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Citizen Messenger Bag

Product Review (submitted on April 30, 2013):
Okay, first, I was skeptical of this bag because it seemed kind of small. Bigger than some others I've tried, but not huge. However, it works. I used this, as well as the Chrome Ransacker, for several years, including a winter of nonstop east coast bike commuting (when it snowed I hung up the bike with road tires and took a mountainbike since i had to be at work before the plows). The result? I am impressed. It held up fine, no wearing out, no pulled stitches, no rusty or flaky metal hardware, nothing falling apart. The pocket arrangement was also useful; I used the two side "water bottle pockets" a lot, one for a thermos of coffee, one for my light once I locked up my bike and took it off. Excellent! Waterproofing is as you'd expect. Outside got wet enough, but nothing inside ever got ruined. Ever. And we had one week of rain that was heavy enough to flood the parking lot. As in, you needed a canoe flooded. - Elvis

The only lousy part was, I had to travel to NYC to get mine, since there didn't appear to be any shops in NJ, but no one's perfect!