Truk Black/Gum Bike Shoe

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Classic urban bike sneaker with military grade nylon uppers that are 25 times stronger than canvas and a nylon-reinforced sole. Performance and classic looks you can wear all day. Also available in black/black and grey/white


The Truk is the latest urban bike sneaker in our Pedal Series. We wanted a classic sneaker that wouldn't get destroyed mashing through the city. The Truk features a military grade nylon upper that is 25 times stronger than canvas; our proprietary PowerPlate™ nylon-reinforced sole; a comfortable, contoured PU insole; and reflective details.


• Polyurethane contoured crash pad insole
• Board-lasted sole to eliminate pedal hot-spot


• Low-profile design to better fit into a toe cage
• Durable, rubber heel cup with reflective safety hit


• 100% vulcanized construction
• Reinforced nylon/glass fiber shank to support the midsole
• Skid-resistant contact rubber on the sole
• Made of 1,000 Denier military grade nylon with back-padding
• Built in Thailand

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Looks tough, is tough.
Super clean shoe. Doesn't show dirt at all from riding or walking to work everyday. I ride with straps on my pedals and the gum sole really catches well, feels like its part of the bike.
Review by Sam / (Posted on 1/7/2016)
Good all-round flat pedal shoe with walkability,
Have been tinkering with a 1970's Humber 3 speed with the old rubber block pedals. Wanted shoes that would work well on the bike but also would allow comfortable walking when crossing traffic lanes on foot.

These are very nice shoes that fit that requirement and for the oldie timey folks who lived through Beta Bikers these are a most pleasant experience.

Still breaking in: slightly snug in toe & ball area at the moment, but already much better on the pedals than my old trail runners. I look forward to many miles.
Review by Brightcrow / (Posted on 8/11/2015)
Looks As Good As They Feel
I stopped by the Chicago store to pick up a backpack and their shoes caught my eye pretty quickly. There something about the simplicity and shape of them that make them so appealing. I tried on a pair and was pretty much sold instantly, build quality is superb, as is everything they make. I snapped up a pair and will probably buy another color in the near future, I pretty much want to wear them all the time. Bonus points for the reflective strip on the back. They catch my eye in the middle of the night sometimes from the street light. I love 'em!
Review by Daniel / (Posted on 9/4/2013)
Truk Review
I’ve wanted a pair of the Chrome Truks ever since I first heard the
concept. The shoes are perfect for being on my feet at work and for my
commute. I will always love my Kursks, but the Truks didn’t need any
time to break in; they are super comfortable right out of the box.
These are a little lower profile in the front so they go in and out of
my toe cages smoothly and the reflective strip on the back is also
great for riding through traffic at night as well. Truks all day
Review by Aaron / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
awsome freaaaaakin show!!!!!...
please............................. please.............. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease make a black/ black for us big guys wearing a size 13!!!!...........

thank you chrome!! love you guys!... ive never owned soooo many things from one company, bags, acc pouches, extents, ect ect!! love chromedizzle fooooshizzle!!....
Review by marv gori gori / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Love at first step
I never own anything from Chrome but admired their bags and I liked there page on facebook. Just saw the event for the the free Truk's for the first 10 people. I was excited out of my mind for these shoes and could not wait to test them out. I showed up at the Chrome hub store in Chicago 2nd person in line with crazy morning weather from 6:20-11. The shoes up on the display in the front window I was aw struck at the desine and construction. I didn't know what I was up for or expected in the shoes. I asked people in line (with Chrome gear on) how were their shoes that they owned now from Chrome. They were ultra happy to talk about how comfortable they were across the border of line of shoes they have from the southsides, midways etc.
Doors open, amazing store btw (never stepped foot inside before) got my 2nd pick of the black on black Truk. I am a size 12 but I heard that they run about a half a size bigger? So they lady that helped me out gave me an 11 1/2.
I opened the box up felt the shoe up and the construction of them felt better than all of my canvas shoes.
Putting these shoes on out the box they were AMAZING!
I felt a huge HUGE differents in arch support I walked around in the store with a brand new face and I only had one shoe on compaired with my old shoe.
After a minute later I put the other matching pair of the Truk's on. I asked the lady if I could walk out like this she said yeah.
Got out the store got on my bike went to my buddy's place and said you should have came with me! He got real salty lol
Switched to red laces so these Truks can POP.
I love these shoes wore them the whole day, slept in them. YES THAT DAMN COMFORTABLE!
Can't wait to own a custom bag, saving up!
These Truk's are the truth swear on everything I love first time wearing them first thing I own from Chrome.
Chrome great job you got me hooked now!
Review by John Malcolm Harris / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
A little disappointed in these shoes.
Let me say that I love Chrome and own 2 pairs of the Midways and 1 pair of the Kursks. Chrome shoes are great on and off the bike which makes them ideal for urban riding.

I ordered these hoping for a similar footwear experience and was some what disappointed. For 1, there is no lace garage and the shoe laces are very long. Seems counter intuitive to have extra long laces and no where to stash them on the shoe. They also ran a 1/2 size bigger. Mostly the width felt bigger then my other Chrome shoes. Based on the thickness of the material I suspect these won't breath as well as their other shoes. With no ventilation holes I decided to return these.
Review by John / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
durable materials
AWESOME shoes simple as wouldnt know if you dont try it. The materials that they put on the shoes are all durable, i know they would las long. totally worth it.
Review by Maxwell / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
I've been waiting for a chrome sneaker with the black and gum bottom colorway. very comfy and are holding up well. I wish the black and gum colorway was in their SPDs.
Review by John / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Truk *****
Super comfy shoes - on and off the bike. Love the Cholo Style. The staff at the NYC store were super friendly and helpful (Thanks Chris). I could have spent a lot more money in there, but got the shoes and cycled on. The employees were eyeballing my Freight Bag...that's not gonna change - sorry Chrome.
Review by Charles / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Great shoe!
True to size and super comfortable on and off the bike. Material feels sturdy as f**k and the sole is super stiff when riding.
Review by apatz87 / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
How awesome these shoes are
Having a great realiable an stylish shoe that you can also commute to work in is hard to find these days. The truk is a shoe you can wear to work all day, party after work. Then ride home. It's very comfortable and lightweight at the same damn time. The sole is my favorite part. I like to skid so having a skid friendly sole (resistant) was the feature that made me buy them the first day came out in NYC. Only thing I would love to see these have is some better defense against water for the true riders like myself who ride all year round. But non the less. Go buy these ASAP. You won't be dissappointed.
Review by Dorian (5th ave) DeBushea / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
First let me say that I LOVE chrome shoes and bags. I've been wearing Kursks since 2010. I have always worn size 10.5. Online, I ordered the Truk in a 10.5 and I could put two fingers between the shoe heel and my foot. Though I live in Indiana I drove over to the Chicago store and tried on a size 10 and still too big. I tried the 9.5 and it was perfect. I also bought another pair of red stripe Kursks and they were my standard 10.5 size. The Truks definitely have the cool factor. I will get back later on the comfort. I love the Kursks but the Truks fit my work environment better. Watch out for sizing issue - YMMV.
Review by Litespeed / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
I'm amazed. My Truks look good, fit just right (true to size) and feel great right out of the box. Can't wait to try them on the pedals.
Review by Pat / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
The most comfortable and strongest shoes I have ever owned
Let me start off by saying that I got these shoes to replace my pair of arnhem's that had broken (the inside heel came apart so I was able to get warranty cause of chromes freaking awesome customer service). Anyway, for most shoes like these, that are actually stiff and made out of high quality materials, it requires a time of "breaking in". That time period was almost non-existent. I put them on and they were the perfect fit. I did notice a slight discomfort my first time of extended wear, but haven't had that since so I guess that was the "breaking in". Other that that, I still wonder how Chrome is able to make these shoes grip so well to pedals. The power transfer is phenomenal and incomparable to any other shoes out there, other than clipless of course. One last thing, those who know me, know that I hate wearing shoes, I wear them out of necessity, and to satisfy social norms. I actually like wearing these shoes, I forget they're there and just love them.
Review by jonathan / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
PedalHard tested, PedalHard APPROVED!! (No Coast 2012)
First off i would like to Thank Chrome PDX for giving me the chance to test this great product out on our ride! Day 1 alone of our 7 day 800 mile trip would have demolished any other shoe! 7 hours of storming and horrible weather conditions and you could not tell the next morning. The next true test of durability was day 6 of 7 when we descended 8,000 feet on our 120 mile ride and my tire wore to the threads so i had to "ted shred" the whole ride and the "Truks" stayed true to they're quality!
Now being home everyone cannot believe i rode the trip with these shoes because of how new they look! CHROME CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!!!!
Review by Remy / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Great but wish they had red soles
I just bought these and wore them out of the stored and then pedaled away. They were wonderful to bike in and nice to lounge/walk in. They also look quite nice too. Only three small negatives:
1. I wish they had those lace loops like the Kursks.
2. So I biked a bit in them just now and me feet already feel a bit sweaty.
3. I wish they were offered with an all black top but the iconic red soles underneath. It's nice to look like a regular shoe but fun to shoe the funky side while biking.
Overall I'm pleased though and will probably even wear these with a button up shirt and tie and semi dress pants to my work tomorrow.
Also, I'd like to mention that the store staff (NYC) were quite helpful.
If they offered Truk's with red soles and completely black tops or completely brown tops I'd buy those in a heart beat even though I just got a pair and even if nothing else was changed.
Review by Blue / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Starting to wear out
On to the review now, like i said i won them about a month ago and it is starting to wear out. The shoe themself feel nice and comfortable and are way better than converse or vans. The problem is that it is starting to peel off on the side and under a shoe within a month. That is the only problem, other than that these shoes are amazing out of the box and ready to go. Also, these shoes are really easy to clean.
Review by josiah / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
my only issue is the sole...
My only issue was the sole; I had heard it was pretty durable, anti-skid and 25x stronger... well let me explain; If you see the trailer with Massan, he's bombing the hills and breaking putting the foot on the tire. I read all the reviews, and saw that and I thought, oh great, exactly what I need! I got them, put them to the test, and you can see the sole falling apart quicker than normal. let me say that again: QUICKER THAN NORMAL. For example, I had Addidas Sambas before this ones, and those soles are amazing! super strong, just good all around. So yes, kind of disappointed with this shoes. But other than that I think Is a really nice looking shoe! and strangely enough when pedaling, it does feel really good! also the pattern of the shoe underneath helps "lock" with the pedals ( I have Campys) So I give it a 3 stars simply because I think the sole shouldn't come apart that easy when breaking with your foot. If the shoe was priced for like $40.00, then that is perfect for what is going to last. but $75.00? I would go for Sambas again.

Oh, if you decide to get them, order 1 size smaller.
Review by J.A. / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Wowy mamy
Okay Chrome, I wish I had something bad to say about you guys, being all mainstream and stuff, but you guys make my workdays so much easier. These shoes are just great. Everything I didn't like about the Kursk (weak heal, sole that wasn't glued well, etc.) was just solved in these shoes. They are super stiff when riding and super confie while walking around. Working as a messenger in those shoes are like being in a sofa with a can of beer. The heel is super strong, they are super classic looking and they are just fine.I love your custumer service. Sorry for my english because I am francophone. Cheers...
Review by Alexandre / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Great shoes
I bought these shoes in september and quickly had issues with them (sole unglued, etc) Chrome wrote me back about my review saying that it was covered by the warranty... Super cool service. I've been messengering in the Montreal winter since with them. They are super though with salt, water and mud.

I love them
Review by Alex / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
These shoes are awesome
I have had these shoes for about 5 months and these have lasted through a lot of things! I ride my bike almost everyday and sometimes I stopped like Massan in the trailer for these shoes and the sole doesn't wear out. The glue is kinda wearing out but I am not worried about it. If you like the Vans look and durablity, get these shoes.
Review by Jz / (Posted on 4/26/2013)