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Citizen Messenger Bag

Product Review (submitted on April 30, 2013):
I work at LBS in central Pennsylvania. I was looking through our mass catalog at work because I needed a new bag for school. My old backpack that I had since middle school finally took a crap on me. One of my co-workers suggested that I check out Chrome. He had bought a bag over 5 years ago and he said it was one of the very best purchases he ever made. So I took him on his word, and got myself a citizen. I would say that buying this bag has been one of my smartest purchases so far in my short time on this earth.

1) The bag is comfy. This bag is ridiculously nice to wear over your shoulder. It doesn't matter if you have a single magazine inside or 4 textbooks, a bottle of water, and a change of clothes stuffed inside. The bag is just right.

2) It's straight up stylish. I was never one for messenger bags, but my mind was changed after I started wearing this around campus. Girl constantly come up to me and tell me how cool my messenger bag is. No lie! Everyone loves the classic chrome buckle too. I can't remember how many times people have said "is that a seat belt on your bag?" Everyone loves a good messenger bag, and this one is the best. If anyone ever calls you gay or get on you for wearing one, just tell 'em this: "Indiana Jones wore a messenger bag, and he's a straight up boss."

3. It can take a beating. Like I said earlier, my friend has had his citizen bag for over 5 years now. His looks like it's 5 years old, but for good reason. He rides with it everywhere, and it gets used non-stop. That said, even though his may not look like it's right out of the shipping box, it's still just as durable as it was on day one. My bag has also taken a decent beating already and it's come out unscathed. I had a decent wipe out the other week on my bike, and I tumbled for a good 5 or 6 yards. I was scratched up a good bit, but my bag came out with nothing more that a few grass stains. Absolutely remarkable.

4. The Life-time guarantee. When is the last time you've heard of a company selling their product with a lifetime guarantee, much less an American company? It goes to show you just how much Chrome believes in customer satisfaction and how much work they put into their product's quality.


It would be cool if the bag came with some sort of velcro "cover" for the velcro on the main pocket. I like the fact that the velcro is there for when I want to use it, but if I want to get into my bag in the middle of class, it would be cool to be able to open it up without having to make a ridiculous amount of noise to do so. I'll eventually make my way to a craft store to get some velcro myself in order to cover all that up.

All in all, I'd make this purchase a million times over if I had the chance to. I love my bag, and I love the company that makes it. They are all friendly and courteous, and they answer your questions right away without any fuss or hub-bub. In layman's terms, they're just real people, who love doing what they do, and it really shows. I plan on ordering some accessories for my bag and some apparel in the near future as well.

Other random facts and tidbits you may like to know:
+Chrome shipped out my bag the very next day after I ordered it, and it took a total of (4) business days for it to arrive at my door.

+You will learn to have quick hands when you get this bag -- My friends are always trying to push the button on the buckle to unlatch my bag, and I've developed quite a quick reflex because of it.

+This bag really will hold a case of beer like they show in the pictures (in fact it can hold 2 or 3), and because it's got that big waterproof liner you can put some ice in there with your drinks and use your bag a s a giant cooler for day trips or hikes, picnics, and whatnot.