Storm 415 Work Boot Black

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Leather work boots with Chrome Storm™ Breathable Waterproof Technology. Stability and protection of a work boot with the mobility of a sneaker. Also available in sand.


We made our 415 Urban Work Boot to provide the stability and protection of a work boot with the mobility and feel of a sneaker. We noticed that work had changed but everyone was wearing boots made for standing on the factory floor. We wanted a boot that didn't require a long break-in period. One you could bike, skate, walk, and ride a motorcycle in. The 415 is made with the same material we use on our bags for lasting durability.


• Contoured impact-resistant PU footbed
• Blown rubber midsole wedge for maximum comfort
• Board lasted sole for pedal comfort


• Chrome Storm™ waterproof breathable membrane
• Durable upper construction
• Out of the box comfort
• Padded collar for ankle support
• Reflective heel pull loop for nighttime visibility
• Steel aglets to keep laces from fraying


• 100% Vulcanized construction
• Abrasion-resistant 1,000 Denier military grade nylon upper
• Skid resistant contact rubber on the sole
• Built in Thailand

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Possibly the most versatile shoe I've ever owned.
I originally bought these boots to be the bad-weather version of the various Chrome low-tops that I use in the summer for daily commuting. They've now become my everyday shoe for 3 1/2 seasons. The first thing to note is that they run very small. I have wide feet, but it took a solid month and a half to break them in. Normally I just stick with my typical size and suffer through the break-in period, but in this case when I buy my next pair, I'll get them a half-size up. Once they're broken in though, they're very comfortable, light, easy to walk in, and the soles are stiff enough to be great for daily bike commuting. Of course, they are also waterproof, which makes them a good choice for nearly all weather, although they're a little warm for summertime. They're also very clean and understated in appearance, and the aesthetics have only grown on me. The only other downside to the shoes is that some of the rubber trim eventually began to peel away after months of very heavy use, but this was easily fixed with a little bit of Gorilla Glue (the "dries white" variety). I'll be buying a second pair shortly. Highly recommended. Only the sizing issue and trim prevents me from giving a full five stars.
Review by Nathaniel / (Posted on 5/28/2014)
I love 'em! They're well worth the money. I'd only love 'em more if they came with hook eyelets.
I love 'em! They're well worth the money. I'd only love 'em more if they came with hook eyelets.

They fit well and really are waterproof, not just water-resistant. I am, however, slightly lazy about lacing and unlacing so some hook eyelets seem like a nice idea for these boots. Still, they are of excellent quality, and no other boot exists that's quite like them.
Review by James / (Posted on 2/19/2014)
Utility and comfort
I love these shoes. I use them just about every day for mostly everything except for, ironically, on the bike. Though I bought them originally for rainy days and as alternate shoe to keep my Truks clean, I've found that I enjoy wearing them most of the time. Like it says, they're comfortable right out of the box and have only gotten more comfortable since. Perfect Fall/Winter-time shoe. Pair these with some wool socks and you've got some cozy feet.
Review by zurp / (Posted on 2/9/2014)
Street tested in Montreal - Snow, ice, slush, salt, good to go.
I've been looking for a good boot for Montreal winter and cycling. I had three needs:

(1) Water proof, because the second you step into slush and get wet, you're freezing until you get inside. Particularly not good if you're working on your bike.
(2) Slim enough to work with pedal straps. Clip-ins can get icy and jam and I also just don't want to be walking with my cycling shoes everywhere.
(3) Style. I wanted a boot that worked on bike, in the bar, or with general shenanigans. Full on winter boots are bulky, harder to run/climb in, and look very... functional.

The Storm 415 came through on all fronts. I've walked through puddles, slush, snow, and stayed totally dry for hours on end. They work well with my Pedalbelts (worth checking out btw, handmade by a messenger up here). I don't need to adjust straps between my other shoes and the Storm 415s. Lastly, they just look good. I'm not that fashion conscious, but I have received a number of compliments and questions about these boots. They feel like regular sneakers, and are close to as agile for those nights you feel like hopping fences.

It's been two months of winter in Montreal at this point (measured in salt and snow) and these boots are holding up fine. They're even pretty warm to point also (I wear Chrome's socks). I'll get to maybe -10C/14F before my feet start getting cold.

We'll see how they do in the long-run on durability, but I'm impressed with everything so far. Way to go Chrome.
Review by Skylar / (Posted on 1/18/2014)
Looks cool so far, sizing is off, exchange needs some type of approval now, have to sit and wait.
just got these shoes in, looks great. i ride to work and i work at bar, so the anti-slip and the waterproof-ness is extremely helpful. i dont know how they fit and feel yet only because the sizing is alittle off. im waiting on a approval for me to exchange them. chromes return policy has changed and theres wait times and what not or maybe i have to call for it? im not sure but i liked how they did their returns before, no hassle. i'll rewrite this review with more details when i can get them changed out.
Review by David / (Posted on 5/25/2013)
love this! wish it came in a low-top too
This is a great boot. I wish it came in a low-top model in the leather.
Review by Beth Anne / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Looks fantastic, steel toe option?
This boot looks really awesome but for me to wear them to work i need steel or safety toe... Think that'll ever be an option?
Review by Ryan / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
I love the 415! Not only do these boots feel comfortable like a nice pair of sneakers, but they are completely waterproof. I've worn them on my bike in the rain and showed up at the bar with totally dry feet! They look great on my motorcycle too! Comfortable, durable, and they are looking cooler as they break in! Super dope.
Review by MOTOKID69 / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Another Winner from Chrome
This is my third pair of Chrome Shoes. I started with the Kursk, then added the Midway and now my collection is complete. I used the Midway for the winters here in NJ with a neoprene toe cap, but that was always a compromise . The Storm will be my new foul weather and cold season boot. I usually wear an 11 1/2 shoe but have a wide foot. I've found that a 12 fits me great in all three pairs.

Stock Cobra Hoodie, Union shorts, Natoma pants and three pairs of shoes. Chrome has and will continue to serve me well.
Review by Cyclesanity / (Posted on 4/26/2013)
Storm 415
Juste one word:


A must have
Review by Normand / (Posted on 4/26/2013)