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Citizen Messenger Bag

Product Review (submitted on April 30, 2013):
Is there any better than beer run,filling your bag with bottles and riding to some
city view overlooking point,opening the bottles and sitting on your super dura bag?
Lets face it:this stuff is unreal!Its not just a bag.Lets see:
I ve used this bag as a beach bag,grocery bag,clothes b,travell b,books hauling
bag,laptop bag,u name it and this bag can deliver it,thats 4 sure !
Been carrying both heavy and light stuff in it,and it feels great,no matter if u r riding
or walking.I am even more walker than rider,so all that comments like ''oh its
so heavy to walk with this thing on ya back'' just dont stand!Its even more
comfortable when its fully loaded,so dont fear of adding some extra weight in it.
I ripped 3 or 4 bags before this one,so i was little O_o,but thats history now.
I am confident and sure that this bag is gonna rock for long time.Reliable partner
of every rider,biker,walker,wanderer,traveller,etc...If you consider yourself
urban traveller/commuter,u have to get one from Chrome :)
Its size just fits everything u ll need for daily basis,even some extra.
I managed to put 6 t shirts,2 pairs of jeans,3 hooded long sleeve shirts,towel,
and some underwear in it,and it looked just fuck... awesome :) No probs.
So i guess u can bring it on some 3-4 days trip as well.
If you r doubting between this and Mini Metro,take Citizen :) If you r messenger
take Metropolis or some even bigger one.
Citizen is just what u need for all day/all night urban survival adventure+more:)
Def. worth 140 $$$.And with lifetime warranty,is there any better offer on market
Go for Chrome,you wont be dissapointed.