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Utility Pouch Large

Product Review (submitted on April 26, 2013):
I have been using Chrome bags for about five years now, and can honestly say that it has made life a lot easier. In that time I have owned for bags. Thats not to say that I have went through them or they failed over and over again. My first two were from a friend that turned me onto them, Clark Wittington. I have now paid that debt forward by giving those away as gift, so as to, let others knom how great these bags are and that they might purchase a new one for themselves.
The third was sold to me by a friend with just two months of use out of it before he went on to other things. Then my fourth come from friends that have a bike shop called North Star Customs. I should a least say the first two were the citizen bags. The third is the Kremlin, and the fourth is the Berlin. The last two I still have.
I have been blessed to have been able to make a living delivering on my bikes with my Chrome bags, for have paid for them selves in under two weeks a piece. They are definitely a product that is a testament to itself, without the use reviews. But I guess reviews help. I am such a fan of the brand that I am now heading into the apparel aspect of the company, because if the bag can stand up to the weather and other conditions of the southeast, I am 100% certain the clothes, shoes, and accessories will be able to do the same. That is ti for right now, I will be back in a few months with another review after Chrome apparel and I put each other two the fall and winter test!!!!!