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Citizen Messenger Bag

Product Review (submitted on April 30, 2013):
I've had this thing for 3 years or so. It's been there since I was a commuter who rode with big loads on MTB to now a road-race rider (cleats, mandex, etc) who needs to get an intense ride on the way to work. It can hold a big assortment of sensibly sized items, but big solid items tend to cut down on its ability to expand and accommodate other items. These days a lot of the gear is more sensibly split between jersey pockets and a seat bag to keep the load light and keep me from being fatigued, but it's still able to handle that volume if it comes to it. Even at its lightest, it'll still create enough drag to keep you from pushing your speed (I max out at 28mph with it on flats, compared to a 29 with a drawstring bag and 33 without a bag), but at that point you have to realize you're primarily using the bag for its commuting utility. It's very comfortable regardless of what your load is or what you're trying to get out of it--both of your straps are valuable in not only stabilizing your pack but giving you rigidity if you need it or a looser (but still stable!) fit to help your torso expand during more cardio intense rides. You can use various things to completely lock your main strap in its place as it will gradually loosen, but you're looking at a pack of ties or ring hooks or something that'll cost you a few bucks at most (I use a reusable zip tie to keep the adjuster fastened to the bottle opener). Only thing I would suggest is to choose a chrome buckle instead of a black anodized buckle--after years of sweat the black anodized finish has worn off and has now rusted in its place. But the liner, outer, straps, buckle, and snaps all still function flawlessly.