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Citizen Messenger Bag

Product Review (submitted on April 30, 2013):
now dont get me wrong, i love this bag, i been riding with it for a year now and i have to say my life really would be different if i didnt have it. it always sparks conversations with many people, helps me carry stuff from clothing boutiques, bike shops, food stops, liquor stores, etc. i would not recommend this bag if youre going to be using it everyday. the reflectors on the straps are fraying and are falling out the seems, the snaps that close the bag undo sometimes when you ride and dont notice (when it has wear to it). and worse of all, your shoulder KILLS. its really bad, also i found it extremely difficult to carry a shoe box when i had 2 other shirts in the bag, i had to loosen the straps all the way and closed it over the box without the velcro even touching, it killed my back, anything in the bag at the wrong angle kills your back because there is no padding, also i carry "unspoken items" in the secret compartment it has which helped hide things from my mom and the police but when things in there go in the wrong angle, youre going to have to stop and fix it cause youre going to be extremely uncomfortable. i got the district back from chrome in october and i have to say it is MUCH better, i carry a crazy amount of things in there, 1 and a half inch binder, 2 1 subject notebooks, and 1 4 subject notebook, on top of that 2 heavy grade U locks, and a pair of shoes. and it feels like nothing, everything is evenly distributed and makes your life 100000x easier. so if you were considering on buying a chrome bag, dont buy the messenger, buy one of their backpack bags, much more efficient