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Citizen Messenger Bag

Product Review (submitted on April 30, 2013):
In May, 2000 I purchased a medium chrome bag in Seattle, from a custom frame shop that was also building a bike frame for me. They gave me the bag at a discount because they were still considering carrying them, and asked that in return I come back in a month and tell them what I thought about the bag. I came back a month later and told them I completely loved my chrome bag. I moved from Seattle a year later, but when visiting this past Fall a friend said "Is that the same courier bag you had when you lived here ten years ago?" It sure is! Ten years and counting, average use five days a week, more than 2600 days of use, and still as waterproof as the day I bought it! Slight wear to the seat-belt webbing, and a couple scratches on the flap's tarp-sash. Over the years twice I've broken a male plastic buckle (usually by stepping on them) but that is about the only design "weakness" I have found, and easily remedied by including a couple replacement buckles with each bag.