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Citizen Messenger Bag

Product Review (submitted on April 30, 2013):
Alright, I actually purchased this bag almost a month ago, but I wanted to use it for a while and get a good overall opinion.
-It is very spacious and still comfortable when loaded...mostly. The day I got this, I put the backpack I had with me, my spare shoes and change of clothes in it and it all fit (after a little bit of shoving). It still fit over my shoulder and didn't move around when I rode. It wasn't perfect though, and I'll explain later.
-The buckle is very durable and perfect for putting a keychain and even my lock for the gym for easy access.
-I'm pretty rough with my bags and this one seems like it will hold up just fine, but this might take a little longer to determine.
-It looks cool as hell and doesn't move around on my back as much as I thought it might.
Cons: These are mostly particular to my frame size (5'3" petite female) so hopefully there are other girls out there who might be able to take this to heart
-The shoulder strap is very wide and slips while I'm riding, especially when I have the under arm strap buckled. This is mostly a problem when the bag is very full.
-The large size of the bag makes it hard to see behind me when I turn back. Difficult, but not impossible, and something I'm sure I'll get used to.
-I wish the zippered pocket in the front was a little bigger. When the bag is full It's hard for me to even fit my ipod and headphones in there.

Overall I would rate this bag a 4.5 if I could, but it is really a good, well thought out bag and doesn't deserve 4 stars. I would highly recommend it, but smaller people should be prepared for the very large shoulder strap.