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Citizen Messenger Bag

Product Review (submitted on April 30, 2013):
I got mine as a hand-me-down from a friend when I started riding my bike seriously, and I needed something that wouldn't bounce around and was tough (I think the bag is about 4 years old now). I think I'm the third person to own it and it has been obviously been torn apart over the years, but the amazing thing is everything functionally still works great. The buckle gets stuck sometimes, but the rest of the bag is totally solid.

-Honestly I think this bag will outlive me
-The stabilizer really helps the ride, the bag never moves around making maneuvering through traffic much easier.
-Easy to flip the bag around you to get out important things (wallet, lock, keys).
-Lots of great little pockets in the front.

-The U shape makes it hard to fit things in it easily.
-After about 3 months of using the bag my shoulder really started to hurt from the pressure the bag puts on it(I wouldn't recommend this bag to anyone who plans on using this everyday).

Overall: Great bag, problem was it will definitely last longer than my shoulder would have.