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415 Work Boot Red Leather LTD

Product Review (submitted on March 12, 2014):
I have been an addicted fan of "all things Chrome" for a couple of years
now. Chrome messenger bags, backpacks, and shoes have somehow managed to
end up in my possession. I thought I was good to go until I noticed Chrome
came out with a uber hip looking 415 work boot. Though a little pricey, I
put my trust in Chrome to deliver a high quality product that would work
well with my work/cycling demands. I gave up my chair at work over a year
ago and stand 6-8 hours everyday so I really needed a shoe that could
withstand that amount of punishment. I also wanted a fashionable shoe that
would meet my daily cycling commuting needs. Unlike most leather shoes, the
415 immediately melted to my foot feeling like a tennis shoe (as promised.)
Not only is it the most comfortable shoe I own, it generates almost daily
compliments. My only complaint is that I'm getting tired of wearing the
same color shoes every day and will probably buy the black 415 boots to go
with my red 415s. Needless to say, my addiction continues...