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Kursk Black/Black Bike Shoe

Product Review (submitted on April 26, 2013):
Received October 2010. Been my exclusive shoe till now, riding at least three days a week through Montreal winter.

+Someone complained about water-resistance, I totally disagree. These are obviously not water-proof shoes, but they are far better than your canvas Chuck-Taylor equivalent. With snow they stayed relatively dry, though my feet would get cold (I was using pretty meager socks though). Jumped into a puddle once, completely submerging them, was surprised to find them almost entirely dry 30-minutes later.

+For biking, phenomenal. Stiffness alleviates a ton of pressure on your foot. Using tiny track pedals (Wellgo's R-025s) my feet would start to ache a little after 2+ plus rides in my previous shoes. Never seem to have that problem now.

(-) Durability. Red lining is falling off. I don't really care too too much about that, the falling-apart grungy punk aesthetic isn't something I mind. What I do mind is that the rubber lining the toe area has started to peel off dramatically, to the point it sticks out perpendicular to my foot and even rubs against the crank when I'm pedaling (making a noise and causing a slight bit of resistance). I just finished super-gluing that rubber down for the second time in five months, which feels ridiculous.

(-) At $70, I would expect greater durability. If the shoes are going to be falling apart and requiring frequent maintenance, they should be priced accordingly. Maybe even only $10 less at $60. I figure $50 gets ya a pair of Chucks. These have about the style and durability of Chucks (start falling apart within 5 months but you can give them a run for your money if you get creative with glue and tape), but with the cycling-minded sole and cordura over canvas. That said, the Cordura + sole is enough to have me buying a pair of the pros (with hope that the pro also has greater durability than this one for the extra $25).