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Citizen Messenger Bag

Product Review (submitted on April 30, 2013):
I finally pulled the trigger in buying this bag. I also got the keychain buckle and utility pouch with it.

What i carry for work and play:
-17inch macbook pro (with sleeve)
-2 External harddrive
-Cables (pouch)
-Text book (s) / notebooks
-Pens, sharpie, etc.

I like the fact that it fits perfectly and doesnt shake around in the bag. I didnt want the bag to be too big or too bulky even if i didnt fill it. All my belongings are pretty snug inside the bag. I like that because it will be the only things ill carry in this bag. But, i might switch to the bigger pro series (Berlin) or Metropolis soon.

I like:
-The great quality materials used to make it.
-The velcro that is integrated into the shoulder straps. (i snap the keychain on that)
-the BUCKLE! Especially the two part bottle opener and strap release
- How it feels on my back when its tied down.
- Great padding on the shoulder strap.
- That liner is amazing.

Dont like:
- The material is great....but a bit stiff. (im sure it will break in after uses)
- The reflective straps are difficult to adjust (they get caught a lot on the plastic buckle. It is not as smooth as the seat belt)

I really do like this bag a lot. i just wish i could have picked it up in person at the store on the east or west coast. Great Job Chrome!