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Citizen Messenger Bag

Product Review (submitted on April 30, 2013):
After switching through several bags, I found Chrome's site and stumbled upon their messenger bags. I was slightly skeptical of the price, since I'm a college student on a bit of a budget. Originally I bought the mini-metro because it was the most affordable. For all intents and purposes, the mini-metro is every bit as functional and well-crafted as the citizen and the metropolis. However, it was simply too small, so I decided to upgrade.

The metropolis seemed like a good idea, and without a doubt it could probably fit my entire life. But when trying it on, it was rather large, and wrapped around my right rib when empty. At just a little under 5'7", the metropolis would be a little too large for my frame; it's literally a tank.

Whereas other bags tend to sit horizontally, this bag sits perfectly diagonal on my shoulder/back, and the weight is situated more towards the small in my back when riding.

The citizen is just right for my height and commuting needs. I'm not a courier, but I usually carry a rain jacket, U-Lock, 2" binder, lunch, 1L water bottle, and on occasion, a textbook to school on a 30km commute. If I must carry a box, I know that the citizen can hold a Wii or PS3 box, with spare room leftover.

The waterproofing is the icing on the cake. After riding for an hour in rain/hail, everything in this bag was dry. Well done Chrome, five stars.