pockets are somewhat small and don’t accommodate a large water bottle (e.g. the Black+Blum eau good or the Camelback Groove)
    * I also don’t like that the side pockets don’t have flaps or a zipper. I worry about small things falling out or being easily accessible by people other than myself.
    * One more thing about those side pockets: the strap for the cargo net lines up with the top edge of the pocket, so sometimes it feels like you’ve got a strap in the way, on account of having a strap in the way.


    * I wish Chrome would use some alternative materials in their bags. The Cordura® is resilient and all and I can understand the appeal but I really love seeing bags using sailcloth and other materials; and I especially love the VX fabric that Mission Workshop uses in some of their bags.
    * I wish Chrome used a more diverse color palette. They do special editions of things and custom bags, but Black on Black isn’t appealing to me. I would have ordered my Barrage in the Ranger option but it sold out fast. Know why? Because Black with a splash of Red or White is kind of boring. It looks good, but I wouldn’t mind seeing some other options.
    * Very few backpacks address the access issue for contents while wearing the bag on one arm. It would be great to have a nice, stylish and practical bag with sideways access on either end for easy access without taking the whole thing off every time I need to grab my camera or something else.
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