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Citizen Messenger Bag

Product Review (submitted on April 30, 2013):
This bag is pretty much perfect for any avid cyclist and urban commuter. I've been riding it through the coldest, slickest, dirtiest of Chicago's winter season (even through the Snowpocalypse!) and nothing has failed me on this bag.

The outer layer has never been punctured by anything while riding (I did accidentally slice it a bit with an X-Acto knife but those knives are sharp and I'm an idiot.). I've ridden through snow and rain and nothing inside has ever gotten even a little wet thanks to the waterproof interior layer. I've had a spill or two and things (including my camera) have remained perfectly in tact.

My typical haul is my art supplies, a hardcover book, change of shoes, U-Lock, pencils, pens, laptop and camera, and this bag holds it all with plenty of room to spare.

Basically, I love this bag. I never go anywhere without it. Get it!