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Citizen Messenger Bag

Product Review (submitted on April 30, 2013):
- Sits at a very comfortable place on your back when properly loaded.

- Water*proof*.

- Looks great.


- No compartments inside other than the front ones that can only fit about 5 pens, a wallet and a cell phone.

- No top handle to carry the bag by your side.

And the one con that ruined the bag for me:

- Inexistent air circulation. Can anyone say sweat? I can't, because I'm too busy washing my soaked biking clothes. Just a casual stroll around town leaves me with a strap-shaped sweat bar across my chest and all over my back. Anything longer gets from uncomfortable to "oh sod it I'll just carry it like a purse even if it means being wobbly while riding" really fast. This is in relatively cool weather, too.

For $140, I was expecting something much more well designed for longer (read: > 5 minutes) rides, especially since this is from a company with a reputation amongst cyclists.