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Kursk Black/Black Bike Shoe

Product Review (submitted on April 26, 2013):
I have just killed my first pair of Kursks. It took me a year and a half of near daily wear. I commute to work and run all of my errands via bike. I've even done a few centuries in these guys. They never failed. I have just been procrastinating on purchasing a new pair for the last two months. In this same amount of time I would have trashed at least 5 pairs of Macbeths, Dravens, etc.

Did these stay new looking the entire time? No. But lets be realistic. Pedaling is hard on shoes and hard on your feet. Any shoe is going to take some damage. The difference is in the life of this shoe. I pounded the daylights out of it by walking and pedaling in it with my ee wide feet and they only started to fray and wear when other shoes would have long been thrown in the dumpster. I wouldn't wear them on a first date after a few months of use. If that's the kind of shoe you are looking for then you should probably just head on over to Zappo's.

The Kursk is tough. Buy a pair and take care of them. Untie them when you are taking them off, clean and talc them, wear other shoes when you aren't gonna ride. Treat it more like equipment than an accessory and they will more than pay for themselves.