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Citizen Messenger Bag

Product Review (submitted on April 30, 2013):
I got this bag for Christmas and have been using it to carry everything (Clothes, food, school stuff and a dog). I used to have plain messenger bags that consisted of a canvas strap attached to a leather rectangle with a flap that buttoned in the front, but I needed something durable and water proof (as a lack of both have previously ruined past bags).
The strap took some getting used to as I am used to wearing bags over my right shoulder, but its ridiculously comfortable. I have taken it with me everywhere, and I always get questions about it. I love this bag more than a fat kid loves cake.

It has more space than you can ever imagine, I once carried:
-1 Xbox 360 (the old one) with all necessary cords
-2 controllers
-4 games in their boxes
-a netbook
-a psp in a case
-psp charger
-phone cords

Basically the bag was STUFFED yet it still closed and I could wear it, you may be thinking that all of this weight hurts on one shoulder but the stabilizer strap helps immensely. It took that weight and evened it out over my upper body, while stopping it from swaying.

But I have noticed one flaw, a lack of padding on the back.
If you have uneven objects, sharp corners, or any weirdly shaped object in there YOU WILL FEEL IT !!!

Don't let this scare you off, it's an awesome bag just arrange your items so you have a flat surface against your back.