Phone Pouch

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Phone Pouch

Secures phone and other small stuff within reach. Compatible with most Chrome messenger bags and backpacks. Guaranteed for life.


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Product Details

Modeled after law enforcement and military packs, most Chrome messenger bags and backpacks are equipped with industrial-strength, Velcro accessory mounts on the shoulder straps. Our Phone pouch mounts to these straps with an interlocking Velcro system for maximum security. In addition to the main phone compartment, it features a D-ring for holding keys, a pen pocket, and a separate pocket for ID and credit card.



3” wide, 5” high, 1.5” deep


0.2 lb


• Velcro straps mount securely to bags and packs with Chrome accessory shoulder straps
• D-ring key holder
• Separate ID and credit-card pocket
• Pen sleeve


• Weatherproof, 1000-denier CORDURA® Brand fabric and heavy-duty truck-tarp construction
• Built in: Guangzhou, China

Some of our favorite reviews

  • The best phone holster you can get
    2/7/14 by Duane D.
    It keeps my phone secure and dry. The pockets allow me to keep my space pen handy, as well as my ID card and a spare battery for my cellphone.
  • Great for holding stuff....
    4/26/13 by Max Parra
    It's great because my iPhone fits perfect in this pouch, it also holds my keys and to make things better it also attaches to my belt or to the velcro on my bags strap.
  • Keeps my iPhone cocked, locked, and ready to rock..
    4/26/13 by B Rad
    I'll start with the ending: best holster ever.

    Why? It's simple, stupid. Burly Velcro ensures your device stays put and offers a bunch of options for mounting to any bag. Having your phone or PDA at the ready when you ride can mean getting the days last delivery or not getting the call to the local bar. Myself? I went over the bars and dislocated my elbow, necessitating a speedy drive to the Emergency Room. With my cell on my bag strap, I was able to call my girlfriend for a ride before anyone called an expensive ambulance.
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